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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mux \Mux\, v. t. To mix in an untidy and offensive way; to make a mess of.


Mux \Mux\, n. [Cf. Mixen.] Dirt; filth; muck. [Prov. Eng.]


Etymology 1 n. (context obsolete English) Dirt, filth or muck. vb. (context transitive obsolete English) To make a mess of something Etymology 2

n. a multiplexer vb. to multiplex


MUX, Mux, or mux may refer to:

  • MUX, an abbreviation for multiplexer in circuit design
  • Mux, another name for Multiplex
  • MUX, IATA code for Multan International Airport, Pakistan
  • mux (windowing system), the windowing system for the Blit computer terminal
  • MUX clamp, a tool used in deep sea drilling operations
  • MUX (The Hardy Boys), a fictional company in The Hardy Boys book series
  • Multi-User eXperience, a computer gaming term (see: MU*)
  • Marginal rate of substitution variable for the Marginal Utility of good x (MUx)
  • Mux Mool, American electronic musician, DJ, and producer
  • MUX the stock symbol for McEwen Mining Inc
MUX (The Hardy Boys)

MUX, Incorporated is a company in the fictional, The Hardy Boys Casefiles book series. The word mux is an abbreviation of the word multiplexer, which is a communications switching device.

At the time of Casefiles #21 Street Spies, MUX was a multinational front for a band of technology pirates, in New York City, that were stealing new product ideas from world leaders in miniaturized transmitters and receivers (like World-Wide Technologies) after the products were out of the expensive design and development stage. Then they would tap the enormous Third-World labor pool and sell the products much cheaper than companies like World-Wide Technologies could. The Hardys ended up catching the MUX agent in charge of that particular operation, Louise Trent and her strong-arm man, Chung Lei. The rest of MUX stayed intact and left the USA. Later, at the time of Casefile #37, they came back to the country to steal a highly advanced computer chip created by Prometheus Computing. But the Hardys again managed to foil MUX’s plan and catch the agents involved, even so the group is still a large.

In Casefile #21 the company’s finances were funneled through off-shore banks in the Caribbean and in Panama. Its products were shipped through Taiwan from other countries on the Pacific Rim.

The Hardys have never been able to find out who the mastermind behind MUX is — the mastermind who has covered himself (or herself) with layers upon layers of umbrella organizations.

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Usage examples of "mux".

Prince disappeared in a trice, then Curley, Mux, and Queen broke out of the cedars in full cry.

Suddenly Mux left the little glade and, with a sullen, quick bark, disappeared under the trees.

The lion went hack up the cedar, Mux climbed laboriously on, and Hiram followed.

Jim untied Mux and Curley it was remarkable to see what little interest they had in the now helpless lion.

Then Hiram threw old Mux and Ringer and Curley, but he let Queen alone.

She punched mux for an oil company that had offices in the building, and she worked second.

Geehr clicked his heels and made a little bow as he handed Muxer small, tissue-wrapped package.

Translated, Muxer thought, that means he is telling me it would be politically smart for me to attend.

Peis was uncomfortable but did not seem especially surprised that Muxer knew about el Ferruch.