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Answer for the clue "She-bear, in Juárez", 3 letters:

Alternative clues for the word osa

Actress Massen of "Tokyo Rose"

Spanish she-bear

She-bear, in Sonora

Mama bear, in Madrid

___Mayor (Spanish Big Dipper)

Mother bear, in MГЎlaga

Granada bear

Explorer Johnson

She-bear: Sp.

Costa Rica's ___ Peninsula

Massen of the 1940s film "Tokyo Rose"

Mama grizzly, south of the border

Mexican mama bear

"Mother bear, in M"

She-bear, in Barcelona

___ Johnson, explorer

Mother bear: Sp.

Actress Massen

She-bear, in Sevilla

Ursa, to Juan

Mama bear, in Taxco

"Tokyo Rose" actress Massen

Ursa, to Pedro

She-bear, in Granada

Big-game hunter Johnson

Mrs. Johnson

She-bear, in Spain

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Osa may refer to:

Usage examples of osa.

Osa walked three steps away from him and stood at the streetside railing staring out into the yacht harbor.

Over 128 feet long and displacing 215 tons, the Osa was a larger version of the American patrol torpedo boats of WWII.