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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mich \Mich\, Miche \Miche\, v. i. [OE. michen; cf. OE. muchier, mucier, to conceal, F. musser, and OHG. m[=u]hhen to waylay. Cf. Micher, Curmudgeon, Muset.] To lie hid; to skulk; to act, or carry one's self, sneakingly. [Obs. or Colloq.] [Written also meach and meech.]


vb. To skulk; to cower.

Usage examples of "meach".

Primero Meach lowered his voice, swept his flinty gaze across his comrades.

But Primero Meach was relying on his assessment, recommendations, and ability to act independently.

Primero Meach had already recalled the heavy perimeter battle groups, and soon all that League Armada firepower would pose a serious challenge to the robot warships.

By wiping out Primero Meach and the Militia command structure, the cymeks had put him temporarily in charge.

Thanks to the disaster that had killed Primero Meach, Xavier Harkonnen was interim commander of the Salusan Militia, which forced him to face larger issues.

Great good gods, man, that makes you worse than those meaching priests back in Targheiden!