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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bilateral agreementformal (= between two countries or groups)
▪ a bilateral agreement between the UK and Korean governments
a bilateral treaty (=one signed by two countries)
▪ Uzbekistan and Russia signed a bilateral treaty of friendship.
bilateral talks (=involving two groups or countries)
▪ Bilateral talks led to the resumption of diplomatic relations.
▪ A few other countries have adhoc bilateral agreements with particular neighbours.
▪ Trade in agricultural products would be covered by bilateral agreements.
▪ Like the air-quality study, releasing its results also requires bilateral agreement.
▪ Eighty percent of our bilateral aid goes to the poorest countries.
▪ The industrialized world now contributes about $ 1 billion per year through bilateral aid programs to relieve urban congestion.
▪ The rest, the bilateral aid budget, is spent directly by governments in developing countries.
▪ If the Tories were elected Mr Streeter would double the amount of the bilateral aid budget that goes to the charities.
▪ Fifty years of bilateral aid programmes does not seem to have done much to reduce global poverty.
▪ By mutual agreement the talks were expanded to include other bilateral issues.
▪ In his two meetings with President Roh Tae Woo the two leaders discussed a wide range of bilateral issues.
▪ A trade that purports to have been executed in the exchange's competitive trading system is in fact pre-arranged by bilateral negotiation.
▪ Bush suggested that the conference would dissolve into a series of bilateral negotiations, but would be periodically reconvened.
▪ The document envisaged six months of bilateral negotiations over programmes and funding.
▪ Article 6 assumes a series of delimitation agreements between adjacent States allowing for bilateral relationships within the overall multilateral regime.
▪ These serial bilateral relationships are created both by treaties and the operation of rules of customary international law.
▪ While there is no third party mechanism for determining this, the breakdown into bilateral relationships will continue.
▪ The problems between allies could be solved within the bilateral relationship.
▪ Gradually the new global masterplan is falling into place: a series of massive bilateral trade agreements are being struck.
▪ While accounting identities always hold, they say nothing about bilateral trade deficits or surpluses.
▪ They provided for the promotion of bilateral trade and for increased co-operation against drug trafficking.
▪ While differences over duties remain, bilateral trade continues to grow.
▪ Talks centred on increasing bilateral trade and plans for a tunnel or bridge link between the two countries.
▪ Walesa's visit was also intended to boost bilateral trade and cultural exchanges.
▪ For 1991, however, bilateral trade was to be balanced and the two-way total reduced to under US$1,000 million.
▪ The diplomatic channel was generally used, and few bilateral treaties dealt with the subject.
▪ Even bilateral treaties impinge upon non-parties: the distribution of values between two parties can rarely be contained within neatly drawn lines.
bilateral relations between the European Union and the U.S.
▪ Both countries have a stake in using the World Trade Organization and in not allowing trade disputes to poison bilateral relations.
▪ Perhaps then the apparent bilateral representation of language in young children was an artefact.
▪ The act of the directing mind is here unilateral and not consensual and bilateral.
▪ The talks were due to include discussions of measures to reduce tension between the two states and to promote bilateral exchanges.
▪ This is an index of the average of all its bilateral rates, weighted by the pattern of trade with other countries.
▪ While accounting identities always hold, they say nothing about bilateral trade deficits or surpluses.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bilateral \Bi*lat"er*al\, a. [Pref. bi- + lateral: cf. F. bilat['e]ral.]

  1. Having two sides; arranged upon two sides; affecting two sides or two parties.

  2. (Biol.) Of or pertaining to the two sides of a central area or organ, or of a central axis; as, bilateral symmetry in animals, where there is a similarity of parts on the right and left sides of the body.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"having two sides," 1775, from bi- + lateral. Related: Bilaterally.


a. 1 Having two sides 2 Involving both sides equally. 3 (context of an agreement English) binding on both of the two parties involved. 4 Having bilateral symmetry. 5 (context anthropology English) Involving descent or ascent regardless of sex and side of the family.

  1. adj. having identical parts on each side of an axis [syn: isobilateral, bilaterally symmetrical, bilaterally symmetric]

  2. having two sides or parts [syn: two-sided] [ant: unilateral, multilateral]

  3. affecting or undertaken by two parties; "a bilateral agreement between the United States and Japan"


Bilateral may refer to any concept including two sides, in particular:

  • Bilateralism, the political and cultural relations between two states
  • Bilateral, occurring on both sides of an organism ( Anatomical terms of location § Medial and lateral)
  • Bilateral symmetry, symmetry between two sides of an organism
  • Bilateral filter, an image processing algorithm
  • Bilateral amplifier, a type of amplifier
  • Bilateral (album), an album by the band Leprous
Bilateral (album)

Bilateral is the second studio album released by the Norwegian progressive metal band, Leprous. It was recorded in Ivory Shoulder Studios and Juke Joint Studio by Vegard Tveitan and Heidi Solberg Tveitan, and mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studio by Jens Bogren. Additional editing by Ivar Barstad. The music is arranged by the whole band and the lyrics are the work of Einar Solberg, Øystein Landsverk and Tor Oddmund Suhrke. Art direction and design by Ritxi Ostáriz. Cover painting by Jeff Jordan. All songs published by Magic Art Publishing.

In order to define the band's vision about music and what it means to be progressive, guitarist Tor Oddmund Shurke provided his insight on this matter and other subjects in an interview with the monthly music magazine Guitar World.

The album features guest vocals by Ihsahn on the 4th track of the album, Thorn and the trumpet on Thorn and Painful Detour are played by Vegard Sandbukt. Trumpet and additional keyboards were recorded in Kulturkirken Jacob, in Oslo by Rune Børø.

Usage examples of "bilateral".

Taking the globe as a whole, we see that bilateral symmetry is preserved.

The flatworm is the simplest living multicellular animal to have bilateral symmetry, and its primeval ancestors must have been the first to develop this.

This grand division of living creatures into those with bilateral symmetry and those without is of vital importance.

A creature with bilateral symmetry is usually longest in the direction of the plane of symmetry and tends to progress along that plane.

The fact that we have two eyes is part of our bilateral symmetry, as is the fact that we have two ears, two arms, and two legs.

United States and Russia still exist, and little bilateral effort has been made to reduce these unnecessary weapons, with mandatory verification of such agreements and the dismantling and disposal of decommissioned weapons.

Then I violated the Bilateral Accord by interfering in idomeni affairs.

The next thing to be desired was a bilateral trade treaty, and he was assured that this was in progress.

Mother Maryelle demanded, obviously thinking that this was a matter requiring intricate bilateral parental negotiations.

It is sometimes argued that cuts or lesions in significant parts of the cerebral cortex in humans-as by bilateral prefrontal lobotomy or by an accident-have little effect on behavior.

This would leave us fighting with many, if not all, of our allies and trade partners over actions that would clearly contravene our WTO commitments, important bilateral treaties, and our entire free-trade philosophy.

Radial rather than bilateral symmetry would eliminate the left-hemisphere-right-hemi-sphere separation of the higher creatures on Earth.

She did authorize me to inform you that she is currently suffering an acute condition called a bilateral optic neuritis, which I am treating with intravenous medication.

I favor the idea of a metabolic disturbance, an ionic imbalance in the neurotransmitter, trigammadimethylhitridixalot, resulting in the massive sustained, tetanic, bilateral muscular contractions and flexion that caused Dr.

Rowena Sobczyk was asleep in the bed with both feet bandaged from a bilateral hallux valgus repair.