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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nock \Nock\, n. [See Notch.]

  1. A notch.

    He took his arrow by the nock.

  2. (Naut.) The upper fore corner of a boom sail or of a trysail.


Nock \Nock\, v. t. To notch; to fit to the string, as an arrow; to string, as a bow.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"notch on a bow," late 14c., of uncertain origin, probably from a Scandinavian source (such as Swedish nock "notch"), but compare Low German nokk, Dutch nok "tip of a sail." Perhaps connected to nook.


"fit (an arrow) to a bowstring," 1510s, from nock (n.). Related: Nocked; nocking.\n


n. 1 Either of the two grooves in a bow that hold the bowstring. 2 The notch at the rear of an arrow that fits on the bowstring. 3 (context nautical English) The upper fore corner of a boom sail or trysail. 4 (misspelling of knock English) vb. 1 (context transitive English) To fit an arrow against the bowstring of a bow or crossbow. 2 (context transitive English) To cut a nock in (usually in an arrow's base or the tips of a bow).


v. make small marks into the surface of; "score the clay before firing it" [syn: score, mark]


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Usage examples of "nock".

Pewt he had the close and Mister Purington he nocked at the door and he asked for me and when i come to the door he made Pewt give me the close and then he told Pewt to tell me he was sorry for what he had done and Pewt he dident want to say it but Mister Purington most lifted Pewt of the ground by the ear and then Pewt he said he was sorry kind of mad like and Mister Purington lifted him up agen til Pewt he stood on his tip toes and his face was all onesided and his eyes all squinty and then he had to say it over agen polite.

Nocking a second arrow, Alec drew the fletching to his ear and tried again.

Steadfast, dart nocked in her atlatl, she crunched up the slope, into the brunt of the wind.

There were two elderly men in the front parlor, huddled over a ficheall board and staring with frightened yes at the intruders: Labras with a drawn sword, his companion holding a nocked and ready crossbow.

A couple of the clansmen uncased bows and hastily nocked arrows, but Bili mindspoke.

If anything his tone grew lighter, flexing like a bowstaff coming to full nock.

He let the carcass drop and nocked an arrow to his bowstring before he recognized them against the glare of sun on snow.

Short, recurved bows, arrows nocked, were trained on Karsa and Torvald.

Hirum Mingo said Plupy says he can lick you Ti and Ti said i can nock hel out of you old spindel legs and i said i dident say so and Ti he swoar sum more so it sort of scart me, well then i was going and Hirum he pushed Ti rite into me and he kicked me in the leg and got hold of my hair and i got the under hold and got him down jest as esy as ennything and then i set on him and lammed him til he holered enuf and then i let him up and he went home balling.

Sarah and Keene and Cele sat rite back in there chairs and father turned auful red and looked at me as if he wanted to nock my head rite of and then he droped his hat on the floor and it fell of the platform and roled way out under Medo Thirstons seet and then he blew his nose with a auful toot.

Sheltering behind the bulk of his mount, he nocked a shaft, drew the gut back, and sent one of the riders toppling with an arrow in the eye.

Children nocked around him like hungry little birds, sharing glimpses of their afterworlds with him.

Philby and Angleton, nocked to a Georgetown watering hole for lunch most Fridays.

Nocking a second arrow, Alec drew the fletching to his ear and tried again.

Captaine Smith was led after him by three great Salvages, holding him fast by each arme: and on each side six went in fyle with their arrowes nocked.