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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a horse/boat/bike etc race
▪ It’s legal to gamble on horse races.
dirt bike
exercise bike
mountain bike
quad bike
▪ Surtees started racing bikes in 1950 and had his first win at Brands Hatch on a Vincent in 1951 when only 17.
▪ I had a go on Nigel's racing bike.
▪ He showed the children his famed high-tech £17,500 Lotus prototype track racing bike and answered a barrage of questions.
▪ She also writes her own motorcycle column, Purr, and loves riding dirt bikes.
▪ Duhon enjoys speeding across the hard-packed sand on his dirt bike, almost challenging the dry lake to best him.
▪ He rode an old dirt bike and mumbled when he talked.
▪ We had tried cycling, skipping and jogging and we both had an exercise bike in the spare room.
▪ You can buy weights to use at home. Exercise bikes and rowing machines are becoming more popular.
▪ Twenty minutes on an exercise bike can take anything up to a year of ordinary time.
▪ She's bought an exercise bike to keep in shape.
▪ O'Neill Cycles also hires bikes and stocks a range of exercise bikes.
▪ At the beginning of my illness I was on the exercise bike every day, desperate to lose weight.
▪ At Dundee High Street Branch they decided the most profitable way forward on an exercise bike.
▪ A host of countermeasures have been devised and a few tried, such as exercise bikes and treadmills to which crew members are strapped.
▪ I've been back loads of times and I keep seeing this man on a motor bike.
▪ But for some reason I can not remember, it was impossible to get permission to ship the motor bike.
▪ Unfortunately he was hit by a motor bike.
▪ The plaintiff was a pillion passenger on a motor bike driven by the defendant.
▪ Others roared over the sands in newly-designed Land Rovers, on revolutionary dune buggies and motor bikes.
▪ From a safe distance he saw him rev up a motor bike and ride away.
▪ It turned out that Dana had simply left his old motor bike on the quayside before embarking on the ship.
▪ Your second-hand motor bike was always breaking down.
▪ The youths, aged about 15, dressed in brightly shell suits were riding mountain bikes.
▪ It is working with local bicycle manufacturers in hopes of stocking each house with two mountain bikes.
▪ I quickly found that mountain bikes don't particularly spare you the bumps.
▪ Beaty recalls one customer shopping for a package deal: a mountain bike and a sedan.
▪ They also robbed two schoolboys of their £250 mountain bikes.
▪ Horses, mountain bikes, and especially feet work well here.
▪ I have regularly competed in orienteering style mountain bike races, in which you decide your own route.
▪ A man completed all the Munros with a mountain bike.
▪ He walked her to the bike path, then all the way back to our house.
▪ Hit the jogging trails or the bike paths.
▪ To accomplish this, the Coalition recommends more, and better, marked bike paths, in particular along the L.A.
▪ A terrier man drives his quad bike into a protestor, knocking him to the ground.
▪ The driver of the quad bike was Michael Smith, an employee of the Bicester Hunt.
▪ Teams competed on Jet skis, go-karts, quad bikes, aqua sausages and an assault course.
▪ Swingarms made from the tough, light material are already found on some state-of-the-art race bikes.
▪ The most obvious addition is the carbon-fibre body-work, painted in the colours of McWilliams' race bike.
▪ Tubing on the race bike frame appears slimmer than the road machines.
▪ The rear suspension linkage on this race bike appears to operate a shock that lies horizontally under the engine.
▪ Even so it was just great to get back on a road race bike again in February.
▪ On the race bikes, we use engine oil pressure to operate the gearchange.
▪ Definitely the place to go after a good bike ride.
▪ Arrangements are made, other kids plan on joining them, and excitedly they organize a group bike ride for that evening.
▪ It was a nine mile bike ride but it was worth it.
▪ We had plenty of time to take a bike ride or walk after dinner, before it got dark.
▪ Ten tokens meant a bike ride round the park with one of his parents.
▪ Ramsey, who grew up in a quirky Pennsylvania family, went for a long bike ride in August 1968.
▪ My parents encouraged me to jump rope, bike ride, play kick-the-can and tetherball.
▪ U.S. sources say the Basic Racer will retail for $ 10,000 there-the same price as the road bike.
▪ Money saved by not fitting the parts road bikes require has been spent on the race mods.
▪ However, Dymag, which is based in Chippenham, Wilts, has pioneered the concept for road bikes.
▪ The bike is being used as a test bed to develop technology for road bikes.
▪ The challenge is now translating that reaction into road bike sales.
▪ Cycling London's most up-to-date professional bike shop is a workers' co-operative.
car/bike/greyhound etc racing
▪ As a boy you were so butch it hurt. Bike racing champ, marble wizard.
▪ Home of County cricket, League football and a greyhound racing stadium.
▪ Mosley's vision of cars and car racing in the next century would matter in this ecology-conscious age worried by recession.
▪ Sporting events such as car racing give me a headache.
▪ Stock car racing, they say, is family-oriented.
▪ Stock car racing, though, is old-fashioned.
▪ The move would not interfere with greyhound racing and would leave the old Plough Lane football ground available for redevelopment.
▪ They may beat us at cricket and bike racing, but we are better on crags!
▪ The kids are out riding their bikes in the street.
▪ A police spokesman added that the businessman on whose premises the bikes were found was helping with their enquiries.
▪ Gina ran her bike over his foot viciously as she went out through the narrow hall.
▪ He's published a report suggesting new restrictions on bikes, even though he's a rider himself.
▪ Husqvarna reckons the bikes could even be used as daily transport.
▪ Our Shenstone sources say the bike cost £8,000 to produce.
▪ The idea is that the bike is race-ready straight from the crate.
▪ Unfortunately he was hit by a motor bike.
▪ When I first came to the region I had thoughts of using a bike for a lot of short travelling.
▪ I would bike to the tea shop in the High Street and see what blends they had.
▪ The more people bike, the more biking is appreciated.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bike \Bike\, n. [Ethymol. unknown.] A nest of wild bees, wasps, or ants; a swarm. [Scot.]
--Sir W. Scott. [1913 Webster] ||

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1882, American English, shortened and altered form of bicycle.


Etymology 1 n. 1 A short form of bicycle. 2 A short form of motorbike. 3 (context slang English) A promiscuous woman; from “the town bike (everybody rides her)”. vb. 1 To ride a bike. 2 To travel by bike. Etymology 2

n. (context Scotland Northern England English) A nest of wasps or hornets.

  1. n. a motor vehicle with two wheels and a strong frame [syn: motorcycle]

  2. a wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals [syn: bicycle, wheel, cycle]


v. ride a bicycle [syn: bicycle, cycle, pedal, wheel]

Bike (disambiguation)

Bike is a term used predominantly to refer to bicycles.

Bike may also refer to:

Bike (song)

"Bike" is a song by British rock band Pink Floyd, which is the final track featured on their 1967 debut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn.

Bike (magazine)

Bike is a British motorcycling magazine that was established and edited by journalist Mark Williams in 1971, originally as a one-off Car magazine special.

Taking a leaf out of Car magazine book, Bike published "Giant Tests", namely, head to head comparison tests, which were innovative at the time. Before then, motorcycle journals and magazines would test bikes only individually and in isolation from other bikes. The first "Giant Test", in summer 1971, was a comparison between a BSA Rocket 3 and a Norton Commando.

Mark Williams wrote a regular column entitled "Running out of Road". Other contributors included: LJK Setright, who wrote the "Cog-swapping" column; Jim Greening who wrote the "Short Circuits" column; and the pseudonymous "Hap Spoons" who wrote "Odds & Sods". For more than 30 years the magazine featured Paul Sample's full-page comic-strip Ogri, but that transferred to Back Street Heroes magazine in the spring of 2010.

Bike is now published by Bauer Consumer Media Ltd and edited by Hugo Wilson. The magazine claims the title of "Britain's best-selling motorcycle magazine", based on circulation figures provided by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC). Today Bike publishes a wide-ranging mix of news, tests, opinion and editorial.

Bike (given name)





Related Names:

Bike is a common Turkish given name. It is an Oghuz accented version of Büke which is also a Turkish given name. In Turkish, "Bike" means "Queen" and/or "Woman". It also means "wise, old person"; "bride"; or "the dragon with seven heads" in an old Turkish epic. It is also the name of one of the years in the "Twelve Animal Turkish Calendar".

Bike (TV channel)

Bike is a specialist sport television channel broadcasting on Sky Italia in Italy and Sky and Virgin in the United Kingdom.

Usage examples of "bike".

One-time mountain bike racer, David was appointed for a two-year stint as second in command of the Royal Marine biathlon team, in which he is basically a full-time paid athlete who spends a lot of time on skis in Norway.

An Angel can also lose his patch if he pulls a gun at a club meeting, hits another biker, steals from a club member drugs, money, bikes or even his woman or reneges on a drug deal made with another member.

After turning down two or three narrow streets they reached the bottom of a fairly steep incline, and Prosper Donge got off his bike.

Prosper Donge, on his bike, peacefully crossed the Bois de Boulogne, went over the Pont de Saint-Cloud, and got off his bicycle to walk up the steep road to his house.

It was as though Dunster, riding away on his huge black motor bike, had left me some of his determination to act, whatever the consequences.

There, residents can exercise to their cardiovascular delight on Stair-Masters, treadmills, LifeCycles, Nordic Tracks, stationary and recumbent bikes, rowers, cross-country-ski simulators, upper-body ergometers, gravitrons and Cybex resistance equipment.

The bike dipped suddenly into the sunken lot, leaving her stomach somewhere in the region of her throat-God, she loved that sensation and zipped out the other side, onto Gaskin Road.

Well, I had the bike shop, and that auto repair station, and I owned the airport and part of another one, and before I knew what the hell was happening I had contracts up the gazoo for rebuilding engines and airplanes and starting contract flying schools.

Bemused, she stood and watched him walk out of The Gilded Lily and mount the black bike.

He was still astride the bike, Ole Golly was still standing on the sidewalk, and Harriet was still poking her head out of the top of the cart, when suddenly there was a scream and Mrs.

My driver hefted a large hammer, decided against giving the engine a coup de grace, slung the hammer aside, and walked to the rear of the taxi to detach a bike and hand it over.

Chevette, who has kind of a major thing for Chrome Koran, and cranks them on her bike whenever she needs a boost to proj on, just moves with it now, everybody dancing, even the icers from the bathroom.

I wheeled the bike inside and topped up the tank from a jerrican of petrol kept there for the lawnmower.

He draws his katana, aims his bike at Raven, pumps it up to sixty or so miles an hour.

I stood loose-legged on the footrests, helping the bike hop the kerb, then sat firm, shoulders hunched, head low, as bike and I flashed past the bronze lions guarding the giant column holding the old one-eyed sailor.