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Oro, meaning gold in Italian and Spanish, may refer to:

Oro (Street Fighter)

is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series of fighting games by Capcom. Oro is an ancient martial arts master who lives a secluded life of an immortal hermit. Despite appearing only in Street Fighter III games, Oro gained significant notability due to his unusual and controversial character design.

Oro (beverage)

Oro is a Peruvian brand of soft drink owned by the Ajegroup and sold in Perú, Ecuador and Venezuela. Oro is a rival product to Inca Kola sharing the same characteristics such as the yellow color. Oro is sold in PET bottles of 525 ml.

Oro (wrestler)

Jesús Javier Hernández Silva (December 24, 1971 – October 26, 1993), was a known under the ring name Oro (Gold), a Mexican luchador enmascarado, or masked professional wrestler. Hernández died in 1993 as a direct result of a wrestling match. He was a second generation wrestler, and several of his brothers and cousins were also wrestlers. His nephew works for the Mexican professional wrestling promotion Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) as Oro, Jr. as an homage to his uncle.

Oro (song)

"Oro" ( Serbian Cyrillic: Оро) is a Balkan Ballad and was the Serbian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 being held in Belgrade, Serbia. The song was sung by Jelena Tomašević and was supported on stage by flautist Bora Dugić. That year Serbia was directly qualified in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest thanks to previous year's victory by Marija Šerifović. It finished 6th out of 25 contestants with 160 points.

Usage examples of "oro".

And the stopover in Port Chuma, capital of Gondwanaland, former European colony of Bamba del Oro, and now sovereign nation on the brink of social and economic catastrophe, was interminable.

The city still had much the colonial look of Gondwanaland when it was known as Bamba del Oro.

I slew thee in yonder Place of Life, yes, in my madness I slew thee because thou wouldst not or couldst not understand the change that had come over me, and shrankest from my loveliness like a blind bat from the splendour of flame, hiding thy face in the tresses of her dusky hair--Why, what is it now, thou Oros?

The arc of light speared past Isleta Pueblo and was lost somewhere over the Mesa del Oro.

A magnificent carriage bearing the Cumberland arms pulled up in front of the Manzana de Oro, the footman opened and bowed low before the poly chrome and gilt door, and four people descended.

Her Grace of Cumberland nodded to the brace of doormen who stood at rigid attention at either side of the entrance to the Manzana de Oro, and the four of them marched inside.

The anteroom was large--some thirty feet broad by twenty feet deep--and gave no hint that the Manzana de Oro was a gambling club.

We have long suspected that the Manzana de Oro was the headquarters of a spy ring working for His Slavonic Majesty.

Master Ewen was, it is true, an agent of His Slavonic Majesty, working with the owner of the Manzana de Oro, the Sidi al-Nasir.

Observe, if you will, the relative ease with which Master Sean conquered Master Ewen in the battle of wills at the Manzana de Oro.

Master Ewen MacAlister proceeded to act upon the gambling devices at the Manzana de Oro when, and only when, Commander Lord Ashley was playing.

He had got himself into debt at the Manzana de Oro, and the Sidi had threatened to inform you of that fact.

I, Cuchillo Oro, war chief of the Mescalero Apache people, will be there with only one companion.

The agribusiness was thriving in that part of the state, and ever since the Copa de Oro Dam had been constructed in the late Sixties, the recreation dollars had been piling up, too.

Era un elemento del padre: la prueba es que no trató de cobrar los cinco mil de oro que le prestó.