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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ And me mam found some gear and burnt foil and that was it.
▪ And you shouldn't have waded straight in with your boots on, telling her you couldn't find her mam.
▪ His mam was dying of some rare disease which no doctor could cure and always, but always, proved fatal.
▪ I was living with my mam in a council house.
▪ Me mam must have known something was up, but she didn't really click what it was.
▪ The neighbours don't have nothing to do with me and I only see me mam once a week or so.
▪ Your mam, you now, she wouldn't believe but that I was swinging the lead all those years.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Mam \Mam\ (m[a^]m), n. [Abbrev. fr. mamma.] Mamma.


n. (context informal and colloquial English) Diminutive of mother.


Mam or MAM may refer to:

  • Mam language, a Mayan language spoken in Guatemala
  • Mam people, an indigenous Maya people in Guatemala
  • Mam, a reverential term for certain aged deities in Maya mythology
  • Mam, a village in Azerbaijan
  • Mam Jokmok, Thai comedian
  • Mam, a British short film
  • Isle of Mam, a phantom island
  • Mam, the word for mother in Irish and Welsh
    • the related English diminutive in some British and Irish dialects
    • Welsh Mam, an archetypal matriarch in Wales
Mam (Maya mythology)

Mam 'grandfather' or 'grandson', is a pan-Mayan kinship term as well as a term of respect referring to ancestors and deities. In Classic period inscriptions, the word mam appears to be used mainly to introduce the name of a grandfather, grandson, or ancestor, often a king. Ethnographically, Mam refers to several aged Maya deities:

  • (i) In Kekchi-speaking Belize, 'Mam' is a general designation for the mountain spirits; four Mams were specifically associated with the four corners of the earth.
  • (ii) In the Kekchi-speaking Alta Verapaz of Guatemala, one of the Mams is a greatly feared mountain spirit associated with earthquakes and inundations. An image of this Mam was apparently buried during the Holy Week.
  • (iii) Among the Huaxtec Mayas ( Huastec people), the Mams or Mamlabs are earth deities; there are three or four of them, the most important one (Muxi') being the violent originator of the rainy season.
  • (iv) Among the Tzutujil Mayas of Santiago Atitlán, the Mam Maximón is a deity of merchants and travellers and of witchcraft. Assimilated to Judas, he is especially venerated during the last days of the Holy Week, and discarded afterwards.
  • (v) In 16th-century Yucatán, 'Mam' was also the designation of a straw puppet set up and venerated during the five unlucky days ( Uayeb) at the end of the year (Cogolludo), when witchcraft was thought to be prevalent; at the conclusion of this period, the straw figure was discarded.

The Mayanist J.E.S. Thompson referred to Mam (ii) as the evil Mam, an unfelicitous term redolent of Judaeo-Christian dichotomies. Thompson further believed the Mams (ii), (iv) and (v) to represent the same deity. The Mams are likely to have had their counterparts within the small Classic Maya group of aged deities consisting of God D ( Itzamna), the various representatives of God N ( Bacab), and God L.

Mam (film)

Mam is a 2010 British short film by writer Vivienne Harvey and director Hugo Speer. Produced by Vigo Films in association with South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network. It has a running time of 15 minutes.

Usage examples of "mam".

Awm his mam,-- That aw am, But awm ommost worn aght, A gooid lick Wi a stick, He just cares nowt abaght.

Mac Ard was leaning toward Maeve, his arms on the table, his hands curled around a mug of the ale, and her mam was talking.

She lifted her head, looking from Mac Ard to her mam, shimmering in the salt water that suddenly filled her eyes.

A very vegetal: discourse of state, Of mathematics, bawdry, any thing -- MAM.

Odpovedel jsem mu: I kdyby mi to tvrdil cely svet, ja, maje rozum, jaky nynf mam, nemohl bych to pfi-pustiti bez odporu svedomf.

Doire Coill, near where Mac Ard, her mam, and she had first entered the forest-less than a year ago, though it seemed that everything had changed in that time.

Yes, mam, de spider got three legs dat it sets on en de griddle, dat what I makes dese little thin kind of hoecake on.

She cried out for her Mam when they brought Mither out to the hangsman, and kicked and screamed, reaching out for her.

She was afraid that he would go to the Moister, confess, and be forbidden to see Mam again, and Mam would be left to the shame of a bastard child.

Called nuoc mam in Vietnam and nam pla in Thailand, this is a salty, fermented seasoning widely used in Southeast Asian cooking.

It was an odour that had oozed out of Pickel all his life, since the days of a childhood spent clinging to his gin-soaked Mam.

Yes, mam, if dey been catch you comin back widout dat walkin paper de boss had give you, great Jeruseleum, you would sho catch de devil next mornin.

She had taught them some manners, some fear of upsetting others, her Mam and Dad had taught them love and friendship.

Yes, mam, de Bill Greggs had a heap of slaves cause dey had my grandmammy en my granddaddy en dey had a heap of chillun.

Once when he were very young, he saw a blaek one flying over Haen Mam, or so he told me, and never could he forget the sight.