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myRA ("my retirement account") is a type of Roth IRA account sponsored by the United States Treasury and administered by Comerica.

MyRA is a component of the U.S. government's "Opportunity for All" plan, which has a goal of "ensuring middle class Americans feel secure in their jobs, homes and budgets."

Myra (disambiguation)

Myra is an ancient Lycian town in modern Turkey.

Myra may refer to:

  • MyRA, term for "my Retirement Account"
  • Myra, a genus of crabs
  • Myra (given name), a female given name in the English-speaking world
  • Mercy Myra, R&B musician
  • Myra Brandish, a villain in the animated series The Venture Bros.
  • Myra Hindley, the "Moors Murderess"
    • Myra (painting), a 1995 painting of her by Marcus Harvey
  • Myra (singer) (born 1986), Mexican American pop singer
    • Myra (album), her 2001 debut album
  • Myra Breckinridge, a 1968 satirical novel by Gore Vidal
    • Myra Breckinridge (film), a 1970 movie based on the novel
  • Myra (titular see)
  • MYRA School of Business, a business school in Mysore, India
  • Myra and Sara, offshore exploratory drilling licenses located west of Netanya, Israel
Myra (singer)

Mayra Caról Ambriz Quintana (May 21, 1986)—better known under the mononym, Myra—was born in Los Angeles, CA to Salvador Ambriz and Consuelo Quintana. Myra is an American singer, dancer and choreographer of Mexican descent. She is the first Latina artist to have been signed to Hollywood Records, Walt Disney Records, and Avex Trax. She rose to prominence in 2001 after recording a cover of Martha and the Vandellas' " Dancing in the Street" for the soundtrack to the 2001 film Recess: School's Out (which she would then re-record in 2002 in Spanish for the Disney Channel original movie, Gotta Kick It Up!). However, her first album released before being signed to Disney -released in 1997, was the Mariachi album Mensajera del Amór, released by Briaz Promotions. At the time of its release, Myra was then known as Mayra Caról. During her Disney-era portion of her career, she contributed her vocals to the song " Miracles Happen (When You Believe)" to the film The Princess Diaries, and it received a 2002 ALMA Award nomination for Outstanding Song in a Motion Picture Soundtrack. Her debut album Myra included these two tracks and were released as singles and both included a music video. The album "Myra" was released in four different formats.

The self-titled album Myra was released in the US and other English-speaking countries in June 8, 2001. It was also released in Japan in 2001 under the title with three additional bonus remixed tracks of the single "Lie, Lie, Lie.", and re-packaged and re-released in 2002 titled Myra + More including those same three remixes, and a bonus track "You’re the Dream" replacing "Wishing on the Same Star." "You’re the Dream" was the Anthem for The Special Olympics hosted by Walt Disney Records. The album was re-recorded in Spanish and titled Milagros which was released on October 16, 2001. The Spanish version of "Miracles Happen (When You Believe" which is titled "Siempre Hay Milagros" was included on the Spanish Version of The Princess Diaries. The Spanish Version of "Dancing in the Streets, (or "Bailando en la Ciudad") was released as a promotional single for the Disney Channel Original Movie Gotta Kick It Up!

Myra made an appearance in the film Max Keeble's Big Move as Chelsea (opposite Brooke Ann Smith) as Jenna, Max Keeble's ( Alex D. Linz) love interest. It was around this time she was on tour with Aaron Carter opening for his 2000-2001 "Party Tour." Both of the then Teen Pop artists joined the line up of the 2001 Radio Disney Live! 2001 World Tour which included the artists Hoku, A*Teens, Baha Men, Jump5, Krystal ( Super Girl, The Princess Diaries) and others. Myra can also be found on several compilation albums released by Disney.

Since then, Myra has worked with other artists, being featured on a single, "Back to You" by Chicano Rapper, Veze Skante which was accompanied by a music video and is a part of the compilation set "La Costa Nuestra." "La Costa Nuestra is available on iTunes. Myra has also independently released songs via- MySpace which can be found on YouTube and her Official Facebook account in video format. After an extended hiatus, Myra is currently working on her latest project(s) to date and is due for a tremendous return to the music world!

In 2016, Myra started photography with Flower God Productions on May 11 in San Francisco, CA. In August Myra was nominated for Female Singer of the Year by Premios Lo Nuestro Gay 2016, hosted by Dorys Presenta and Valeria Montero at Lido Nightclub in San Jose, CA. Her nomination was announced on a Facebook poll by Valeria Montero which fans were invited to vote for their favorite local artists for different categories. She is due to perform at the first annual Spectrum Street Fair in Modesto, CA hosted by Cafe Devas and Laser Voodoo Productions on September 30, 2016. Myra is also the musical guest for Modesto's Annual Pride in the Park Festival in Modesto, CA on October 1, 2016 for which a promotional video had been produced and released on her official Facebook and on YouTube.

Myra (painting)

Myra is a large painting created by Marcus Harvey in 1995. It became notorious when it was exhibited at the Sensation exhibition of Young British Artists at the Royal Academy of Art in London from 8 September to 28 December 1997.

Myra (genus)

Myra is a genus of crabs in the family Leucosiidae.

Myra (album)

Myra is the debut album by Mexican-American pop singer Myra in the Pop Music Market, released by Buena Vista Records on June 8, 2001. Myra saw two single releases, "Miracles Happen (When You Believe)" and a cover of Martha and the Vandellas' " Dancing in the Street" which were both title tracks for two major motion picture original soundtracks released by Disney within the same year. The album also included the song "As If" which was also recorded by the R&B trio Blaque who was managed by TLC member Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes. Blaque's version was included on the original soundtrack for Bring It On.

In 2002, Myra's self-titled album was re-released in Japan with a fresh new album cover on April 24, 2002. It contained the same track listing as the American release, but included three additional bonus dance remixes of "Lie, Lie, Lie"—which was only released as a single in Japan, along with its accompanied music video.

On August 22, 2002, Myra's album was re-released for a second time in Japan with yet another album cover. This time the release was to be titled "Myra+more," and included the three bonus dance remixes of "Lie, Lie, Lie" and two additional tracks. Those were "Step Into The Light" and "You're the Dream." "Step Into The Light" was featured on the Japanese commercial for Lux Super Rich which featured the Spanish actress, Penélope Cruz. "Step Into the Light" was remixed by Love to Infinity and included on a house music compilation released by Avex Trax.

"You're the Dream" was chosen as the anthem track for the 2002 Special Olympics which was hosted by Walt Disney Records. "You're the Dream" replaced the song "Wishing on the Same Star" on Myra+More, which at the time Myra had stated which was really close to her heart because it consoled her when she was away from her family when on the road touring.

Myra (given name)

Myra together with its other orthographical version Mira is a feminine given name with varying meanings. It is related to the Latin and Slavic words for "wonder", "peace" and "wonderful. It is also а female given name in the English-speaking world. The male equivalent is Myron.

The name was created by the 17th-century poet Fulke Greville 1st Barone Brooke (1554–1628). He possibly based it on Latin myrra meaning " myrrh". Myrrh is a fragrant resin obtained from a tree.

The name may also mean Margaret, as it can be the anglicized version of Mairead, the Scottish version of that name.

It is distinct from " Mira" which has a different origin.