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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ She was madam, all right, a proper little madam.
▪ How do you do, Madam?
▪ As the madam, Daly received the £10 door money.
▪ But, anyway, I said yes, because I thought I could escape from him easier than from madam.
▪ Or do you prefer whisky-and-soda, madam?
▪ She wanted to be that kind of madam.
▪ She was madam, all right, a proper little madam.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Madam \Mad"am\, n.; pl. Madams, or Mesdames. [See Madame.]

  1. A gentlewoman; -- an appellation or courteous form of address given to a lady, especially an elderly or a married lady; -- much used in the address, at the beginning of a letter, to a woman. The corresponding word in addressing a man is Sir; often abbreviated ma'am when used as a term of address.

  2. The woman who is in charge of a household.

  3. The woman who is in charge of a brothel.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, from Old French ma dame, literally "my lady," from Latin mea domina (compare madonna). Meaning "female owner or manager of a brothel" is first attested 1871.


n. 1 (non-gloss definition: A polite form of address for a woman or lady.) 2 The mistress of a household. 3 (context colloquial English) A conceited or quarrelsome girl. 4 (context slang English) A woman who runs a brothel. vb. (cx transitive English) To address as "madam".

  1. n. a woman of refinement; "a chauffeur opened the door of the limousine for the grand lady" [syn: dame, ma'am, lady, gentlewoman]

  2. a woman who runs a house of prostitution [syn: brothel keeper]


Madam , or, as French, madame or mə-dam', is a polite form of address for women, often contracted to ma'am . The abbreviation is "M" or "Mme" and the plural is mesdames (abbreviated "M" or "Mmes"). The term was borrowed from the Frenchmadame , which means "my lady".

Madam (disambiguation)

Madam may refer to:

  • Madam, a respectful title for a woman (often "Ma'am" or "Madame")
  • Madam (fashion), a Japanese fashion style
  • Madame, a German fashion magazine
  • Madam-6, a psychoactive drug
  • Madam, a term for a woman who is engaged in the business of procuring (prostitution), usually the manager of a brothel
  • Madame, a puppet made famous by entertainer Wayland Flowers
  • Madame's Place, a 1982 sitcom starring Madame
  • Madam, Yemen
  • Madam, an English rock band
  • MADAM, an acronym for Mixed Authentication Disposition ASP.NET Module
  • Madame (2017 film)
Madam (band)

Madam is a five-piece London based band, fronted by Sukie Smith. Their music is often described as possessing a smoky, nocturnal quality with a pop sensibility that has led to comparisons to artists such as Portishead, The Velvet Underground, PJ Harvey and Cat Power, as well as more mainstream artists such as Goldfrapp and Fleetwood Mac.

The band has experienced several line-up changes since its inception, with vocalist, guitarist and principal songwriter Smith being the only constant member.

Madam (1994 film)

Madam is a 1994 Telugu, Comedy film .Chitti Babu, G.Gnaram Harish on Vijaya Chamundeswari Movies banner, presented by Rajendra Prasad and directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao. Starring Rajendra Prasad, Soundarya in the lead roles and music composed by Madhavapeddi Suresh. Mega Star Chiranjeevi & Lady Super Star Vijayashanti has given special appearance in the film. The film recorded as Hit at the box office.

Usage examples of "madam".

Leurs Altesses royales, dit le roi se levant, se tournant vers Mesdames et saluant.

Her husband, captain of a galley, had come to Corfu with her the year before, and madam had greatly astonished all the naval officers.

To the grief of Madam Rothsay herself, and of the beautiful charge from whom she was thus separated, this plan was at once carried out, with the result that Mahng was restored to his followers.

He directed the cavalcade of cars and large autobuses while birds chirped merrily in the trees on that sunny afternoon, but the birdsong was the only merriment as perfectly groomed men and women in muted mourning colors filed past him for the funeral of Madam C.

Madam Rose had included a bar of rose-scented soap in the bandbox she had made up for Clary, but Clary thought after a day in the fields she would need something stronger.

Dubois informed us that the gentleman was the intimate friend of the Infante Don Louis, and that, believing he knew madam, he had begged to be introduced.

Madam Clement, and, without being able to utter one word, was conducted to the house of that kind benefactress, where the violence of her transports overpowered her constitution, and she sunk down upon a couch in a swoon, from which she was not easily recovered.

While they amused themselves with this sort of conversation, the physician returned with the coach, and accompanied them back to their inn, where he left them to their repose, after having promised to call again at noon, and conduct Renaldo to the house of Madam Clement, the benefactress of Monimia, to whom he eagerly desired to be introduced.

I got the bezoar down his throat and his breathing eased up a bit, Slughorn ran for help, McGonagall and Madam Pomfrey turned up, and they brought Ron up here.

Losing no time, Blinky raced back to the lucky-dip, just in time to find all the customers opening the parcels that Madam Hare had kicked out.

Curling himself up in a corner Blinky decided to have a sleep, as chasing Madam Hare and fighting Mrs Flying Fox had made him very tired.

Muscat, the madam of the bordello, had her own method of recruiting what she considered the right sort of girls.

Three ladies and two gentleman came to meet us, and one of the gentlemen said they congratulated themselves on my small mishap, since it enabled madam to offer me her house and hospitality.

A man came to the door, took my letter, and said madam should have it without fail.

It was ten days ago, on the battlefield of Carberry Hill, madam, when the infamous Bothwell had the audacity to make a public challenge in which he defied to single combat whomsoever would dare to maintain that he was not innocent of the murder of the king your husband.