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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nerre \Ner"re\, adv. & a. [See Near.] Nearer. [Obs.] [Written also neer, ner.]

Never the neer, never the nearer; no nearer. [Obs.]


interj. (context slang childish English) An interjection generally used when gloating about a perceived cause of humiliation or inferiority for the person being addressed, often when disagreeing with a statement considered incorrect or irrelevant.


The Ner is a river in central Poland approximately long, with sources to the south-east of Łódź. It is one of the right tributaries of the Warta River, and the largest river in Łódź.

Usage examples of "ner".

Caine quickly mopped the co ners of his mouth, and then surreptitiously swiped the napkin ovt the cold sweat that had moistened his forehead.

Al collo cingeva una cravatta di seta nera ed un elegante fazzoletto di raso rosso sciolto circondava le sue magnifiche spalle annodato sul petto.

Feet pounded in the hallway, and Mistress Anan pushed Nerim firmly out of her way and raised her skirts to step around the corpse on the floor.

Neri gli occhi e la capigliatura il suo portamento era incantevole e maestoso.

Orland Frees had been involved with Nera Belton, it made sense that he would protect her son.

Orland Frees and Nera Belton were having a sexual affair, and she was preparing to leave her husband.

When he reached the end of the cultivated fields, he pulled off his boots, meant mostly for protection against the stones and brambles of the dryland, fastened them to his belt, and substituted a pair of woven rush sandals he kept with Nera.

The colored ones, including gold, silver and sympathetic inks are mostly repetitions of those of Neri and Caneparius.

Finally, there was an Italian named Neri, who looked like a blacksmith minus his honesty, and said that he remembered seeing me one evening at the casino.

I point out the abrasions on the wrists and the cor ners of the mouth.

I capelli neri, lisci, si erano ritirati un poco, e la stempiatura era aumentata.

Brom indicò una nera cappa di pioggia che avanzava verso di loro in ondeggianti cortine grigie.

Arkoniel thought of the crushing sensation he'dfe,'cin M Cmt ,'Mt&f been ner doing, or Baxter's?

The Florentines, aided by the season, used the most active exertions to provide themselves troops, whose captains were Federigo, lord of Urbino, and Gismondo Malatesti da Rimino, who, though mutual foes, were kept so united by the prudence of the commissaries, Neri di Gino and Bernardetto de' Medici, that they broke up their quarters while the weather was still very severe and recovered not only the places that had been taken in the territory of Pisa, but also the Pomerancie in the neighborhood of Volterra, and so checked the king's troops, which at first had overrun the Maremma, that they could scarcely retain the places they had been left to garrison.

This favorable intelligence dissipated the count's fears, and he consented to remain in Lombardy, and that Neri Capponi should return to Florence with a thousand of his own horse, and five hundred from the other parties.