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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a bit more/less
▪ Can we have a bit less noise, please?
a little more/better/further etc
▪ We’ll have to wait a little longer to see what happens.
a little more/less
▪ Would you like a little more milk in your coffee?
altogether more
▪ This latest problem is altogether more serious.
be more sb’s style (=used to say that you prefer something)
▪ I don’t think the parachuting weekend is for me – the art class is more my style.
be more so/less so/too much so
▪ The band is popular and likely to become more so.
▪ Jerry is very honest, perhaps too much so.
be more than (a) coincidence (=there is some other explanation)
▪ When I saw him a third time, I realized it was more than just coincidence.
be more than sb can bear
▪ He sometimes felt the grief was more than he could bear.
can’t take any more (=can’t deal with a bad situation any longer)
▪ I just can’t take any more.
discussed more fully
▪ This concept is discussed more fully in Chapter 9.
do more harm than good (=used to say that something had a bad effect rather than a good one)
▪ I followed his advice but it did more harm than good.
do more harm than good (=cause more problems rather than improve a situation)
▪ If you don’t warm up properly, exercise may do more harm than good.
far more/less
▪ I enjoyed it far more than I expected.
further/more details
▪ Check our website for more details.
got more than...bargained for
▪ The thief got more than he bargained for, as Mr Cox tripped him up with his walking stick.
have more/less luck
▪ I hope you have more luck in the next competition.
have some/more etc practice (=do practice)
▪ I’m not a very good dancer. I haven’t had enough practice.
how much more/longer/further
▪ How much longer do we have to wait?
▪ How much further is it?
I quite agree/I couldn’t agree more (=I agree completely)
▪ ‘We have to talk.’ ‘Absolutely,’ Meredith replied. ‘I couldn’t agree more.’
little more/better etc (than sth)
▪ His voice was little more than a whisper.
more dead than alive (=very badly hurt or ill and almost dead)
▪ He was swept up onto a beach after three days at sea, more dead than alive.
more humane
▪ a better, more humane world
more like
▪ He’s growing more like his father every day.
more of a hindrance than a help
▪ A degree is more of a hindrance than a help in British industry.
more precisely
▪ Lathes make wheels, or, more precisely, they make cylindrical objects.
More recently
More recently, he’s appeared in a number of British films.
more than adequate
▪ The lunchtime menu is more than adequate to satisfy the biggest appetite.
more than content
▪ Dr Belson had been more than content for them to deal with any difficulties.
more than enough
▪ You’ve had more than enough time to make all the preparations.
more than likely (=very likely)
▪ She'll be late, more than likely.
more than make up for
▪ The good days more than make up for the bad ones.
more than one occasion (=more than once)
▪ She stayed out all night on more than one occasion.
more to the point (=what is more important)
▪ When did she leave, and, more to the point, why?
more/further/additional information
▪ For more information, visit our website.
more/less fortunate than sb
▪ We’ve been more fortunate than a lot of farmers.
more/less frequent
▪ Her headaches are becoming less frequent.
more/most likely
▪ At this age, boys were more likely than girls to be active in sports.
more/most/less/equally importantly
▪ Most importantly, you must keep a record of everything you do.
more...than I care to remember (=a lot of them)
▪ I’ve experienced more reorganizations than I care to remember.
nothing more
▪ He had nothing more to say.
owes more to
▪ Their success owes more to good luck than to careful management.
plenty more
▪ There are plenty more chairs in the next room.
quite a bit more/less
▪ They’re worth quite a bit more than I thought.
rather more
▪ The task proved to be rather more difficult than I had expected.
see more/less of sb (=see someone more or less often)
▪ They’ve seen more of each other since Dan moved to London.
several more
▪ We had to wait several more weeks before the results arrived.
slightly more
▪ a slightly more powerful engine
sth is more bother than it’s worth (=it is too difficult to be worth doing)
yet more/bigger/higher etc
▪ He got a call from the factory, telling of yet more problems.
▪ Inflation had risen to a yet higher level.
▪ It might apply to Hopkins' architecture, too, which has similarly evolved into richer and more complex patterns.
▪ This story is vastly more complex, diverse, and entertaining than its fictional counterparts.
▪ But the position is more complex than that.
▪ In most situations, however, the network of power relationships is much more complex than these two basic relationships.
▪ It makes them both dirtier and more complex.
▪ In reality, of course, the relationship between education and society is much more complex than either view would suggest.
▪ Perhaps in the future we may come to better understand more complex processes, such as memory and learning.
▪ Some of the herbal supplements are more difficult as they may naturally contain non permitted substances. 11.
▪ As her list grew, it became more difficult to find items to enumerate.
▪ The 1970s are more difficult to categorize from the point of view of planning and national politics.
▪ The majority of men certainly think midlife is more difficult for women!
▪ Storing the furniture and the bits and pieces we didn't need immediately was a bit more difficult.
▪ For Republicans, it was far more difficult.
▪ It is more difficult to tell with Gough's groin problem.
▪ The missile would have to have been fired from a boat, a still more difficult maneuver.
▪ For the Profitboss, concentrating on positive cash-flow is ten times more effective than dabbling with negative cash-flow.
▪ Self-organizing maps are more effective than many algorithms for performing calculations such as those for aerodynamic flow.
▪ Patching is more effective if done in the pre-school years.
▪ Martin is now creating a new software product that will help large companies manage their files in a more effective way.
▪ Appraisal interviews can be made more effective if you stick to some well tried ground rules.
▪ It's also far more effective than planting in a layer of soil on the bottom of the pond.
▪ Bait should be introduced as often as possible, at least every other day, but every day is much more effective.
▪ The real difficulty now is that risk insurance will be harder to buy, and will certainly be more expensive.
▪ It is an expensive form of milk and as a dessert it is more expensive than ice cream or ice milk.
▪ However, depositors would generally get lower returns and potential borrowers would find loans more expensive.
▪ A second-hand railway tarpaulin is stronger but more expensive.
▪ The disadvantage is cartridges are more expensive to produce.
▪ If the employer offers assistance towards housing costs, worries about living in a more expensive environment may be allayed.
▪ The telecommunications industry, however, has found the process more expensive and time-consuming than anticipated.
▪ A flow of products is more important for growth in profits.
▪ The cause is more important than the man.
▪ Even more important, don't let them run for ever.
▪ When you put some one on a speaker phone, it is like you are more important.
▪ Even more important was having great-looking guys who would also be really outstanding performers.
▪ I have more important things to do than worry about you.
▪ In other words, human need is more important than Sabbath law.
▪ We live in a time where it is more important for our students to get a college education than ever before.
▪ Voters with above the minimum of education are more likely than those who have only a minimum of education to vote Conservative.
▪ This means our mailings to advisers are far more likely to reach the person they are intended for.
▪ More undigested food molecules pass through the gut wall than in healthy individuals, making food intolerance much more likely.
▪ A more likely and lasting target, however, will be a demonised view of nationalism.
▪ However, some flights will naturally be more likely to be accessed than others.
▪ Knowing how radio sets are typically organized we would be much more likely to conclude that the whole circuit was working incorrectly.
▪ Obviously Edwin had not murdered Francis but he had created a situation in which violence was more likely.
▪ Perhaps these effects unbalance the body's normal control mechanisms, and make food and chemical sensitivities more likely.
▪ Northern Ireland will have continuous and heavy rain but gradually become more showery with thunder likely.
▪ Finally he would stretch out, his breathing would become more regular and he would drift off.
▪ Like Marxism, the theories of development have become more pluralistic and tentative.
▪ As the accounting system becomes more complex, it may be kept on a computer record.
▪ Each group becomes more structured, and demands more loyalty and assurance of solidarity.
▪ As I thought about it, I became more and more offended.
▪ But as the world became increasingly interdependent this ceased to be the case and we became more concerned at our apparent weakness.
▪ The environment has become more competitive, she said, and lawyers are fighting harder for clients these days.
(and) what's more
a (damn/darned/darn) sight more/better etc
▪ Actually, a damn sight more than from that stiff gherkin Smott.
▪ I prefer my women a little older and a damn sight more sober.
▪ If he listened to Anthony Scrivener, he would be a darned sight better.
▪ Perhaps not up there with Wilburforce but a damn sight more daring than anything Diana ever did!
▪ The Galapagos finch was a darn sight more valuable than Sandra Willmot.
▪ We were a darned sight better than them.
a damn sight more/better etc
▪ Actually, a damn sight more than from that stiff gherkin Smott.
▪ I prefer my women a little older and a damn sight more sober.
▪ Perhaps not up there with Wilburforce but a damn sight more daring than anything Diana ever did!
all the better/easier/more etc
▪ He offsets Roberts' operatic evil with a performance that commands all the more notice for its minimalism.
▪ His job was made all the more easier by drivers who hadn't bothered to take measures to stop people like him.
▪ If there is some meat left on the bones, all the better.
▪ It makes it all the more opportune.
▪ Superb defence by Karpov, all the more praiseworthy in that he was now in desperate time trouble.
▪ The dispute was all the more bitter because a prize was at stake.
▪ The inadequacy and treachery of the old leaderships of the working class have made the need all the more imperative.
▪ Weather experts say it was a relatively dry winter which makes the water recovery all the more remarkable.
all the more reason why/to do sth
▪ But that's all the more reason why we should go off this time with a car well filled, eh?
▪ If some material is lost already, that is all the more reason to stop a lapse becoming a loophole.
▪ That means there is all the more reason to oppose the willed destruction of old things.
▪ That possibility is all the more reason to end the conflict soon.
▪ This is all the more reason to find a more democratic way of deciding the state for the first primary.
be more sinned against than sinning
bite off more than you can chew
▪ Many kids who leave home to live alone find they have bitten off more than they can chew.
couldn't be better/worse/more pleased etc
greater/more/better etc than the sum of its parts
▪ Or is the organisation more than the sum of its parts?
have had more than your fair share of sth
▪ Tim's had more than his fair share of bad luck this year.
have more than one string to your bow
it's more than my job's worth
more ... than the rest/the others/everything else put together
more fool you/him etc
more haste less speed
more in sorrow than in anger
more like
▪ As Compaq's products become more like other firms', they are starting to look overpriced.
▪ Cyrix says the computer actually performs more like a 200 megahertz Pentium-based machine.
▪ It seems more like a bad motel in Jersey City.
▪ Neither a club nor a knife: something more like a rowing oar, perhaps, considering our location.
▪ People begin to act more like themselves again.
▪ The seven children there had seemed more like seventeen.
▪ This was more like a pause in the struggle.
▪ While Tyrone is more like Michael Owen on a doughnut and Viagra diet.
more like it
▪ Arguing more like it, or rowing.
▪ Beatific would be more like it.
▪ Done off, more like it.
▪ I thought, hang on, this is more like it.
▪ Just plain sappy is more like it.
▪ That was more like it, I thought.-Good, I said.
▪ The Shirkers was more like it.
▪ Turned myself inside out is more like it.
more of the same
▪ Temperatures were in the mid-80s today; expect more of the same for the weekend.
▪ In these still pools, more of the same kind of clay is laid down.
▪ The abolition of the poll tax is widely welcomed until we consider what will replace it - simply more of the same.
▪ Their views are the old ones: more of the same will get us there.
▪ There was more of the same in the drawers.
▪ This is more of the same.
▪ When they died it was more of the same.
more sth than you've had hot dinners
more than a little/not a little
more's the pity
▪ I'm afraid this car doesn't belong to me, more's the pity.
▪ Now I'm too old to fall in love, more's the pity.
▪ The new staff are all women, more's the pity.
▪ General Motors and Ford have not been dogged by raiders - more's the pity.
▪ No Jane Carlyle, more's the pity.
▪ So, more's the pity, are men like Sir Gordon Reece.
▪ They don't make films like his anymore - more's the pity.
need I ask/need I say more/need I go on etc?
need some (more) meat on your bones
▪ Matt, you need some more meat on your bones!
no more Mr Nice Guy!
not any more/longer
▪ I didn't want to get back inside, not any more.
▪ Perhaps yes I did love her once but not any more.
▪ She used to wonder where he'd been in the meantime, but not any more.
▪ There is no profit to be made there, Guillamon, not any more.
▪ These procedures are not any more likely to be successful beyond this limit.
▪ Well, maybe not now, not any more, now the results were so clear.
▪ Well, not any more than usual.
▪ Well, not any more, but he did once when I was a kid.
once more/once again
say no more
▪ Females say no more often than males, 63. 5 percent compared with 21. 6 percent.
▪ For the rest of the afternoon Vladimir said no more.
▪ She said no more about it, but I knew she worried when these unexplained absences occurred.
▪ She said no more, but her thoughts were bitter.
▪ She says no more than this.
▪ She told Clarissa to stay put and say no more until she herself came round to Clarissa's flat.
▪ The Secretary of State says no more money so that's that.
some more
▪ Aaron will finally be earning some more money.
▪ I think we still need to practice some more.
▪ Would you like some more pie?
▪ And every so often a transvestite would swagger past, some more obvious than others.
▪ But ah, how I need some more engaging puzzle to occupy my mind today.
▪ If the rice is still not cooked, add some more water.
▪ It s going to take a bit of time for the factories to dole us out some more.
▪ Obviously, there are some more things for me to think about now.
▪ The home market might be worried about it, and some more people are looking toward clones than Apple product.
▪ We listened some more, and as the darkness closed in Stuart sat on my lap and snuggled closer.
▪ Yet there were other new ideas that jostled together in his brain for some more prominent recognition.
still more/further/another/other
▪ And I sowed seeds and grew plants and trees so that that place would be still more beautiful.
▪ But the consumer could benefit still further.
▪ Clio engineers sought to improve still further on these virtues.
▪ His adversaries include still more cossacks, a border guard or two, a rabbi, and a pugilist.
▪ I had eaten four or five slices of bread without satisfying my hunger, so I reached for still another slice.
▪ Rape is a staple in pagan myth, and killing still more commonplace.
▪ The incentive to borrow was raised still further by a reduction in the costs of bankruptcy and an increase in market liquidity.
▪ With the passage of the Poor Law Amendment Act in 1834 the condition of labourers deteriorated still further.
that's more like it/this is more like it
the more the merrier
▪ "Do you mind if I bring Tony?" "Nah, the more the merrier."
▪ Now Miller Brewing is joining the ranks of the more the merrier.
▪ This might appeal to investors who figure that when it comes to fund choices, the more the merrier.
there are plenty more fish in the sea
there's more than one way to skin a cat
there's more to sb/sth than meets the eye
▪ "I didn't know he wrote poetry." "Yes -- he also does painting. There's more to him than meets the eye."
▪ It looks like a simple case of burglary, but there may be more to it than meets the eye.
▪ People think of Bradford as a dull industrial city, but there is more to it than meets the eye.
we're not in Kansas any more
without more/further ado
▪ And without more ado he booked his one-way ticket.
▪ Left leaderless, the city surrendered to Bustamante without further ado.
▪ Stan then moved closer to Melanie, and a major fight erupted without further ado.
▪ The emptying of the house could therefore no longer be postponed and Charlotte had decided to put matters in hand without further ado.
▪ The selection board interviewed him and rejected his application without further ado.
▪ Then, without more ado, he loaded the horses into the trailer.
▪ Then, without more ado, he turned on his heel and left, slamming the door behind him.
More and more, we are finding that students lack basic skills when they enter college.
▪ Anthony needs to practise more than the other students, but he gets it right in the end.
▪ Can it be done more quickly?
▪ I couldn't agree more.
▪ I promised Mom I'd help more with the housework.
▪ I think you look more like your aunt Margaret than your sister does.
▪ Our future competitiveness and prosperity depend more than ever before on technology and industry.
▪ People are using mobile phones more because they are cheaper.
▪ People here are far more friendly than they are in England.
▪ She's more intelligent than her brothers.
▪ The old version of Tomb Raider was a lot more limited in scope than this one.
▪ Visitors to the centre complained about the service more than last year.
▪ You can see the buildings from the ground, of course, but they look more dramatic from the air.
▪ Add more warm water if mixture is dry.
▪ Determinedly she put her worries and the root cause of her despondency behind her and tried to think more cheerfully.
▪ In all cases the depth of knowledge required should be more advanced than that required for Professional Examinations.
▪ This suggests to Ishmael that the entire universe is more closely interrelated than man has yet admitted.
▪ Windows 95 users have a newer and more reliable program called DriveSpace.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

More \More\ (m[=o]r), n. [AS. m[=o]r. See Moor a waste.] A hill. [Prov. Eng.]


More \More\, n. [AS. more, moru; akin to G. m["o]hre carrot, OHG. moraha, morha.] A root. [Obs.]


More \More\, a., compar. [Positive wanting; superl. Most (m[=o]st).] [OE. more, mare, and (orig. neut. and adv.) mo, ma, AS. m[=a]ra, and (as neut. and adv.) m[=a]; akin to D. meer, OS. m[=e]r, G. mehr, OHG. m[=e]ro, m[=e]r, Icel. meiri, meirr, Dan. meere, meer, Sw. mera, mer, Goth. maiza, a., mais, adv., and perh. to L. major greater, compar. of magnus great, and magis, adv., more. [root]103. Cf. Most, uch, Major.]

  1. Greater; superior; increased; as: (a) Greater in quality, amount, degree, quality, and the like; with the singular.

    He gat more money.

    If we procure not to ourselves more woe.

    Note: More, in this sense, was formerly used in connection with some other qualifying word, -- a, the, this, their, etc., -- which now requires the substitution of greater, further, or the like, for more.

    Whilst sisters nine, which dwell on Parnasse height, Do make them music for their more delight.

    The more part knew not wherefore they were come together.
    --Acts xix. 3

  2. Wrong not that wrong with a more contempt.
    --Shak. (b) Greater in number; exceeding in numbers; -- with the plural.

    The people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we.
    --Ex. i. 9.

    2. Additional; other; as, he wept because there were no more worlds to conquer.

    With open arms received one poet more.


More \More\, n.

  1. A greater quantity, amount, or number; that which exceeds or surpasses in any way what it is compared with.

    And the children of Israel did so, and gathered, some more, some less.
    --Ex. xvi. 17.

  2. That which is in addition; something other and further; an additional or greater amount. They that would have more and more can never have enough. --L'Estrange. O! That pang where more than madness lies. --Byron. Any more.

    1. Anything or something additional or further; as, I do not need any more.

    2. Adverbially: Further; beyond a certain time; as, do not think any more about it.

      No more, not anything more; nothing in addition.

      The more and less, the high and low. [Obs.]
      --Shak. ``All cried, both less and more.''


More \More\, adv.

  1. In a greater quantity; in or to a greater extent or degree.

    1. With a verb or participle.

      Admiring more The riches of Heaven's pavement.

    2. With an adjective or adverb (instead of the suffix -er) to form the comparative degree; as, more durable; more active; more sweetly.

      Happy here, and more happy hereafter.

      Note: Double comparatives were common among writers of the Elizabeth period, and for some time later; as, more brighter; more dearer.

      The duke of Milan And his more braver daughter.

  2. In addition; further; besides; again.

    Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more, Ye myrtles brown, with ivy never sere, I come to pluck your berries harsh and crude.

    More and more, with continual increase. ``Amon trespassed more and more.''
    --2 Chron. xxxiii. 2

  3. The more, to a greater degree; by an added quantity; for a reason already specified.

    The more -- the more, by how much more -- by so much more. ``The more he praised it in himself, the more he seems to suspect that in very deed it was not in him.''

    To be no more, to have ceased to be; as, Cassius is no more; Troy is no more.

    Those oracles which set the world in flames, Nor ceased to burn till kingdoms were no more.


More \More\, v. t. To make more; to increase. [Obs.]


Much \Much\ (m[u^]ch), a. [Compar. & superl. wanting, but supplied by More (m[=o]r), and Most (m[=o]st), from another root.] [OE. moche, muche, miche, prob. the same as mochel, muchel, michel, mikel, fr. AS. micel, mycel; cf. Gr. me`gas, fem. mega`lh, great, and Icel. mj["o]k, adv., much.

  1. Great in quantity; long in duration; as, much rain has fallen; much time.

    Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field, and shalt gather but little in.
    --Deut. xxviii. 38.

  2. Many in number. [Archaic]

    Edom came out against him with much people.
    --Num. xx. 20.

  3. High in rank or position. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English mara "greater, more, stronger, mightier," used as a comparative of micel "great" (see mickle), from Proto-Germanic *maizon- (cognates: Old Saxon mera, Old Norse meiri, Old Frisian mara, Middle Dutch mere, Old High German mero, German mehr), from PIE *meis- (cognates: Avestan mazja "greater," Old Irish mor "great," Welsh mawr "great," Greek -moros "great," Oscan mais "more"), from root *me- (3) "big." Sometimes used as an adverb in Old English ("in addition"), but Old English generally used related ma "more" as adverb and noun. This became Middle English mo, but more in this sense began to predominate in later Middle English.\n\n"Take some more tea," the March Hare said to Alice, very earnestly.\n

"I've had nothing yet," Alice replied in an offended tone, "so I can't take more."\n

"You mean you can't take less," said the Hatter: "it's very easy to take more than nothing."\n\nMore or less "in a greater or lesser degree" is from early 13c.; appended to a statement to indicate approximation, from 1580s.


Etymology 1 adv. To a greater degree or extent. (from 10thc.) det. (non-gloss definition: Comparative form of '''''many'''''): in greater number. (qualifier: Used for a discrete quantity.) n. An extra amount or extent. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context obsolete English) a carrot; a parsnip. 2 (context dialectal English) a root; stock. 3 A plant. Etymology 3

vb. (context transitive English) To root up.

  1. adj. (comparative of `much' used with mass nouns) a quantifier meaning greater in size or amount or extent or degree; "more land"; "more support"; "more rain fell"; "more than a gallon" [syn: more(a), more than] [ant: less(a)]

  2. (comparative of `many' used with count nouns) quantifier meaning greater in number; "a hall with more seats"; "we have no more bananas"; "more than one" [syn: more(a)] [ant: fewer]

  3. existing or coming by way of addition; "an additional problem"; "further information"; "there will be further delays"; "took more time" [syn: additional, further(a), more(a)]

  1. adv. used to form the comparative of some adjectives and adverbs; "more interesting"; "more beautiful"; "more quickly" [syn: to a greater extent] [ant: less]

  2. comparative of much; to a greater degree or extent; "he works more now"; "they eat more than they should" [ant: less]


More or Mores may refer to:

More (1969 film)

More is an English language film directed by Barbet Schroeder, released in 1969. Starring Mimsy Farmer and Klaus Grünberg, it deals with heroin addiction on the island of Ibiza. It features a soundtrack written and performed by Pink Floyd, released as the album More. The film was selected to be screened in the Cannes Classics section of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival.

More (soundtrack)

More is the first full-length soundtrack album, and third studio album, by the English rock band Pink Floyd, released on 13 June 1969 in the United Kingdom by EMI Columbia and on 9 August 1969 by Tower Records a subsidiary label of Capitol Records in the United States as Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from the film More. It is the first album by the band to be released by Capitol internationally. The film More was made in Luxembourg in 1969 and was directed by Barbet Schroeder.

More (1998 film)

More is a 1998 short film created by Mark Osborne using stop motion animation. More has won several awards, and was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Animated Short Film in 1998.

More (Alex Alstone and Tom Glazer song)

More is a popular song with music by Alex Alstone and lyrics by Tom Glazer, published in 1956. (Not to be confused with the identical titled melody from the soundtrack of "Mondo Cane", 1963.

The best-known version of the song was recorded by Perry Como on May 8, 1956. It was issued as a single ( RCA Victor catalog number 20-6554 on 78rpm, 47-6554 on 45rpm in the U.S., HMV POP-240 in the UK) and reached #4 on the U.S. charts and #10 on the UK charts. The flip side of both releases was Glendora.

It was also issued on an extended play album, With a Song In My Heart.

A recording of the song was also made in the United Kingdom by Jimmy Young. It was issued by UK Decca Records as catalog number F 10774 and reached #4 on the UK charts in 1956.

More (Theme from Mondo Cane)

"More (Theme from Mondo Cane)" is a film score song written by Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero for the 1962 film Mondo Cane (Dog's World, or as the soundtrack album states, "a world gone to the dogs"). The movie's music was released as Mondo Cane: Original Motion Picture Sound Track Album, music by Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero, on United Artists Records UAS 5105.

The movie Mondo Cane is a documentary, and uses a variety of music to accompany various segments. Some melodies are used repeatedly, in different styles, each named for the part of the movie where the music is used. Of the 15 music tracks on the soundtrack album, one melody is presented 6 times, another melody 2 times. The melody which became known as "More" is presented 4 times, named "Life Savers Girls", "The Last Flight/L'Ultimo Volo", "Models In Blue/Modelle in Blu", "Repabhan Street/Repabhan Strasse", in styles ranging from lush to march and 3/4 waltz.

Originally composed as an instrumental and titled "Ti guarderò nel cuore", lyrics were later provided by Marcello Ciorciolini, which were adapted into English by Norman Newell. At that point, "Theme from Mondo Cane" became "More" (not to be confused with an earlier pop song of the same name).

The song was recorded in several languages by Steve Rossi who continues to perform the song in his Las Vegas stage acts. Mr. Rossi performed the song at the 36th Academy Awards and is best known as one half of the comedy team Allen and Rossi.

"More" is one of Ortolani's most acclaimed and influential works. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song at the 36th Academy Awards in 1963, and it led Ruggero Deodato to hire Ortolani to compose the score for his film Cannibal Holocaust.

More (command)

In computing, more is a command to view (but not modify) the contents of a text file one screen at a time. It is available on Unix and Unix-like systems, DOS, OS/2, and Microsoft Windows. Programs of this sort are called pagers. more is a very basic pager, originally allowing only forward navigation through a file, though newer implementations do allow for limited backward movement.

More (Belgian magazine)

More is a printed punk magazine from Belgium. The magazine was started in 1977 and is published monthly.

MORE (application)

MORE is an outline processor application that was created for the Apple Macintosh in 1986 by software developer Dave Winer and which was not ported to any other platforms. An earlier outliner, ThinkTank, was developed by Winer, his brother Peter, and Doug Baron. MORE was brilliant at helping to organize ideas. The outline itself could be adapted and formatted to meet individual needs, including different layouts, colors, and shapes. Outline "nodes" could include pictures and graphics. It was perfect for genealogy buffs.

The company that made these products, Living Videotext, merged with Symantec in July 1987. Around July 1999, with Symantec's permission, Mr. Winer released versions of the ThinkTank and MORE products on a Web site for free download.

More (interjection)

Moré, re, bre (with many variants) is an interjection common to Albanian, Greek, Romanian, South Slavic, Turkish, and Venetian, with its "locus... more in the Greek world than elsewhere". It is used in colloquial speech to gain someone's attention, add emphasis, insult, or express surprise or astonishment, similar to the Argentinian vocable of unknown origin, " Che."

More (Vitamin C album)

More is the second studio album released by pop singer Vitamin C in 2001. The album was not as successful as Vitamin C's previous eponymous album both in terms of chart positions and sales. The album peaked at number 122 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and was uncertified. Like her debut, the Japanese version of the album contains a bonus track, "This Summer I".

"I Know What Boys Like" is a cover of the 1980s band The Waitresses. The song is not only from The Waitresses' 1982 album, Wasn't Tomorrow Wonderful?, but it was also that album's sixth track as is the case for Vitamin C. The track was penciled as the album's third single, yet never materialized after Elektra Records abandoned promotion of the project.

More (cigarette)

More is a brand of cigarette which was originally marketed to both men and women and then changed its primary focus to female consumers. It typically has a dark brown (rather than the traditional white) wrapper and is typically 120 mm in length. The More brand does, however produce shorter versions with the typical white wrapper and white or cork filters.

Initially tested in Oklahoma City in 1974, the brand was introduced nationally by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company in June 1975. Bridging the gap between cigars and cigarettes 'More' was the first successful 120 mm cigarette. It had a strong flavor and when introduced was higher in "tar" and nicotine than most filter cigarettes on the market. It is sold in both the full flavor and menthol flavors. It is currently considered a niche brand by RJR, still sold, but not promoted by advertising. It is sold globally under license to various other tobacco companies under the title of More International. The brand was expanded to include 'light' styles in the form of both brown and white 120 mm and a beige 100 mm. The brand is currently a product of JT International (JTI) in the EU and Fortune Tobacco (PMFTC, Inc.) in the Philippines.

More (Tamia album)

More is the third album by Canadian R&B singer-songwriter Tamia, released on April 6, 2004 in North America by Elektra Records. The album debuted number 17 on the US Billboard 200, selling 58,000 copies in its first week sales, and debuting at number two on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart.

The album has received generally positive reviews from most music critics, who praised Tamia's vocals, songwriting and the album's production. It was originally scheduled (and titled Still) for a 2003 release but was later delayed due to Tamia's multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Several songs ("It's a Party", "No Way", "Hold Up", "Don't Think", "Officially Missing You (MIDI Mafia Remix)") from the Still edition of the album that didn't make the physical release were included as bonus/soundtrack tracks or leaked later.

More (magazine)

More was a women's lifestyle magazine published 10 times a year by the Meredith Corporation with a rate base of 1.3 million and a circulation of 1.8 million. A Canadian version was published under license by Transcontinental from 2007 to 2012.

More (Mary Alessi album)

More is a gospel album by Mary Alessi which was recorded at the Covenant Church in Dallas, Texas and released on .

More (Trace Adkins song)

"More" is a song written by Del Gray of Little Texas along with Thom McHugh, and recorded by American country music artist Trace Adkins. It was released in January 2000 as the second single and title track from his album of the same name. It peaked at number 10 on the United States Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart, and number 4 on the Canadian RPM Country Tracks chart.

More (Michael Bublé EP)

More is an EP by Canadian artist Michael Bublé, released in the United States on June 26, 2005. The EP was made available as a digital download, and was available exclusively on CD via Best Buy stores. The EP includes six unreleased tracks, including two live tracks, plus four tracks only included on the fan club edition of Buble's second studio album, It's Time.

More (Crystal Lewis album)

More, the third compilation album by Crystal Lewis, was released in 2001 with 15 tracks. It was reissued later in the year with two changes: A new remix of Shine Jesus Shine was substituted for When God's People Pray and a new remix of I Now Live was inserted as track 12, bringing the total track count to 16.

More (Double Dagger album)

MORE is the third full-length album by Baltimore punk rock band Double Dagger.

More (British band)

More is a UK heavy metal band who were part of the new wave of British heavy metal scene in the early 1980s. They recorded two albums and two singles, and opened the 1981 Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park.

Initially the band was fronted by vocalist Paul Mario Day, who had sung in an early incarnation of Iron Maiden.

By the time of their second album, Frank Darch and Laurie Mansworth had left, the latter going on to form the band Airrace. Andy John Burton was recruited as the new drummer and the band became a four-piece. Bassist Brian Day also left during the recording of the second album, to be replaced by Barry 'Baz' Nicholls.

Following Paul Mario Day's subsequent departure from the band, the line-up of Cox, Nicholls, Burton and vocalist Mick Stratton released a 7" single called "Trickster" in 1982, before splitting up.

Kenny Cox revived More briefly in 1985, with vocalist Ron Jackson, guitarist Mel Jones, bassist Baz Nicholls, and Paul George on drums.

A further attempt to reform the band occurred in the spring of 1998, with Mike Freeland featuring on vocals. A track called "My Obsession" was recorded by this incarnation of the band, but they split up shortly afterwards in the year 2000.

In 2011, Andy John Burton recruited Baz Nicholls (bass; joined More in 1982), Mike Freeland (vocals; part of More's 1999 line-up), Paul Stickles (guitar; also with the band Dangerous Breed) and special guest Chris Tsangarides to form a More tribute band called Exmore. They performed live at the Headbangers Open Air Festival in July 2011, with a warm-up show at the Scream Lounge in Croydon on 4 June, then in two shows at the Astor Theatre in Deal, Kent (in July and October 2011).

Exmore played a co-headlining show with Marseille at the Sir Robert Peel venue in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey on 15 October 2011.

The following year, the band changed their name to More 2012 and scheduled further shows, including: 26 May at the Railway venue in Bolton, a cancelled appearance on 25 August at the Borderline in London (where the band had been due to support Tokyo Blade), 23 November at the Red Lion pub in Gravesend, Kent, and 1 December at the Hard Rock Hell VI festival, with Steve Rix on drums.

An appearance at the 'Metalwave UK' festival in Purfleet, Essex, alongside Praying Mantis, Dennis Stratton, Cloven Hoof, Chariot and Deep Machine, took place on 5 October 2013, followed by a performance at the 'Heavy Metal Maniacs' festival in Amstelveen on 19 October 2013.

In May 2014, Dave John Ross replaced Paul Stickles on guitar. Further concert appearances were then scheduled for the ' Bang Your Head!!!' festival in Balingen on 12 July 2014, 'Rock and Metal Circus' festival at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire on 13 September 2014 (cancelled), 'Rock Diabetes' festival in Trowbridge on 11 October 2014 (also cancelled), and the Hard Rock Hell VII festival in Pwllheli on 15 November 2014.


Möre is one of the original small lands of Småland, a historical province (landskap) in southern Sweden. It corresponds to the south-eastern part of modern Kalmar County. Möre was divided into two hundreds: Möre Northern Hundred and Möre Southern Hundred.

Möre is mentioned c. 900, by Wulfstan of Hedeby as Meore:

Then, after the land of the Burgundians, we had on our left the lands that have been called from the earliest times Blekingey, and Meore, and Eowland, and Gotland, all which territory is subject to the Sweons; and Weonodland was all the way on our right, as far as Weissel-mouth.1

From the late 13th century and onwards, Möre was responsible for supporting Kalmar Castle. Legally, it was part of the jurisdiction of Östergötland, until 1559, when it was transferred to the newly formed jurisdiction of Småland.

In 1645, Möre Southern Hundred was given as a fief to Axel Oxenstierna.

Category:Småland Category:Geography of Kalmar County

More (No Trend album)

More is the fourth and final studio album by American no wave band No Trend. It was originally recorded in 1987 and was intended to be released through Touch & Go Records, however the label refused to release it, and the band broke up soon after. The album remained unreleased until 2001 after Morphius Archives got the rights to release the record.

More (Feodosiya)

Feodosia PO More Shipbuilding Yard is an ex-soviet Ukrainian now Russian operated shipyard shipbuilding in crimean peninsula along Zaliv Kerch and Sevastopol' yards, one of the most prominent production is the Zubr-class LCAC ship .

More (The Sisters of Mercy song)

"More" is a song by The Sisters of Mercy, from their album Vision Thing. It was the first single from the album, reaching number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart for five weeks, starting 15 December 1990. The song was co-written and co-produced by Andrew Eldritch and Jim Steinman.

It was covered by Shaaman on their album Reason, and Gregorian for their album The Dark Side. Steinman produced a cover of the song, by Mike Vogel and Erika Christensen, for the soundtrack of the MTV film Wuthering Heights. He also used the song's main guitar riff and the "I need all the love I can get" vocal in a song for his musical Batman.

The song has also been re-recorded by Meat Loaf for his 2016 album Braver Than We Are.

More (surname)

Persons with the surname More, Moré or Mores include:

  • Antonis Mor (16th century), Dutch painter
  • Anthony More (musician) (born 1948), British musician
  • Edward Rowe Mores (1731–1778), the first person to use the title actuary in relation to insurance mathematicians
  • Hannah More (1745–1833), English writer and philanthropist
  • Henry More (1614–1687), English philosopher of the Cambridge Platonist school
  • Katherine More (1586–?), mother of Mayflower child Richard More
  • Kenneth More (1914–1982), British actor
  • Richard More (1879–1936), English cricketer
  • The More children: Ellen, Jasper, Mary and their brother,
  • Richard More (Mayflower passenger) (1614-c1694/96)
  • Samuel More (1593–1662), involved in two separate controversies in England
  • Thomas More (1478–1535), English lawyer, author, statesman, and Catholic martyr
  • Benny Moré (1919–1963), famous Cuban singer
  • Marquis de Mores (1858–1896), frontier ranchman in the Badlands of Dakota Territory during the final years of the American Old West era
  • Theocharis Mores (1927–1992), Greek painter
More (Matthew West song)

"More" is a song written and performed by contemporary Christian musician, Matthew West, from his first album, Happy. The album was released in late 2003, and it was the first and most successful radio single of West's career to date. The song stayed at No. 1 on Christian radio for nine consecutive weeks during 2004, breaking the previous record of eight weeks. In 2004, it was the most-played contemporary Christian song of the year.

By request of astronaut, Rex J. Walheim, "More" was played during the Day 5 wake-up call aboard STS-135, NASA's last Space Shuttle flight.

Morè (clan)

The More is a Maratha clan found largely in the Indian state of Maharashtra that claims to have descended from the Somavanshi kings, the Morès of the Kashmir Region. Some from the More clan claim descent from the Mauryan Dynasty of Patna (Bihar), which ruled over the Maurya Empire, located in present day India. The Maurya Empire and many Morè, claim rulers such as Abhishek Kaushal and Ashoka.

In Pre-Shivaji India, Morès were feudatories of the Vijaynagar empire along with other Maratha clans such as Bhoite, Kadam, Bembre, Salunkhe(Solanki) and Shinde, Maratha Sardars under Sultanates of Deccan.

More were an ancient Maratha clan and first acceptable evidence show them as feudatory of the Vijayanagar empire. After the fall of the Vijayanagar and formation of Islamic sultanates in the deccan, the More held their own in the Satara region & adjoining konkan areas and exerted powerful influence on the whole of the western ghat heights( ghat matha). More ruled their territory as kings and continued as just and honourable kings for generations. The area of then Javali Jagir stretched from Rairi Raigad Fort built by Chandrarao More in 1030 to Fort Khelana ( Vishalgad) and Koyana Valley to the current Mumbai-Goa highway. In these areas eight More clansman ruled their Jagirs viz.:

  • Yashwantrao More family at Shivthar,
  • Hanmantrao More family at Jor,
  • Govindrao More family at Jambhali,
  • Dauloatrao More family at Mahipatgad,
  • Bagrao More family at Kevanale and Vakan,
  • Suryarao More family at Devali Tarf Ategaon,
  • Bhikajirao More family at Devali,
  • Shankarrao More family at Khelana(Vishalgad).

They were honoured as Kings. The More families' jurisdiction extended over the region of Savitri Rivers to Mahabaleshwar, Parvat, Chakdev, Ghonaspur,Taldev, Gardev, Dhardev, Moleshwar, Bankot etc.

Shivpuris (Temples of Lord Shiva) and Javli Prant included Jambhul Khore, Jor Khore, Shivthar Khore,Kandat Khore, Tajmahal, Bamnoli, Chaturbet, Solas Khore, etc. 18 Mahals (subdivisions).

The Javali Prant comprised 60–62 Ghats such as Parghat, Kondenali Ghat, Radtondi Ghat, Dhawala Ghat, Hatlotacha Ghat, Sapal Khind, Kavala- Bavala ghat, Varandha Ghat, Annachhatrachi Nal, Boratyachi Nal, Ambenali Ghat, Ambavla Ghat, Tiracha Ghat, and Forts like Rairi alias Raigad, Lingana, Chandragad, Khelana, Kangori, Kavalya, Makarandgad, Songad, Chambhargad, Mahipatgad, Bhorapya, Rasalgad, Sumargad, Janani Durg, Vasota, etc.

Daulatrao More branch headquarters were at Kandat Khore, where they found Swayambhu Niripji Devi. The Daulatrao More from Mahipatgad was successor of title ChandraRao.

More (Usher song)

"More" is a song by American recording artist Usher, taken from the deluxe edition of his sixth studio album Raymond v. Raymond (2010). It was written by Charles Hinshaw, Usher and RedOne, with the latter also producing the song.

The song was first released on March 16, 2010 through the US iTunes Store as the third promotional single in countdown to the album's release. Additionally it was featured as the iTunes-only bonus track on Raymond v. Raymond before later being included on the deluxe edition of the album, and his EP Versus. "More" was subsequently released as the album's fifth and final single. The single version was remixed by RedOne and Jimmy Joker, for a US release on November 22, 2010 and in the UK on December 13, 2010.

More (store)

Aditya Birla Retail Limited (ABRL) is the retail arm of Aditya Birla Group company. ABRL is the fourth largest supermarket chain in the country after Future Group, Reliance Retail and D-Mart. It operates two different store formats - Supermarket and Hypermarket under the brand more.. It has about 494 supermarkets and 16 hypermarkets around the country. ABRL plans to open 100 supermarkets and 6-8 hypermarkets. To fund this expansion, ABRL has borrowed Rs 500 crore from Yes bank. Besides this, it has decided to increase its borrowing limit to Rs 7,500 crore from Rs 5,000 crore.

Aditya Birla Retail Limited provides customers products under its own labels. Private label Food Brands include Feasters, Kitchen's Promise, and Best of India. Home & Personal care brands include Enriche, 110%, Pestex, Paradise and Germex. As per a report in Economic Times, Aditya Birla Retail Ltd ( ABRL) with its 500 + 'More' branded supermarkets and 14 hypermarkets reported sales of Rs 1,966 crore and a net loss of Rs 650 crore in the year ended March 2012. The company has accumulated losses of Rs 2,984 crore since it entered the segment over six years ago.

More (Alison Moyet song)

"More" is vocalist Alison Moyet's first and only single from 2003, being the third and last single of the album Hometime.

Like Moyet's two previous singles, the single failed to enter the UK top 100, peaking at #127. Moyet's previous single " Do You Ever Wonder" peaked at #113 whilst " Should I Feel That It's Over" peaked at #144.

Unlike the two previous singles, this single had a promotional video created for the single.

The song was written by Alison Moyet and Pete Glenister, who has frequently worked with Moyet throughout her solo career.

The two b-sides for the single are "If You Don't Come Back To Me (Live)" and "Should I Feel That It's Over (Live)" which both were recorded live in October 2002. Both of these tracks were exclusive to the single although the original studio recordings are from the "Hometime" album.

The single and album was produced by Tim Norfolk and Bob Locke under the name " The Insects", known for their Emmy-award winning soundtrack work and collaborations with Goldfrapp, Massive Attack and Madonna.

Usage examples of "more".

Weavers had been responsible for the practice of killing Aberrant children for more than a hundred years.

Every year, more children were born Aberrant, more were snatched by the Weavers.

But the fateful decisions secretly made, the intrigues, the treachery, the motives and the aberrations which led up to them, the parts played by the principal actors behind the scenes, the extent of the terror they exercised and their technique of organizing it - all this and much more remained largely hidden from us until the secret German papers turned up.

And he has to answer for much more than aiding and abetting you with your plot to fool the old man.

UNMIK, with European Union assistance, did intervene - in setting up institutions and abetting economic legislation - it has done more harm than good.

And even if he were to relapse into the same heresy which he had abjured, he would still not be liable to the said penalty, although he would be more severely punished than would have been the case if he had not abjured.

This would mean, according to our present understanding of heredity, an inherited abnormality in one or more enzyme systems and a metabolism that is therefore disordered in some specific manner.

On this now leaped and twisted a more indescribable horde of human abnormality than any but a Sime or an Angarola could paint.

Weeden gave it to his companion after the end, as a mute clue to the abnormality which had occurred, or whether, as is more probable, Smith had it before, and added the underscoring himself from what he had managed to extract from his friend by shrewd guessing and adroit cross-questioning.

The aspect of the whole was abnormally life-like, and the more subtly fearful because its source was so totally unknown.

The sailors watched for an age as the troops, some walking, more carried, waded out into the surf and shuffled aboard the French transports.

That would require leaving sufficient men aboard to subdue the prisoners, which in turn made any future action more hazardous.

So they abode a little, and the more part of what talk there was came from the Lady, and she was chiefly asking Ralph of his home in Upmeads, and his brethren and kindred, and he told her all openly, and hid naught, while her voice ravished his very soul from him, and it seemed strange to him, that such an one should hold him in talk concerning these simple matters and familiar haps, and look on him so kindly and simply.

As to them of the Dry Tree, though some few of them abode in the kingdom, and became great there, the more part of them went back to the wildwood and lived the old life of the Wood, as we had found them living it aforetime.

Looking back now, I suppose she knew more about how Aboriginal people were treated than I did.