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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Nerre \Ner"re\, adv. & a. [See Near.] Nearer. [Obs.] [Written also neer, ner.]

Never the neer, never the nearer; no nearer. [Obs.]


n. (context Now chiefly dialectal Scotland English) (context anatomy English) kidney.


Neer is a village in Limburg, Netherlands. It is located in the municipality of Leudal, on the River Meuse about 8 km north of Roermond.

Neer was a separate municipality until 1991, when it was merged with Roggel.

Usage examples of "neer".

And to come neerer to the matter, it is not long since that in the east the Islands of Banda were diuers of them overflowen and drowned by the sea.

For when we had passed through many townes and villages, I fortuned to espy a pleasant garden, wherein beside many other flowers of delectable hiew, were new and fresh roses : and being very joyful, and desirous to catch some as I passed by, I drew neerer and neerer : and while my lips watered upon them, I thought of a better advice more profitable for me, lest if from an asse I should become a man, I might fall into the hands of the theeves, and either by suspition that I were some witch, or for feare that I should utter their theft, I should be slaine, wherefore I abstained for that time from eating of Roses, and enduring my present adversity, I did eat hay as other Asses did.

Apoge or farthest distance, and a more blackish yron colour when she is in her Perige or neerest to us, therefore shee hath not any light of her owne.

Neerer his presence ADAM though not awd, Yet with submiss approach and reverence meek, As to a superior Nature, bowing low, Thus said.

What you see here at my side is the descendant of some of the dandiest scientists and engi neers in the galaxy, and they've been living in the marshes like animals since before your people came here.