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computer chip

n. (context electronics English) An integrated circuit, typically installed in a personal computer or other electronic devices.

Usage examples of "computer chip".

The Sphynx computer chip manufacturing kobun and Nakano Industries were now one.

He picked up the dish with the waldo clamps and tilted it gently back and forth, letting the pink medium slosh gently over the surface of the computer chip.

Wherever these little gates might lead, none of them would let you step on it unless you had the right ticket for it: probably the bit of plastic was a computer chip, programmed with the fact that you had paid your fare.

I have to wonder about those drugs of yours and that computer chip in her head.

The result was a soldering-gun marriage between a pager, a door opener, a TV remote, and a spiffy little computer chip that could store an organic chemistry textbook with room left over for the Oxford unabridged dictionary.

You went to all this trouble, created such an elaborate charade, simply to install a computer chip?

No, I mean where they'd have to replace every damn computer chip, disk drive, modem, or other piece of hardware completely.