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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Municipality \Mu*nic`i*pal"i*ty\, n.; pl. Municipalities. [Cf. F. municipalit['e].] A municipal district; a borough, city, or incorporated town or village.


n. (plural of municipality English)

Usage examples of "municipalities".

Not one of the municipalities, even Jacobin, can find any pretext which will warrant the charge of disobeying orders.

The forty thousand sovereign municipalities to which the text of the decree is read pay attention only to the first article, and the village attorney, imbued with the rights of man, easily proves to these assemblies of debtors that they owe nothing to their creditors.

What with arsenals pillaged, citadels invaded, convoys arrested, couriers stopped, letters intercepted, constant and increasing insubordination, usurpations without truce or measure, the municipalities arrogate to themselves every species of license on their own territory and frequently outside of it.

The attorneys refuse to give the municipalities any assistance, stating that they know nothing about these matters.

The municipalities, on the strength of the reports emanating from the coffee-houses, decide that the ministry are traitors.

But they have counted without the municipalities and the National Guards.

As to the ministers, who are distrusted by virtue of their office, they are still less respected than the directories, They are constantly denounced to the Assembly, while the municipalities send back their dispatches without deigning to open them,[25] and, towards the end of 1791, their increasing powerlessness ends in complete annihilation.

The same causes which render municipalities rebellious against the central authority render individuals rebellious against local authority.

Without the aid of the government of Geneva, which is willing to lend to this region eight hundred Cuttings of wheat, we should either die of starvation or be compelled to take grain by force from the municipalities which keep it to themselves.

The municipalities, which are really sovereign, repress the people more feebly, some because the latter are the bolder and themselves more timid, and others because they are more radical and always consider them in the right.

Not one of the five municipalities surrounding Chantilly is disposed to assist in the execution of the laws, while the directories of the district and department respectively, sanction their inertia.

Remonstrances of the municipalities assembled at Tostes, July 21, 1791.

And the judgment herewith rendered shall be printed to the number of one thousand copies, read, published, and posted at the expense of the said sieur de Beaumont, and duly addressed throughout the department of Lot to the districts and municipalities thereof, as well as to all societies of the Friends of the Constitution and of Liberty.

The troops are all in a state of gangrene, while all the municipalities oppose the orders they receive concerning the movements of troops.

For these reasons, whilst we provide first for the poor, and with a parental solicitude, we have not relegated religion (like something we were ashamed to show) to obscure municipalities or rustic villages.