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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ But young male bullfinches, or zebra finches, are much more flexible.
▪ The conversation continued, punctuated by the Frenchtaxicab calls of zebra finches.
▪ A zebra finch will not sing unless there is sufficient testosterone in its blood.
▪ Insofar as a zebra finch can be said to have a mind, the hormone is a mind-altering drug.
▪ A purple finch sings ebulliently for hours.
▪ But there are a few exceptions in the seed-eating species like finches and buntings.
▪ He waxed vehement about dinosaurs and extinction, about continental drift and the good old Galapagos finch.
▪ In fact, Darwin initially distinguished only six of Gould's eventual 13 separate forms as members of the finch family.
▪ Most of the finches die and, at once, selection sets to work.
▪ The ash seeds will probably again attract finch flocks, but I have not seen the squirrels feeding on them.
▪ The baby robins, scrub jays, finches, sparrows and starlings opened their mouths wide in anticipation.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Finch \Finch\ (f[i^]nch), n.; pl. Finches (f[i^]nch"[e^]z). [AS. finc; akin to D. vink, OHG. fincho, G. fink; cf. W. pinc a finch; also E. spink.] (Zo["o]l.) A small singing bird of many genera and species, belonging to the family Fringillid[ae].

Note: The word is often used in composition, as in chaffinch, goldfinch, grassfinch, pinefinch, etc.

Bramble finch. See Brambling.

Canary finch, the canary bird.

Copper finch. See Chaffinch.

Diamond finch. See under Diamond.

Finch falcon (Zo["o]l.), one of several very small East Indian falcons of the genus Hierax.

To pull a finch, to swindle an ignorant or unsuspecting person. [Obs.] ``Privily a finch eke could he pull.''

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

common European bird, Old English finc "finch," from Proto-Germanic *finkiz "finch" (cognates: Middle Low German and Middle Dutch vinke, Dutch vink, Old High German finco, German Fink), perhaps imitative of the bird's note (compare Breton pint "chaffinch," Russian penka "wren").


n. Any bird of the family Fringillidae, seed-eating passerine birds, native chiefly to the Northern Hemisphere and usually having a conical beak. vb. To hunt for finches, to go finching.


n. any of numerous small songbirds with short stout bills adapted for crushing seeds


The true finches are small to medium-sized passerine birds in the familyFringillidae. Finches have stout conical bills adapted for eating seeds and often have colourful plumage. They occupy a great range of habitats where they are usually resident and do not migrate. They have a worldwide distribution except for Australia and the polar regions.

Many birds in other families are also commonly called "finches", including some species in the very similar-looking waxbills or estrildid finches (family Estrildidae) of the Old World tropics and Australia; several groups of the bunting and American sparrow family ( Emberizidae); and the Darwin's finches of the Galapagos islands, now considered members of the tanager family (Thraupidae).

Finch (Dutch band)

Finch (1974–1978) was a Dutch progressive rock group that continued to be known internationally years after their final concert on 14 November 1978 at the World Forum Convention Center in The Hague.

Finch (TTC)

Finch is the northern terminus subway station of the Yonge Street section of Line 1 Yonge–University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located under Yonge Street north of Finch Avenue.

Finch is the busiest TTC bus terminal and the sixth-busiest subway station, serving around people per day. The station connects with other transit agencies at the adjoining Finch Bus Terminal.

Finch (disambiguation)

A finch is a passerine bird, often seed-eating, found chiefly in the northern hemisphere and Africa.

Finch may also refer to:

Finch (EP)

Finch is the self-titled second EP by American post-hardcore band Finch. It was released digitally on July 22, 2008 and was due to be released in Hot Topic stores nationwide on July 29, 2008. However, due to manufacturing issues the physical release date was pushed back to August 1, 2008. It is the first release since the band's hiatus in 2006.

Finch (album)

Finch is an EP by American five-piece indie rock band Murder by Death. Although the band's fourth album, 2008's Red of Tooth and Claw, was released on the Vagrant label, Finch's October 7, 2009 release was on Tent Show Records, Murder by Death's record label in the EastWest family of labels.

Finch (novel)

Finch is Jeff VanderMeer's third novel set in the Ambergris universe. Written in the noir style of detective novels, it stands alone, while referencing characters and events from the earlier City of Saints and Madmen and Shriek: An Afterword.

Finch (surname)

Finch is a popular surname. Finch was also the surname of the Earls of Winchilsea and Nottingham (now Finch-Hatton) and Earls of Aylesford (now Finch-Knightley).

Finch (American band)

Finch is an American post-hardcore band from Temecula, California. The band released an EP Falling Into Place and two full-length albums, What It Is to Burn and Say Hello to Sunshine before declaring a hiatus in 2006. Finch reformed in 2007, playing a reunion show on November 23 at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California. They released a self-titled EP a year later, and were in the process of writing their third studio album when they disbanded in late 2010. After playing a group of shows commemorating the ten-year anniversary of What It Is to Burn in 2012, Finch signed with Razor & Tie in 2014 and revealed that they were working on a new studio album. The album was titled Back to Oblivion and released on September 30, 2014.

Finch (Australian band)

Finch were an Australian hard and pub rock band, initially forming as Stillwater in 1972. By 1973 they had changed their name with the line-up of Peter McFarlane on drums, Owen Orford on lead vocals, Bob Spencer on lead guitar, and Tony Strain on bass guitar. They won a 2SM/ Pepsi Pop Poll, earning a contract with Picture Records to release their debut single, "And She Sings" in January 1974. Their first album, Thunderbird, appeared in May 1976. In March of the following year Spencer left to join Skyhooks and the group went through various line-ups to settle with McFarlane and Orford joined by Mark Evans (ex AC/DC) on bass guitar. Their second album, Nothing to Hide, was issued in March 1978. Upon attempting to enter the international market they changed their name to Contraband by October that year. They issued a self-titled album in May of the next year but disbanded later in 1979.

Finch (Kent cricketer)

Finch (first name and dates unknown) was an English first-class cricketer who was active in the 1780s. He played for Kent and was recorded playing for Kent against Hampshire at Windmill Down in July 1786, scoring 0 and 2.

Finch (software)

Finch is an open-source console-based instant messaging client, based on the libpurple library. Libpurple has support for many commonly used instant messaging protocols, allowing the user to log in to various services from one application. Finch uses GLib and ncurses.

Finch supports OTR via a libpurple plugin.

Usage examples of "finch".

Candela and Finch offices last Friday evening, part of the bicentenary celebrations.

CITRONELLA AND STEGOMYIA WE were talking about famous love affairs the other evening, and Fothergil Finch said he was thinking of writing a ballad about Citronella and Stegomyia.

Our Hermy attended as Psyche -- She siked and she got it across And Fothergil Finch, rather gaumy With Cosmic cosmetics, was there, But the Swami went just as the Swami, After oiling the kinks in his hair.

This ferocious killer was actually descended from finches, another widespread generalist survivor of the human catastrophe.

Exquisite tiny finches whirred and wheeled, so did sparrows and starlings, and the strong brown kingfishers called kookaburras laughed and chuckled gleefully or dived for snakes, their favorite food.

But Heru was not there and little I cared for twittering finches or sighing damsels.

Sword, bicycle, mandolin fragments, Guillaume, Finch, Smetana, Ralph, the audience, Kuukkinen, Claude the Plonk, Dreznik, Fred, Gillian.

For my acquaintance with Voke Easeley and his new art, I am indebted to Fothergil Finch.

It should, however, be borne in mind that, owing to few animals breeding freely under confinement, few experiments have been fairly tried: for instance, the canary-bird has been crossed with nine other finches, but as not one of these nine species breeds freely in confinement, we have no right to expect that the first crosses between them and the canary, or that their hybrids, should be perfectly fertile.

The best that one can say is that the brewery is basically still trading at a profit, and while it still has the services of Desmond Finch and the present brewmaster, it should go on doing so.

Morden has done a marvellous job, but she says the future depends greatly on keeping the services of your present brewmaster and on the managing energies of Desmond Finch.

Just below the lookout, two blue-winged palts dove at a flock of red-shafted, shivering finches.

Finch, Maudie Atkinson told me you broke down her scuppernong arbor this morning.

Finch had included a subliminal tape on half-hitches and sheepshanks, and that there were some way to lock the boat.

While I wondered what would bring so many together thus early, there came a sound of flutes--for these people can do nothing without piping like finches in a thicket in May--and from the storehouses half-way over to the harbour there streamed a line of carts piled high with provender.