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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mich \Mich\, Miche \Miche\, v. i. [OE. michen; cf. OE. muchier, mucier, to conceal, F. musser, and OHG. m[=u]hhen to waylay. Cf. Micher, Curmudgeon, Muset.] To lie hid; to skulk; to act, or carry one's self, sneakingly. [Obs. or Colloq.] [Written also meach and meech.]


alt. (context rare US dialectal obsolete English) To sneak; to skulk. vb. (context rare US dialectal obsolete English) To sneak; to skulk.

Usage examples of "meech".

Bringing the lady back would save her, maybe, but what of Loey, Gydo, Meech and Saefas?

There was no need for Meech to strip his doll of hair when buttons, buckles, food, coins and scraps of leather and cloth littered the road.

Kel thought of Meech and twisted her ring of bright red yarn, wanting to scream with impatience.

They trotted down as quickly and quietly as Meech had, though a few wept silently: Kel saw the glitter of tears in the faint torchlight.

Bartholomew Meech feel creepily cold in the brightly lit R Quantum Neutrino Mechanics world headquarters.

CLEAR I was the only one, thanks to years of research into obscure myths and folklore, who could have saved poor Rick Meech, my friend and neighbor.

It was then I heard about Jim Meech having started to deliver his potatoes.

Once more he had that compelling quality which had constrained us all in the matter of Jim Meech and the canaries.

What was it Meech said when a guy left the rangers to marry some woman?

It had only taken a few weeks for Meecher to realize that he missed the dog a hell of a lot more than he did his wife.

The only view the balcony offered was of the monolithic Dream Date building across the street, but for Meecher and his dog, it would be enough.

Meech was the pastor of the Hard-Shell Baptist Church in Clayton, and if his domestic economy was a matter of open gossip, there was no question concerning the fact of his learning.