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Ogün is a Turkish given name for males. People named Ogün include:

  • Ogün Altıparmak, Turkish footballer
  • Ogün Samast, Turkish ultra-nationalist
  • Ogün Sanlısoy, Turkish rock musician
  • Ogün Temizkanoğlu, Turkish footballer
  • Ogün Aksu, mechanical engineering
Ogun (disambiguation)

Ogun may refer to:

  • Ogun (also referred to as Ogún or Ogúm), an Orisha
  • Ogun River, a river in southwestern Nigeria
  • Ogun State, a state in southwestern Nigeria
  • Ogun Records, a record label
  • Ogun (Marvel Comics), a comic book character.
See also
  • Ogün, Turkish name
Ogun (comics)

Ogun is a fictional character, a Japanese supervillain in the Marvel Comics universe and a foe of Wolverine. His first appearance was in Kitty Pryde & Wolverine #1 (November, 1984). The issue was scripted by Chris Claremont and drawn by Allen Milgrom.