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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1820, from Greek noesis "intelligence, thought," from noein "to have mental perception," from noos "mind, thought."


n. The consciousness side to duality of noesis and noema.


n. the psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning [syn: cognition, knowledge]

Noesis (online journal)

Noesis is a domain-specific search engine and open access journal for academic philosophy. The current online version is a prototype release. Noesis may be treated as a sort of clearinghouse for scholarly e-journals in philosophy.

Noesis is currently undergoing development at Indiana University, thanks to a Digital Humanities Initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities. The editor in chief is Anthony Beavers (University of Evansville).

Noesis (disambiguation)

Noesis is a Greek word referring to perception of the mind, what the nous does.

Noesis or noetic may also refer to:

  • Noesis and noema, technical terms in the Brentano–Husserl "philosophy of intentionality" tradition
  • Noesis Cultural Society, a Romanian cultural organization
  • Thessaloniki Science Center & Technology Museum - NOESIS
  • The journal of the Mega Society, a high IQ society
  • The name of a piece by Swiss contemporary composer Hanspeter Kyburz
  • The name of a concerto for clarinet, violin and orchestra by Erkki-Sven Tüür
  • The name of a song by the Japanese pop artist Gackt
  • Noesis (rapper), who fronts the band Philadelphia Slick
  • Noetic theory, a branch of metaphysical philosophy concerned with the study of mind and intellect
  • The Institute of Noetic Sciences

Usage examples of "noesis".

Hippias and co-editor of Noesis, both available online free of charge.

He is the general editor of the Web's foremost philosophy search engine Hippias and co-editor of Noesis, both available online free of charge.

Vulcan had about six hundred religions pre-Reformation: a vivid, noisy, energetic, violent sprawl and squabble of gods, demigods, animae, geniuses, demons, angels, golems, powers, principalities, forces, noeses, and other hypersomatic beings of types too difficult to explain to Earth people, who, by and large, are spoiled by the ridiculous simplicity of their own beliefs.