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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
Milky Way, the
milky (=with a lot of milk in it)
▪ a steaming mug of milky coffee
milky (=with a lot of milk)
▪ I don't like my tea so milky.
milky coffee
▪ The tree has a milky sap.
▪ After a day of trial and error, triumph and tantrum, our baby's down and milky calm.
▪ In this plant was a milky substance which was a drastic purge and irritant.
▪ Overhead, a black patch of pine needles caught in the troughs of the milky green roof.
▪ She was right on the other side of the shower door, her plump form vaguely defined through the milky glass.
▪ Spit fell from its mouth and froze into a pale milky beard.
▪ They were cloudy colours, pale and subtle with the milky sheen of pearls.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Milky \Milk"y\, a.

  1. Consisting of, or containing, milk.

    Pails high foaming with a milky flood.

  2. Like, or somewhat like, milk; whitish and turbid; as, the water is milky. ``Milky juice.''

  3. Yielding milk. ``Milky mothers.''

  4. Mild; tame; spiritless.

    Has friendship such a faint and milky heart?

    Milky Way. (Astron.) See Galaxy, 1.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., "milk-like in color or consistency," from milk (n.) + -y (2). Related: Milkily; milkiness.


a. 1 Resembling milk in color or consistency. 2 (context color science informal English) Of the black in an image, appearing as dark gray rather than black. 3 (context colloquial English) cowardly. 4 (context obsolete English) Yielding milk.

  1. adj. resembling milk in color or cloudiness; not clear; "milky glass" [syn: milklike, whitish]

  2. [also: milkiest, milkier]


Milky is a dance production group based in Italy. The act consists of producers Giordano Trivellato and Giuliano Sacchetto, with Italian people singer Giuditta serving as their lead singer on their album, Star. Although Giuditta was the singer on the recordings, a model, the Egyptian born and German raised Sabrina Elahl, was used for the music video for the "Just The Way You Are" single. The same model was used for the vinyl cover.

Elahl's voice did not appear on any of Milky's recordings, where all songs were sung by Giuditta. The latter can be seen on the "Be My World "12" cover, as well as in the video for "In My Mind". Two of the tracks from Star eventually became hits in the United States: " Just the Way You Are" reached the number one position on the Billboard Hot Dance Airplay chart in 2002. The track also reached No. 8 on the UK Singles Chart. In September 2005, "Be My World" peaked at number 6 on the Hot Dance Airplay chart and also charted in Sweden.

Giuditta also provided the vocals on electronic artist, Joe Pacino's song, "Miss You So Bad".

Milky (pudding)

Milky is a dairy pudding produced in Israel by the Strauss corporation.

Milky is claimed to be the most successful dairy product on the Israeli market since its debut in 1980. Milky is sold in small containers with chocolate pudding on the bottom and whipped cream on the top. Milky was identical, in its original version, to a dessert sold by Groupe Danone in Germany as "Dany Sahne".

The company also produces מילקי הפוך (Milky Upside Down), with vanilla pudding and chocolate cream, as well as a vanilla-flavored Milky, a Milky with sprinkles on top, and an "aerated" version.

In 1986 Strauss premiered Milky's first video commercial to Israeli moviegoers entitled "Battle of the Milky." The commercial became a big hit and led to two sequels, "Battle of the Milky 2" and "Battle of the Milky 3." The actresses in the commercials were known as "Milky girls" and became an icon in their own right, Sandi Bar, Hila Nachshon or Bar Refaeli among them. In 2003, a 22-year-old Technion student, Elaad Yair, discovered that whipped cream used in Milky contained a rennet-based gelatin. Vegetarians and those who keep kosher complained, resulting in the company's announcement that it would henceforth only use vegetable-based gelatin.

Usage examples of "milky".

I saw the starry scene that Laurie described: the Milky Way from outside, George, with Louise explaining the view.

At his saddle-bow he bore with him the great flour dredger which we saw him use at Taunton, and his honest musqueteers had their heads duly dusted every morning, though in an hour their tails would be as brown as nature made them, while the flour would be trickling in little milky streams down their broad backs, or forming in cakes upon the skirts of their coats.

Slowly criss-crossed by parkies and prams under the blank sheet of the sky, the green stretch turned milky and alkaline, like a lake, in the neutral afternoon.

Already his entire upper trunk was dusted with this snow, which lost its similarity to snow because it did not descend compliantly on the metal surfaces of the hull, did not collect loosely in its hollows, but adhered like a white syrup, sprouted, sent out milky threads, and before Parvis realized it, he had grown snowy fur all over.

Other Ildirans drained milky bloodsap from ripe pods, collecting every drop and passing it along to runners, who delivered the vessels to the distillation facility, where the potent liquid drug would be preserved in its raw pearlescent form.

Above the waistband, the lower set of eyesthe lensless ones that sent biorhythm signals to the structures that corresponded to the pineal gland in the human midbrainhad gone milky, signifying a new stage of endocrine changes.

Certain brutal mathematics hinted that no end was coming, that the superheated bubble would grow and grow, and within another million years, the Milky Way would have vanished, its plasmatic ash racing toward the living worlds of Andromeda.

He lighted and threw a polyhedron of milky light to Rudy, ignited another and tossed it to Aide, then passed a third to the red-haired girl.

He lighted and threw a polyhedron of milky light to Rudy, ignited another and tossed it to Alde , then passed a third to the red-haired girl.

He lighted and threw a polyhedron of milky light to Rudy, ignited another and tossed it to Alde, then passed a third to the red-haired girl.

The nearly spherical ball of Liaoning, slightly prolate, showed more and more clearly against the ubiquitous milky background.

Complex fans ramified far back inside the milky nitrogen ice, following veins of carbonaceous compounds.

Lime-green Vegan marble and yellow Argionid granite and milky, lucent silkstone from the Ghost Moon.

Sanctuaries was that of the order of the Known Universe, or the spectacle of Nature itself, surrounding the soul of the Initiate, as it surrounded it when it first descended through the planetary gates, and by the equinoctal and solstitial doors, along the Milky Way, to be for the first time immured in its prison-house of matter.

Sibilant weavers from the lakes of Banaree, where in springtime it was always milky morning, preferred calm and sparsity and empty spaces.