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a. (en-comparativemusky)

  1. adj. resembling the smell of musk

  2. [also: muskiest, muskier]


See musky

Usage examples of "muskier".

And the beginnings of some darker, muskier scent that he knew would be her magic.

It was tinged with the spice of rye whiskey, touched with a muskier scent she could only define as male.

His scent reached her, muskier, more intoxicating than the hothouse that surrounded them.

He had a very pleasant, yet masculine smell, stronger and muskier than a woman, with a hint of lavender just like Nathanial.

The cabin smelt of hot food and lye soap, with a clean, faint tang of juniper overlaying the smoke of reed candles and the muskier scents of human occupation.

Startled contact with him had unsettled her garland of lemon blossoms, the fragrance competing with some deeper, muskier scent.

Beneath the cloying incense, the muskier pong of hashish lay thick in the air.

Then the slightly muskier odor of a woman who was suddenly at his elbow, heavy lips outthrust.