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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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Nom \Nom\, n. [F. See Noun.] Name.

Nom de guerre, literally, war name; hence, a fictitious name, or one assumed for a time.

Nom de plume, literally, pen name; hence, a name assumed by an author as his or her signature.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

French, "name" (9c.), from Latin nomen (see name (n.)). Used in various phrases, such as nom de guerre (1670s), name used by a person engaged in some action, literally "war name;" nom de plume (1823), literally "pen name;" nom de théâtre (1874) "stage name." "Nom de plume is open to the criticism that it is ridiculous for English writers to use a French phrase that does not come from France" [Fowler].


Etymology 1 n. 1 nomination. 2 nominator. 3 nominee. vb. (label en transitive informal) to nominate Etymology 2

interj. (label en colloquial) (non-gloss definition: Used to denote eating, or enjoyment of eating.) Commonly used as "om nom nom". vb. (label en colloquial) to eat

  1. Redirect Finrod Felagund

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Usage examples of "nom".

Pour moi il y a longtemps que je vous aurais adresse cette demande en mon nom.

Ovide, Tibulle, Properce, pour ne nommer que les plus connus, Dante, Petrarque, Boccace, tous ces auteurs Italiens qui deje souillaient les ames et ruinaient les moeurs, en creant ou perfectionnant la langue.

Son nom complet brille explicitement, en lettres de grenats, sur une des faces du coffret qui le renferme.

France de vostre age, Sans chanter vostre nom, si criant et si puissant?

En effet ce tiroir semblait appartenir au capitaine: sur plusieurs liasses le nom de Valentin etait ecrit de la main de Gaston, et sur une autre celui de Leontine.

Nom Anor was to the gamesmanship of politics, the subtle mockery of this half-pagan creature was too much.

Nom Anor and the Shaper Lord made to follow, along with the priests and the vanguard band, but as soon as Ganner was clear of the doorway, Jacen turned and made a small gesture that Ganner felt as another swift, incredibly powerful rush in the Force.

Dans la suite, le nom de Jean Meusnier, devenu celebre, me fut rappele tous les jours par les journaux qui le citaient avec des louanges.

Those wishing to meet her, including the Mayr, may join us in the back room of the Nom de Nom for consultation.

What little Nom Anor knew of Nen Yim suggested that her role was one that Shimrra was not eager to have widely known.

After a moment, Nom Anor slipped up the ridge, traveled fifty meters or so in the direction he believed Nen Yim had gone, and then descended the hill after her.

Nom Anor should arrange to netcast the combat for the New Republic, I think.

Anie qui etait depuis des siecles le nom des filles ainees dans sa famille maternelle, et a Paris Anie etait une sorte de panache tout comme le beret bleu.

Que le roi daigne seulement signer mon brevet et les leurs, pour prouver aux paysans que nous agissons en son nom, et je me charge de tout.

Viqi had seized the first opportunity to bypass Nom Anor and offer her sendees directly to the warmaster.