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Answer for the clue "Sauce from fish farm: am counting up bottles! ", 8 letters:
nuoc mam

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n. A fish sauce used in Vietnamese cookery.

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Usage examples of nuoc mam.

If he had just gone home to his mother's for corn tay cam and stir-fried vegetables with Nuoc Mam sauce, he might not have been home when the doorbell rang, might never have found the doll, might now be in bed, sleeping peacefully, dreaming about the Land of Bliss at the peak of fabled Mount Phi Lai, where everyone was immortal and beautiful and deliriously happy twenty-four hours every day, where everyone lived in perfect harmony and never said one cross word to anyone else and never suffered an identity crisis.

Later I'll learn it's the fish sauce nuoc mam, which the Vietnamese use on everything they eat.

The scents of manioc powder and nuoc mam, the fermented fish sauce ubiquitous in Vietnamese cuisine, wafted up from a restaurant on the ground floor.