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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a machine operates/works
▪ The machine works using solar power.
a system operates/works (=exists and is used)
▪ He tried to explain how the planning system operates.
battery powered/operated
▪ A lot of children's toys are battery operated.
operate flights (=make flights available for people to use)
▪ The airline operates three flights a day between London and New York.
operate/work a machine
▪ Have you been taught to operate the machine properly?
operating expenses (=money that a company spends on running its business)
▪ We must reduce our operating expenses.
operating instructions
▪ The operating instructions have been simplified so that they are easier to follow.
operating room
operating system
operating table
operating theatre
operating/operational efficiency (=the efficiency with which a machine or system works)
▪ The computer can process this information quickly, without any loss of operating efficiency.
running/operating costs (=the amount it costs to run a business, a machine etc)
▪ The new technology is cheaper and the running costs are lower.
run/operate a scheme
▪ Parent volunteers help run the scheme.
run/operate etc at a loss (=to earn less money from something you sell than it costs you to produce it)
▪ Two of the mines are running at a loss.
run/operate/do sth on a shoestring
▪ The program was run on a shoestring.
simple to use/make/operate etc
▪ The machine is very simple to use.
trading/operating profit (=profit relating to a company’s normal activities)
▪ Both turnover and operating profits were lower.
use/run/operate a system
▪ They use a system of grades to evaluate each hospital’s performance.
▪ We operate a booking system.
▪ Sharemarket also operates a unit trust discount service for investors who have made up their own minds.
▪ We also operate a loop system for the hard-of-hearing, details of which are available at the Box Office.
▪ It also operates under other names with partners in the United States and 13 foreign countries.
▪ Then it was in the hands of the Foley family, who were also operating Guns mill at Abenhall.
▪ Since we also operate the arena, we did make money in combination with the arena.
▪ Colwyn Bay also operate their own inclusive package holiday.
▪ They would also operate an elevator, a steamboat service, restaurants, kiosks, and playgrounds.
▪ At least six groups are operating in and around south-east London alone.
▪ All its laws operate in and through everything, too.
▪ Such unmeasured selectivity processes are operating in most social research.
▪ Emotional centre purified allows higher emotional centre to operate in and through us.
▪ Despite all the precautions taken by owners and crews, some vessels operating in or to the Gulf had exceptionally bad luck.
▪ The variable is not the size of the organization or the economic sector it operates in.
▪ Most operate in highly polluting industries: bleaching and dyeing, electroplating and printing circuit boards.
▪ The Leader of the House may not operate in quite that way.
▪ I was later operated on for a tumour there.
▪ But the right thalamus sometimes gets operated on too, and the results in those patients are quite different.
▪ What we are seeing is the emergence of much more diverse and fluid organisations operating on much smaller local units.
▪ The human brain can be operated on without anesthetics.
▪ I was operated on for the first time when I was two or three weeks old.
▪ In the last few years I have had some back problems, and twice my foot has been operated on.
▪ His left shoulder, which will be operated on in December, was painful, and his confidence shot to pieces.
▪ It is also possible that the semantic and phonetic clues are in fact operated on not sequentially but simultaneously.
▪ Most of the actual work of book provision is operated on an area basis - in common with other functions of the library service.
▪ He started thinking about Careta, who he knew was in with this car-theft ring that operated in the area.
▪ Over 90 enquiries were made about classes and the names were passed to teachers operating in these areas.
▪ Typically, managers focus on operating their area of assigned responsibility for efficiency, cost containment, and compliance with delivery schedules.
▪ Until recently voluntary smoking bans had operated in most areas.
▪ Bars of the same kind operated across the downtown area.
▪ To add to our established production areas, we have begun operating in new areas and are negotiating terms for entering others.
▪ Significant advances were made since September 30 in both operating and strategic areas.
▪ The banks operate the system of payment by cheques and offer a wide range of financial services to their customers.
▪ If you incur bank charges, some banks operate a slightly cheaper tariff for direct debits because they are more easily handled.
▪ Y.-based Community Bank operates 49.
▪ Some large international banks operate separate export service subsidiary companies that make credit available to overseas buyers.
▪ Is credit rationing easier to implement if banks operate as a cartel or if they are highly competitive?
▪ Our principal approach is to examine in detail the records of scores of banks operating in the period.
▪ It is going to fundamentally alter the rules by which which business operates.
▪ Under the old structure, the business units operated almost like separate companies, each with their own marketing and engineering organization.
▪ Downtown businesses operated sump pumps as the subsoil water level rose.
▪ One aspect of this is the environment within which the new business operates.
▪ Earn outs are impractical if the business will be operated as a division of the purchaser rather than a stand alone subsidiary.
▪ Messaging is central to work-group computing that is changing the way businesses operate.
▪ Contracts have been arranged for the supply from other parts of BAe to enable the new company to operate autonomously.
▪ The company operates retail stores that sell furniture, bedding, appliances and consumer electronics.
▪ The two companies have nine operating mines and six projects under development.
▪ Managing director Joel Jervis is already negotiating with several companies operating in niche areas such as network support.
▪ The company also operates a pharmacy-benefits business, Medco.
▪ Nothing more is known about the proposal, and by 1859 the company were no longer operating from there.
▪ Right before the scheduled opening, the company that was to operate the facility became bankrupt.
▪ This will considerably help cash Mow problems for new haulage firms and hauliers still operating at a modest turnover.
▪ Although most firms operate only one plant, many firms own and operate a number of plants.
▪ But eight foreign securities firms are already operating in Seoul.
▪ Although most firms operate only one plant, many firms own and operate a number of plants.
▪ Transport workers are employed in all sectors of the economy, for example in manufacturing firms who operate vehicle fleets.
▪ Business risk is the risk imposed by the business and economic environment in which the firm operates.
▪ A number of smaller firms also operate on the site.
▪ The trend toward giant law firms that operate like corporations gets much of the blame.
▪ Finally, we can look a little more closely at the main hotel groups operating in the United Kingdom.
▪ Every example of interest group action in this chapter has focused upon a group operating in a democratic political system.
▪ As the executive committee became more and more unwieldy, the officers' group began to operate more freely.
▪ Pupils working in pairs or groups are required to operate the equipment, and to record a commentary on to audio tape.
▪ Improvement teams are temporary groups, operating only until they have completed a project.
▪ Your library or Citizens Advice Bureau will know which groups are operating and may also have lists of private counsellors.
▪ This is the first year the company, a division of National Services Group, has operated in Florida.
▪ Academics are intertwined in networks which operate at different administrative levels, from the department to the institution itself.
▪ Kansas City: Factories are operating a high levels of capacity.
▪ These transition-metaphors operate at several discursive levels.
▪ Minimum operating levels are stockpiles of crude and refined products held by refiners that are considered adequate to meet average seasonal demand.
▪ Feminists have always been quick to point out the double standards which operate at virtually every level of discourse.
▪ He was not being romantic, operating on a gut level.
▪ Moreover, this skilled incompetence not only operates at the individual level, it permeates the entire organisational culture as well.
▪ Language operates at various levels of abstraction.
▪ Here the market mechanism appears to operate in a relatively straight forward way, but there are a number of problems.
▪ This is how markets operate the world over, but distrust of Billingsgate's dealing seems to be a problem.
▪ Due to the competitive market in which we operate, this accreditation is very important.
▪ This is a high-risk fund, which leverages its portfolio, buys emerging market debt and generally operates near the edge.
▪ The result is that the market can not operate.
▪ The Redmond, Wash.-based software giant may own the market for operating systems and business software for personal computers.
▪ Each branch operates a postnatal support network of one-to-one friendship.
▪ AlterNet operates its own network and maintains direct connections to most other component networks of the Internet.
▪ Secondly the lowering of trans-ocean communications tariffs may make global data pipelines nearly as cheap to operate as national networks.
▪ Railway work is governed by complex rules and regulations stemming from the safety and technical requirements of operating the railway network.
▪ It currently receives the federal appropriations for public broadcasting and is prohibited by law from producing programs or operating a network itself.
▪ V., a nonprofit limited liability company, was formed to develop and operate the network.
▪ Orlando, Portland and GreenvilleAsheville fit our broadcasting goal of owning and operating stations with network and geographic diversity.
▪ He succeeds as chairman Robert J.. Lievense, who will become president and chief operating officer.
▪ Patrick Downs had been chairman and chief executive, and Daniel Downs was president and chief operating officer.
▪ Also, Gergory S.. Daily, 37, previously vice president and chief operating officer, was named president.
▪ Then there's the likely legislative context in which the next president will operate.
▪ He was succeeded by Robert Greber, who had served as president and chief operating officer.
▪ Mr Haan, 45 years old, formerly was executive vice president and chief operating officer of Durametallic.
▪ Mr Carpenter is now president and chief operating officer and spearheaded the restructuring of sunglasses production.
▪ This could be decomposed further into lower-level diagrams, each holding more detail of how each process operates.
▪ The very same process, operating on water instead of carbon dioxide, makes oxygen and hydrogen gas.
▪ This is probably because the solution process operates differently on covered and bare surfaces.
▪ Doing nothing when you know that the victimisation process is operating is not good enough.
▪ Management in the public sector is a highly political process, operating in the full glare of political debate and public attention.
▪ The development of this process operates in a dual way on the outlook of the imperialists.
▪ Many processes operate beyond the simple pattern matching of the individual characters.
▪ In short, the conversion process must operate with political skill and political will.
▪ Most builders operating incentive schemes employ a bonus surveyor to measure and calculate the bonus paid to each operative.
▪ Benskin was convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme.
▪ MCofS would be glad to operate the scheme - to the great benefit of everybody.
▪ If class members want to operate a savings scheme for the Festival and Week-end Course, please encourage them.
▪ The company, which was established in 1990 and traded as Magna Marketing, operated a scheme which offered cars bearing advertising.
▪ His hated intelligence services still operate with horrific efficiency.
▪ Your management company provides management services to your operating companies and charges them for those services.
▪ An hourly service from 10.00 will operate and there will be accommodation for non-Santa passengers.
▪ Denver International must take in at least $ 304 million in revenues next year to cover annual debt service and operating costs.
▪ I can, however, comment on the general principles on which our Patient Transport Service operates.
▪ They started a postal service and operated many other businesses.
▪ First of all, the service operates strict rules concerning recruitment which are not always suited to radio.
▪ The Powered by Verio program enables companies to offer co-branded Web services using Verio's operating platform.
▪ A training shell is a generalised tutorial system which can operate with a variety of knowledge bases.
▪ We provide the support to get customers up and running and allow their system to operate over the Internet.
▪ How can a market system-which operates globally as well as nationally-be governed to maximise economic and social welfare?
▪ There are now an estimated 30, 000 publicly accessible bulletin board systems operating nationwide.
▪ He said he hoped auctioneers in Cumbria could find a workable system to operate the new regulations.
▪ High slack systems are those organizations operating with an abundance of resources in reasonably stable and minimally competitive environments.
▪ In its simplest form, it may be described as denoting the emotional and attitudinal environment within which a political system operates.
▪ The Metro subway system was operating only a limited schedule of trains, on portions of its system that are underground.
▪ Cells fitted with diamond windows have been operated at pressures of over one million atmospheres at the Carnegie Institute in Washington.
▪ The community radio stations remain silent as they wait for laws to be passed to allow them to operate.
▪ Parties based on regional or tribal support would not be allowed to operate.
▪ The second allows women still to operate keyboards.
▪ No hotels, refreshment booths, or other places of business would be allowed to operate within its boundaries.
▪ Such a scheme will allow firms operating on the exchange to hold and transfer shares without the need for share certificates.
▪ The state is passive in the productive system, allowing private actors to operate in a relatively unconstrained manner.
▪ It plans to sell its franchises in those countries but continue to operate in partnership with Pepsico in Britain.
▪ Time Warner will continue to operate and generate revenues.
▪ It thus looks as if the traditional Paris-Bonn axis will continue to operate.
▪ The two million-member club, which provides 24-hour emergency road and towing service, will continue to operate under the Amoco name.
▪ NetWare will continue to operate with independently assigned names and addresses.
▪ It said Arcade will be headed by Heinsbroek and continue to be operated as a separate division.
▪ A unit only continues to operate so long as it is successful.
▪ Goldie, who learned to speak the Tohono O'odham language, continued to operate the store after Marion died four years later.
▪ At least 11 companies and government agencies own and operate fiber-optic lines in San Diego today.
▪ For example, few people know the Internet is now completely owned and operated by private enterprise.
▪ It is a form of business organization wherein two or more individuals agree to own and operate a business.
▪ For example, a recent act of Parliament has for the first time enabled citizens to own and operate radio stations.
▪ Mariner said AmHS / Premier / SunHealth owns or operates 650 hospitals and healthcare facilities nationwide.
▪ He owns and operates an art gallery in downtown Phoenix that shows only his own work.
▪ E owns and operates seven fossil-fuel plants in Northern and Central California, all powered by natural gas.
▪ A team of three men operate the dam.
▪ Alice operates on her own time schedule.
▪ Do you know how to operate the air conditioning?
▪ Don't worry - everyone will be shown how to operate the new machines.
▪ It can be risky to operate on very old people.
▪ It took me weeks to learn to operate the VCR.
▪ Olivetti operates in all the major computer markets in the world.
▪ Our generator doesn't operate well in cold weather.
▪ Screenview are a small company operating from a converted barn in a village near Norwich.
▪ Smith was accused of operating without the knowledge of his commanding officer.
▪ The company operates fast-food restaurants in over 60 countries.
▪ The doctor says they'll have to operate straightaway, before the cancer spreads.
▪ The legislative system operates independently of the President.
▪ They had operated on him six times before he was a year old.
▪ They had to operate on my arm because it was broken in two places.
▪ They passed a cement mixer that was being operated by two men in dusty overalls.
▪ A hand-held remote control makes the device easy to operate as well.
▪ As the name implies, the sole proprietorship is owned and operated by a single individual.
▪ Courtaulds has operated a representative office in Jakarta since early 1991.
▪ If the unit fails to operate, check your construction.
▪ In London, Bristol, Liverpool and Manchester, the trade operates in a similar way.
▪ It is also possible that the semantic and phonetic clues are in fact operated on not sequentially but simultaneously.
▪ Kaohsiung operates a system whereby employees can offer operational advice regarding improvements to production methods.
▪ We excluded from our review networks that were operated on a private, for-profit basis.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Operate \Op"er*ate\, v. t.

  1. To produce, as an effect; to cause.

    The same cause would operate a diminution of the value of stock.
    --A. Hamilton.

  2. To put into, or to continue in, operation or activity; to work; as, to operate a machine.


Operate \Op"er*ate\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Operated; p. pr. & vb. n. Operating.] [L. operatus, p. p. of operari to work, fr. opus, operis, work, labor; akin to Skr. apas, and also to G. ["u]ben to exercise, OHG. uoben, Icel. [ae]fa. Cf. Inure, Maneuver, Ure.]

  1. To perform a work or labor; to exert power or strength, physical or mechanical; to act.

  2. To produce an appropriate physical effect; to issue in the result designed by nature; especially (Med.), to take appropriate effect on the human system.

  3. To act or produce effect on the mind; to exert moral power or influence.

    The virtues of private persons operate but on a few.

    A plain, convincing reason operates on the mind both of a learned and ignorant hearer as long as they live.

  4. (Surg.) To perform some manual act upon a human body in a methodical manner, and usually with instruments, with a view to restore soundness or health, as in amputation, lithotomy, etc.

  5. To deal in stocks or any commodity with a view to speculative profits. [Brokers' Cant]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "to be in effect," back-formation from operation, or else from Latin operatus, past participle of operari "to work, labor, toil, take pains" (in Late Latin "to have effect, be active, cause"). Surgical sense is first attested 1799. Meaning "to work machinery" is from 1864 in American English. Related: Operated; operating. Operating system in the computer sense is from 1961.


vb. 1 (context transitive or intransitive English) To perform a work or labour; to exert power or strength, physical or mechanical; to act. 2 (context transitive or intransitive English) To produce an appropriate physical effect; to issue in the result designed by nature; especially (context medicine English) to take appropriate effect on the human system. 3 (context transitive or intransitive English) To act or produce effect on the mind; to exert moral power or influence. 4 (context medicine lang=en transitive or intransitive) To perform some manual act upon a human body in a methodical manner, and usually with instruments, with a view to restore soundness or health, as in amputation, lithotomy, etc. 5 (context transitive or intransitive English) To deal in stocks or any commodity with a view to speculative profits. 6 (context transitive or intransitive English) To produce, as an effect; to cause.

  1. v. direct or control; projects, businesses, etc.; "She is running a relief operation in the Sudan" [syn: run]

  2. perform as expected when applied; "The washing machine won't go unless it's plugged in"; "Does this old car still run well?"; "This old radio doesn't work anymore" [syn: function, work, go, run] [ant: malfunction]

  3. handle and cause to function; "do not operate machinery after imbibing alcohol"; "control the lever" [syn: control]

  4. perform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense [syn: manoeuver, maneuver, manoeuvre]

  5. happen; "What is going on in the minds of the people?"

  6. keep engaged; "engaged the gears" [syn: engage, mesh, lock] [ant: disengage]

  7. perform surgery on; "The doctors operated ont he patient but failed to save his life" [syn: operate on]


"Operate" is a song written and recorded by Peaches. The song was released as a double limited vinyl A-side with " Shake Yer Dix" to promote the release of her second studio album Fatherfucker.

Usage examples of "operate".

A boy, suffering from abscess under the trochanter, was operated on for its relief.

The wash-head was operating, spraying the windows and his abseil rope as it travelled down after him.

I now had access to one computer, which turned out to be running an older version of the UNIX operating system.

Under UNIX, the operating system maintains a password file which con-rains the encrypted passwords of everybody authorized to access that computer.

He looked down on her still, white face and bright hair, and he felt his heart contract with pain to see them darken ever so faintly and beautifully under the brilliant operating light, rich in actinic rays.

Data first met Darryl Adin and his band of mercenaries, who at that time had been operating outside the Federation.

Matter, by the faculties of the Soul that operate and by the nature of their operation, whether seeing, acting, or merely admitting impression.

Combination rate-a discounted rate paid by an advertiser who commits to running space in various publications owned and operated by the same company.

Flying Officer Charles Haynes, the bomb aimer, was operating the H2S on this flight.

By the time he finally lifted from the pad the fusion generator was operating alarmingly close to maximum capacity.

Lababiti had pulled the Jaguar in front and climbed out with Amad, Derek Goodlin, who was operating the house this evening, had been altered to his arrival.

A deluge of brownish-green amniotic fluid poured out and spread across the operating field.

Although the anesthetic worked, Liston operated with his customary speed, single-handedly amputating the leg at the thigh in exactly twenty-eight seconds.

The key point was that originally you had to learn a whole new lo-frax language in order to tie the app into the basic operating system, and that takes as much time and practice as learning a hi-frax language.

From now on he was in the hands of his jets, his spring boots, his exo-skeleton and full-augmentation devices, all operating under the final arbitrament of the flight search plan he had set up.