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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ a breakfast nook
▪ Distant washes, jagged peaks and alluring nooks in remote canyons provide fodder for imagined adventures.
▪ Everything moveable was taken out, every nook and cranny probed.
▪ He backed away towards the nook beside the elevator, where he kept his gun, but the stranger was too quick.
▪ He was in his kitchen nook with the single plug-in electric burner.
▪ I approach a trip to a book nook with the eagerness of a child on an outing to the toy store.
▪ The nooks and crannies have been eliminated, and that is no bad thing for policing the store.
▪ These should be able to find nooks and crannies in which they will be safe.
▪ They looked in vain for a nook that held the batteries.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nook \Nook\ (n[oo^]k; 277), n. [OE. nok; cf. Gael. & Ir. niuc.] A narrow place formed by an angle in bodies or between bodies; a corner; a recess; a secluded retreat.

How couldst thou find this dark, sequestered nook?

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, noke, of unknown origin. Possibly connected with Norwegian dialectal nokke "hook, bent figure," or Old English hnecca "neck," but the sense evolution would be difficult.


n. 1 A small corner formed by two walls; an alcove. 2 A hidden or secluded spot. 3 (context: historical) An English unit of land area, originally ¼ of a yardland but later 12½ or 20 acres.

  1. n. a sheltered and secluded place

  2. an interior angle formed be two meeting walls; "a piano was in one corner of the room" [syn: corner]

Nook (disambiguation)

A nook is a small corner formed by two walls.

Nook may also refer to:

Nook (album)

Nook is the second full studio album by The Notwist. The album explores the band's earlier sound of hardcore and punk as opposed to electronica. It was re-released in 2003 following the success of Neon Golden.

Usage examples of "nook".

The dining nook window faced west, and through it she could see that the lights of the admin complex were still ablaze.

She placed the squishy dog inside the jammed nooks housing her Beanie collection, which kept her company along with the stereo and television.

I knew every nook and cranny of the caves in Caulms Wood and made sure that all my friends knew just where to hide, should the German tanks come rolling through.

On the long artificial lake, with innumerable rushy nooks and water-lilies and coverture of leaves floating flat and bright in the sun, the halftame wild duck and shy water-hens had remote little worlds, and flew and splashed when all Becket was abed, quite as if the human spirit, with its monkey-tricks and its little divine flame, had not yet been born.

On the south side is a semi-circular headed window, with a carved dripstone and nook shafts, the capitals of which bear a similar character to those in the Galilee Chapel of the cathedral.

In a sheltered, sunny nook, she found a single erythronium, lured forth in advance of its proper season, and gathered it as a relic of the spot, which she might keep without blame.

This time there would be no force, no fustigation or feathering, but only sweet fucking and maybe a bit of gamahuching, for I had already discovered that sweet Alice had the most effervescent of sensual natures when lips and tongue plied that coral nook between her shapely thighs with the expert diligence of which I was capable.

I sat in my usual nook, and looked at him with the light of the girandoles on the mantelpiece beaming full over him -- for he occupied an arm-chair drawn close to the fire, and kept shrinking still nearer, as if he were cold, I compared him with Mr.

It led them into new, unexplored nooks of the woods, past a red-poll nest, and where goldfinches prospected for thistledown for the cradles they would line a little later.

Soggy paperbacks, drenched calfskin and pulpy wet hardbacks dripped in every nook and cranny.

Vor lord wandered blindly past them, stumbled across the terrace nook, freezing Kou and Drou in mid-step, and hung over the stone balustrade to be very traditionally sick into the defenseless bushes below.

The past lived in her memory as a bright, changeful dream, varying from one pleasure to another, with an ever-shifting background of fair, foreign towns and cities, Kursaals, palaces, salons, gardens, mountains, and lakes, and quiet green nooks of country--all, as it seemed to her, with the power of generalization that seizes on the most salient points, and takes them as types of the whole, shining in sunlight that never clouded, under clear blue skies that never darkened.

He pushed Taizu back and retreated into the shadow of the winding lane that offered a view of the Lieng estate, where Master Yi waited in the nook of a much poorer gateway.

The Cridi adored symphonies, folk music, stage musicals, operetta, plainchant, and whatever else she could winkle out of the nooks and crannies of her memory.

The captives were then consigned to a dark nook in the guardroom while Gavlok, Hanan, Radd, and Hulo assumed their identities.