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The Collaborative International Dictionary

musky \musk"y\, n. The muskellunge. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from musk + -y (2). Related: Muskiness.


late 19c., short for muskrat or muskellunge. Also \nmuskie.


Etymology 1 a. having the scent of musk Etymology 2

n. '''muskellunge'''

  1. adj. resembling the smell of musk

  2. [also: muskiest, muskier]

Usage examples of "musky".

The air smelled of musky damp fur and baked scales, of nic-i-tain smoke, of space suits that had not been decontaminated in months, and of intoxicants from dozens of different worlds, Reegesk stepped to the bar, ordered a cup of Rydan brew from Wuher the bartender, and scanned the room for a likely customer.

Instead, the threat revealed itself by that musky, mushroomy cold-meat smell.

There was a strong musky scent, like rotted meat, overlaid with a more bitter smell that reminded him of urine.

What he sniffed was not the musky scent of Ratton, but rather the reassuring odor of his own kin.

Why could the Baron catch scut when he had such a terrible time with muskies?

The Presence Chamber was crowded with courtiers, and the warm summer air was heavy with the odours of musky perfume, burning wax and overdressed, trussed and overheated bodies.

The familiar warm, perfumed breeze seemed tainted now with a musky, half-rotted undernote from the marsh, the distant murmur of the ocean sounded more like a warning growl, and the bright crayon colors in which nearly everything on the island was rendered seemed inappropriately garish, like someone wearing red at a funeral.

The stench of an unemptied thunder mug hung in the air, mingling with the sour smell of whiskey and the musky odor of unwashed body.

Night, and beneath star-blazoned summer skies Behold the Spirit of the musky South, A creole with still-burning, languid eyes, Voluptuous limbs and incense-breathing mouth: Swathed in spun gauze is she, From fibres of her own anana tree.

Chauvelin nodded, acknowledging the point, and by coincidence a breath of wind shook the bellflower tree beside him, bathing them both in its musky perfume.

A balmy mix of sweat and some musky fragrance like champaca misted around him.

Despite the other odors, Gibbs was very much aware of her perfume, musky and deeply sensual.

Affytechans, especially when they moved quickly, gave off an amazing galaxy of stenches, acrid, ammoniac, or gluily musky.

Drenched in the scent of their lovemaking, she breathed it in, the musky odor headier than the most expensive Parisian perfume.

And the beginnings of some darker, muskier scent that he knew would be her magic.