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metropolitan area

n. An area of population usually with a central or core city and surrounding towns or suburbs.

Metropolitan area

A metropolitan area, sometimes referred to as a metro area or just metro, is a region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated surrounding territories, sharing industry, infrastructure, and housing. A metro area usually comprises multiple jurisdictions and municipalities: neighborhoods, townships, cities, exurbs, suburbs, counties, districts, states, and even nations like the eurodistricts. As social, economic and political institutions have changed, metropolitan areas have become key economic and political regions. Metropolitan areas include one or more urban areas, as well as satellite cities, towns and intervening rural areas that are socio-economically tied to the urban core, typically measured by commuting patterns.

For urban centres outside metropolitan areas, that generate a similar attraction at smaller scale for their region, the concept of the regiopolis and respectively regiopolitan area or regio was introduced by German professors in 2006.

Usage examples of "metropolitan area".

Minutes later every police station in the metropolitan area was receiving a description of a man and instructions for every beat officer to keep an eye open, to spot but not approach, to radio back to the police station, and tail the suspect but not intervene.

While the city is now enjoying the lowest murder rate of any major metropolitan area in the countrythanks to our vigorous enforcement efforts and zero tolerance for lawbreakingthis is clearly three murders too many.

While the city is now enjoying the lowest murder rate of any major metropolitan area in the country—.

Vasco said, reminding them that although Saudi Arabia was larger than all of America east of the Mississippi, it had fewer people than the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Fourteen minutes in, Celluci began to realize that, for all they were so close to a major metropolitan area, there was a whole lot of nothing out here.

The RO at the Yard is a small office whose duty is to maintain a list of senior detectives available at short notice in the event of an urgent request to assist a police authority outside the metropolitan area.

The last major I'd absolutely, positively committed my academic energies to the semester I left school was journalism, so, on my own and without the comfortable cushion of parental financial support, I worked up a fake resume that would have been impressive for someone twice my age and applied to every newspaper in the New York metropolitan area.

Interestingly, about 80 percent of these letters had been mailed in the Washington metropolitan area.

Not only were his troops obliged to mop up the last outlying pockets of Japanese opposition but now orders had come down urging him to see to it that his men policed the metropolitan area in an attempt to quell the increasingly violent outbreaks between the Chinese and the Malays who lived constantly in an uneasy half-peace.

After a period of forty-eight hours the Horseferry Road coroner's office would receive any unidentified bodies found in the Metropolitan area, but Caffery knew the call was a token gesture - futile: the whole of London was burning over Rory Peach - he wouldn't have made it as far as Missing Persons without someone speaking to Shrivemoor.