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Mørefly A/S was a airline and general aviation company which operated between 1955 and 1995. Based in Ålesund and later Giske, Norway, it was involved in a wide range of operations, the most dominant being air ambulance services and helicopter services. Mørefly was based at Ålesund Airport, Sørneset until 1979 and thereafter at Ålesund Airport, Vigra. During its peak in the mid 1990s it had 150 employees and annual revenue of 250 million Norwegian krone (NOK).

The airline was established in 1955 and based at the water aerodrome at Sørneset. Its fleet consisted entirely of seaplanes until 1966, when the first helicopter, a Bell 204, was delivered. The airline expanded through two joint ventures into Bergen Airport, Flesland from 1974. Heavy cargo operations became important in the 1980s, when the airline participated in two major hydroelectric power station projects. The only scheduled flights were between Ålesund and Aberdeen for a year starting in 1986.

Mørefly became a major contractor of the National Air Ambulance Service when it was established in 1988. From 1994 it flew fixed-winged ambulances out of six airports. From 1991 it started offshore flights to oil platforms out of Bergen. Helikopter Service bought Mørefly in 1992 and merged it with its other subsidiary, Lufttransport, three years later.