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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mir \Mir\ (m[=e]r), n. [Russ. mir'.] A Russian village community.
--D. M. Wallace.


Mir \Mir\, n. [Per. m[=i]r.] Same as Emir.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 20c. space station, from Russian, literally "peace, world," also "village, community," from Old Church Slavonic miru "peace," from Proto-Slavic *miru "commune, joy, peace" ("possibly borrowed from Iranian" [Watkins]), from PIE root *mei- "to bind" (see mitre). Old Church Slavonic miru was "used in Christian terminology as a collective 'community of peace' " [Buck], translating Greek kosmos. Hence, "the known world, mankind."


n. A Russian village community.

Mir (disambiguation)

Mir was a space station owned by the Soviet Union and later by Russia.

Mir or MIR may also refer to:

Mir (title)

Mir (مير) (is a title which is derived from the Arabic title Emir). It is an aristocratic title generally used to refer to a person who is a descendant of a commander in medieval Muslim tradition.

It was adopted in many languages under Islamic influence, such as Balochi, Ottoman Turkish, Persian, Turkish, Sindhi, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, Kashmiri and Pashto meaning leader of a group or tribe. According to the book Persian Inscriptions on Indian Monuments, Mir is most probably an Arabized form of Pir. Pir in Old Persian and Sanskrit means the old, the wise man, the chief and the great leader. It was Arabized as Mir then, with Al(A) ( Arabic definite article), it was pronounced as Amir.

Mir (band)

Mir is a Canadian alternative rock music group formed in 1998 in Halifax. Their projects have been released in Canada and Europe, and their 2006 itinerary included 4 tours in Germany after being signed to Silversonic Records in Germany. In 2004 MIR was signed to East West Warner Records for 2 years and toured extensively in Germany playing large festivals including Rock em Ring and Rockn em Park in 2005.

Asif Illyas is the band's lead vocalist, guitarist and pianist. His brother Shehab Illyas is the bassist and vocalist, and Adam Dowling is drummer and a second vocalist.

In 2008, the band was nominated at the East Coast Music Awards for Rock/Group of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Mir also received over thirty various ECMA nominations in previous years.

Asif Illyas is released a solo project tiltled Synesthesia on April 17th 2013 in Canada and bassist Shehab Illyas also has recorded a solo project under the pseudonym Knight titled "Top of the world" that was accompanied by a 30min a short with the same titled that he wrote and directed in year 2014

Mir (lens)

Mir is a Soviet wide-angle prime lens series with focal lengths varying from 12 to 65 mm with 5-7 elements.

The first variant was the Mir-1 and won the Grand Prix at Expo '58 in Brussels. Its construction was derived from the Flektogon lens by Carl Zeiss. The first element in this lens is in fact a disperser meniscus to reduce vignette effects when photographing with an open diaphragm.

MIR (computer)

The MIR series of early Soviet personal computers was developed from 1965 (MIR), 1968 (MIR-1) to 1969 (MIR-2) in a group headed by Victor Glushkov. MIR stands for «Машина для Инженерных Расчётов» (Machine for Engineering Calculations) and means both "world" and "peace" in Russian. It was designed as a relatively small-scale computer for use in engineering and scientific applications. Among other innovations, it contained a hardware implementation of a high-level programming language capable of symbolic manipulations with fractions, polynomials, derivatives and integrals. Another innovative feature for that time was the user interface combining a keyboard with a monitor and light pen used for correcting texts and drawing on screen. It could be considered one of the first personal computers.

Mir (album)

Mir is Ott's third album. It was released on 15 March 2011 on his Bandcamp.

Mir (software)

Mir is a computer display server for the Linux operating system currently in development by Canonical Ltd. It is planned to replace the currently used X Window System for Ubuntu.

Mir was announced by Canonical on 4 March 2013. Mir has been developed to enable the development of Unity 8, the next generation of the Unity user interface.

Mir (South Korean singer)

Bang Cheol-yong ( Korean: 방철용; born March 10, 1991), better known by his stage name Mir ( Korean: 미르), is a South Korean rapper, dancer, actor, model, MC and youngest member of the boy group MBLAQ, currently signed to J. Tune Entertainment.

In 2012, Bang partnered with fellow MBLAQ member G.O, with whom he had collaborated previously for drama soundtracks. In May of that year they released a single, "Wild," for MBLAQ's Asia tour in June, without a name and their debut was eventually postponed.

Bang appeared in South Korean variety shows, with the other MBLAQ members and on his own, and performed various songs by other artists. He wrote the lyrics to two of MBLAQ's songs, "You're My +" and "Can't Come Back."

In 2013, Bang joined Korean military variety show Real Men briefly and attracted much attention from the public. In July of the same year, Bang and his fellow MBLAQ members made a comeback after over a year's absence with the mini album "Sexy Beat". It was also revealed that Bang participated in the production of the mini album. He wrote the lyrics of "R U Ok?" and "Girl". On December 24, Bang released his first digital single, "Come On", which was revealed earlier in MBLAQ's Global Sensation Tour of 2013, the production of which he had taken part in.

Usage examples of "mir".

Kadaver eines Hirsches das, meine ich, solltest du mir verzeihen , sondern weil meine Welt, so gut wie die deine, auf dem Spiel steht.

Ich kann mein Gefuehl nur zuweilen nicht finden, weil ich oft sehr muede vom Leiden bin und vom Ringen mit jener Aufgabe, welche mein Selbst mir stellt.

Onkel Govannon Leute mit einer Axt erschlagen kann, wenn sie mir die nicht gibt?

I took a blocker yesterday, and I let Mira treat me when I went by her place.

Quick pictures of postcards Mira had sent to Cil during the last 12 years shot through his mind.

Ever since Mira had told him about her talk with Cil he had spent as much time as possible with Sam.

Her thoughts turned to the heated discussion between Mira and Cil when she had left the room.

Er kann mir keine so starken Gnadengelder geben, dass ich sie fuer wert halten sollte, Niedertraechtigkeiten darum zu begehen.

Gute wird immer bei mir sein, wenn ihr drei bei mir seid, Nissyen, Bruder.

Miri was formally introduced to Edger, Handler, Selector, and Sheather, each by his abbreviated, visa name.

He paused and poured himself a glass of the canary before sliding into the seat between Edger and Miri.

But the peasants still maintained their communal institutions, and until the year 1787 the village folkmotes, composed of all householders, used to come together in the shadow of the bell-tower or a tree, to allot and re-allot what they had retained of their fields, to assess the taxes, and to elect their executive, just as the Russian mir does at the present time.

He asked her when she had made my acquaintance, and she, like a woman of experience, answered without the slightest hesitation that we had seen each other two years ago at Mira.

On the doublechair to the right of the instrument, Miri and Kem had their heads together over a book.

Con and Miri said good night to Hakan quietly, careful not to wake Kem, who was asleep against his shoulder.