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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It is possible to detect individual pulses from this millisecond pulsar with high signal-to-noise ratio in unbroken trains.
▪ In the standard formation model, millisecond pulsars are formed when a neutron star accretes matter from an evolving companion.
▪ A millisecond before and he would have been trapped.
▪ A millisecond later doesn't bear considering.
▪ If the entire index is in main storage, the correct cylinder to search is located in well under a millisecond.
▪ It all takes place in a tenth of a millisecond.
▪ It is possible to detect individual pulses from this millisecond pulsar with high signal-to-noise ratio in unbroken trains.
▪ It is worth nothing that the X-ray emission from Cygnus X-1 is irregular and flickers on a millisecond time-scale.
▪ The centre engine started first and then the opposite pairs fired up at 300 millisecond intervals.
▪ The pulsar is a member of the slowly growing class of millisecond pulsars with low-mass companions.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"one thousandth of a second," 1922, from milli- + second (n.).


n. One one-thousandth of a second. Symbol: ms


n. one thousandth of a second [syn: msec]


A millisecond (from milli- and second; symbol: ms) is a thousandth (0.001 or 10 or /) of a second.

10 milliseconds (a hundredth of a second) are called a centisecond.

100 milliseconds (one tenth of a second) are called a decisecond.

To help compare orders of magnitude of different times, this page lists times between 10 seconds and 10 seconds (1 millisecond and one second). See also times of other orders of magnitude.

Usage examples of "millisecond".

I do parallel processing, maybe a dozen things at a time in an average millisecond, and there was a really marked parallel going on here.

That meant I was feeding lines to my doppel in a fraction of a millisecond or so, and the doppel was saying them at meat speed.

We managed to spell that out, millisecond by millisecond, for the meat people.

The ship replayed those memories unseen from Becky before the next millisecond passed.

Buddy tried to recover from her thrust in time to block a raking attack from the third figure, but she was a millisecond too slow.

The timer had three redundant firing circuits, and all went off within a millisecond of one another, sending a signal down the detonator wires.

The only thing that separated them now was millisecond differences in jump times, and the fact the light itself could not pass between them in the brief time they spent at each jump point.

Horrendous shock came, slamming the scout-ship in a direction that had to be down, because initial shock was followed a millisecond later by a crumpling impact of the hull against Mirandan rock.

Finally, when they were within range, dozens of pinpoint, millisecond bursts of highest-intensity phaser fire would, theoretically, disable the jump circuits of every Directorate ship.

Unlike the much longer bursts that would be required to destroy the ships, the millisecond disabling pulses could all be fired before any of the ships had a chance to react.

With some internal rerouting of signals, he had tweaked another millisecond or two off the blocking field buildup time, but it was still essentially half a second too slow.

She had not lost any of her angular momentum coming out of that eerie subspace that had not even seemed to exist during the millisecond when the Shaw Drive had engaged.

The load time was the time it took to charge the magnet capacitors, so that millisecond pulses of electricity could be delivered.

Other kinds of inventors may be making more profound use of their windows onto the millisecond world.

How did the millisecond electronic decision-making inside the telephone switch become a nationwide arbiter of resources?