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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a lonely hearts columnBritish English (= with advertisements for a new lover or friend)
▪ Some men place advertisements in the lonely hearts columns.
a lonely/solitary existence (=without anyone else with you)
▪ Male bears live a mostly solitary existence, away from the female and cubs.
desperately unhappy/lonely/worried etc
lonely hearts
▪ He had no brothers or sisters and a lonely childhood.
▪ It was a desperately lonely time.
▪ Back-country life in the cabins was desperately lonely, harsh, and violent.
▪ I would later be shocked to find how lonely my father was inside his own life.
▪ Barb knew firsthand how lonely that first year could be.
▪ From his manner and general reaction, however, I realized how lonely a figure he was.
▪ I can't tell you how lonely it feels, it really does.
▪ Poor little thing, she would be feeling so lonely and frightened, and Jean's kind heart went out to her.
▪ I had never felt so lonely.
▪ It's just that I get so lonely sometimes.
▪ I mean Micky just seemed so nice, so friendly and, in a strange way, so lonely.
▪ I am so lonely without you, my darling!
▪ The other Girls would talk about their families and homes which made her feel so lonely.
▪ As I said before, this was probably because he was so lonely.
▪ I've never felt so lonely in my life.
▪ But I felt very lonely and a little afraid.
▪ I suppose you must be very lonely.
▪ Q I am terribly shy and as a result, very lonely.
▪ This tiny camp in the wilderness looked very lonely, very vulnerable to the forces of nature ranged silently around it.
▪ It was more than quiet-it was deserted and very lonely.
▪ Those who want to close ranks in this fashion will find themselves very lonely, however.
▪ It was very lonely being bad.
▪ In the parking lot, surrounded by hundreds of green-clothed men milling around Greyhound buses, I felt very lonely.
▪ Such entreaties to passing travellers were not infrequent in lonely country at the time.
▪ And out there in the darkness of that lonely country road it wasn't much.
▪ His had been an isolated and lonely existence, despite the people perpetually at his side.
▪ Here someday my lonely existence will be filled with laughter.
▪ They live out their lonely existence entirely within the individual sufferer.
▪ Lost in the world of imagination, I forgot my sad, lonely existence for a while, and was happy.
▪ He met Dominique through a lonely hearts ad.
▪ I have been tempted by the lonely hearts advertisements in selected journals.
▪ He sat at his desk and took out the lonely hearts advert he had placed in the magazine a few months before.
▪ How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts ad?
▪ They talked about books, the theatre, cinema, where they lived, lonely hearts columns.
▪ It's better to keep trying to find love than to live a lonely life.
▪ That's why he lived a lonely life and locked all his doors so carefully.
▪ It is a hard, lonely life.
▪ I tried to imagine why he lived such a quiet and lonely life in this far-off place.
▪ I saw what a cold, lonely life awaited me in this country.
▪ This experience of a tight community of shared aspiration is rare in a novelist's lonely life.
▪ Her longing for death, as a result of a lonely life without her lover.
▪ Eliot was a lonely man, and Hayward was the only single person he knew with whom he could share a flat.
▪ He is a big, thick, lonely man about whom people tell stories.
▪ What a lonely man he is, she thought.
▪ Liquor is a terrible temptation to lonely men cut off from their wives, or fighting for success they can not attain.
▪ A few lonely men nursing a half-empty glass patted the floor in time to the music.
▪ In it there lived a lonely man.
▪ The Major was a lonely man.
▪ The general was a lonely man in a lonely job and he had few people in whom he could confide.
▪ The build up to their meeting with its false starts and lonely nights is the best part of this charming book.
▪ My power, my money, was payoff for a lot of lonely nights in cookie-cutter hotel rooms.
▪ Eight months of lonely nights and long days of toil.
▪ Sometimes we need Valium or Prozac to see us through lonely nights.
▪ Twice he worked for the Wellington City Mission, among the lost and lonely people of the inner city.
▪ There would not be so many lonely people in our land.
▪ Over the last three years, our volunteers have provided much love and care to many hurt and lonely people.
▪ In a world of lonely people the demand is inexhaustible.
▪ Women in lonely places are there more in the dark than at any other time of the year.
▪ Truth be told, the Web is sort of a lonely place.
▪ It was a wild and lonely place.
▪ The final third of the old course was a lonely place for runners.
▪ I could not see the boy, and there was nothing else in that lonely place.
▪ The disturbance and fear men with guns cause spoils the tranquillity of wild lonely places for both birds and bird watchers.
▪ She glanced into the rear-view mirror, convinced that hers was the only car on this lonely road.
▪ They remind you of a bunch of schoolboys wandering down a lonely road, kicking a ball along.
▪ Yet Masterkova proved to be the only one to persist throughout her career on that lonely road.
▪ Passersby in Los Angeles left snapdragons on the lonely road where Ennis Cosby was slain by an unknown gunman.
▪ Or she might call them from a telephone box on a lonely road.
▪ I've got a long lonely road home in front of me.
▪ I saw no one on the long lonely road home, and the only enemy that attacked me was the midges.
▪ It was a lonely spot, and no-one would know for a few days.
▪ They retreated to keep under cover in some dark lonely spot.
▪ Despite cutting back the undergrowth to keep routes open, footpads and other outlaws haunted most lonely stretches of road.
▪ Do you have to cross lonely stretches of ground between your home and the bus stop or railway station?
▪ This time a thirty-year-old schoolteacher cycling home to Hunstanton who had a puncture on a lonely stretch of road.
lonely hearts club/column/ad
▪ He met Dominique through a lonely hearts ad.
▪ How would you describe yourself in a lonely hearts ad?
▪ They talked about books, the theatre, cinema, where they lived, lonely hearts columns.
plough a lonely/lone furrow
▪ Jay was never lonely with Nurse Dees nearby.
▪ Our neighbor George is a very lonely man.
▪ She left me at a lonely crossroads.
▪ Tammy felt very lonely when she first arrived in New York.
▪ Audrey got on well with the other student, and felt that without her she might have been lonely.
▪ He would never be sure, but for a split second he fancied he saw Hudson watching him, lonely and lost.
▪ Philip was not allowed to be lonely.
▪ Studies have consistently reported that the vast majority of older people, approximately 95 percent, never feel lonely.
▪ To prepare them to go into a world that does seem pretty lonely and unkind and cold.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lonely \Lone"ly\, a. [Compar. Lonelier; superl. Loneliest.]

  1. Sequestered from company or neighbors; solitary; retired; as, a lonely situation; a lonely cell.

  2. Alone, or in want of company; forsaken.

    To the misled and lonely traveler.

  3. Not frequented by human beings; as, a lonely wood.

  4. Having a feeling of depression or sadness resulting from the consciousness of being alone; lonesome.

    I am very often alone. I don't mean I am lonely.
    --H. James.

    Syn: Solitary; lone; lonesome; retired; unfrequented; sequestered; secluded.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, "solitary, lone," from lone + -ly (1). Meaning "dejected for want of company" is from 181

  1. Lonely heart (n.) "a lonely-hearted person" is from 192

  2. Lonely hearted (adj.) is attested from 1820.


a. unhappy because of feelings of loneliness.

  1. adj. lacking companions or companionship; "he was alone when we met him"; "she is alone much of the time"; "the lone skier on the mountain"; "a lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel"; "a lonely soul"; "a solitary traveler" [syn: alone(p), lone(a), lonely(a), solitary]

  2. marked by dejection from being alone; "felt sad and lonely"; "the loneliest night of the week"; "lonesome when her husband is away"; "spent a lonesome hour in the bar" [syn: lonesome]

  3. separated from or unfrequented by others; remote or secluded; "a lonely crossroads"; "a solitary retreat"; "a trail leading to an unfrequented lake" [syn: lonely(a), solitary, unfrequented]

  4. enjoyed or performed alone; "a lonely existence"; "his lonely room"; "took a solitary walk"; "enjoyed her solitary dinner"; "solitary pursuits such as reading" [syn: lonely(a), solitary]

  5. [also: loneliest, lonelier]


Lonely may refer to:

  • Loneliness, a complex and usually unpleasant emotional response to isolation or lack of companionship
  • "Lonely" (2NE1 song), 2011
  • "Lonely" (Akon song), 2005
  • "Lonely" (Hyolyn song)
  • "Lonely" (Julian Lennon song)
  • "Lonely" (Mao Abe song)
  • "Lonely" (Medina song)
  • "Lonely" (Merril Bainbridge song), 1998
  • "Lonely" (Nana song)
  • "Lonely" (Ne-Yo song)
  • "Lonely" (Peter Andre song)
  • "Lonely" (Praga Khan song)
  • "Lonely" (Shannon Noll song), 2006
  • "Lonely" (Sharon Sheeley song)
  • "Lonely" (Tracy Lawrence song)
  • Lonely (Spica EP)
  • Lonely (EP) by Frente! (1994)
  • "Lonely", a 2005 song by Líbido from the album Lo Último que Hable Ayer
  • "Lonely", a 2007 song by Bon Jovi from the album Lost Highway
  • "Lonely", a 2009 song by Foreigner from the album Can't Slow Down
  • "Lonely", a 1988 song by Crimson Glory from the album Transcendence
  • "Lonely", a 1973 song by Tom Waits from the album Closing Time
  • "Lonely", a 2013 song by Danny Brown from the album Old
  • "Lonely (Amy's Theme)", a 1967 song by Lovin' Spoonful from the album You're a Big Boy Now
Lonely (Akon song)

"Lonely" (also known as "Mr. Lonely") is a song by Senegalese-American R&B and hip hop singer Akon; it appears on his debut album, Trouble. The single was released in 2005 and was his first worldwide hit. It reached number one in several countries, including in the United Kingdom and Germany (where it stayed there for eight weeks), and Australia. It was also highly popular in France where it reached number two, and in the United States when it peaked at #4. An edited version was on Radio Disney and on Radio Disney Jams, Vol. 8.

Lonely (Mao Abe song)

is Japanese singer-songwriter Mao Abe's fourth physical single, released on June 9, 2010. Unlike her previous singles and albums, this release is only released in one version.

Lonely (Medina song)

"Lonely" is a song by Danish electropop singer Medina from her international debut album Welcome to Medina. It was released as album's second single on 3 September 2010 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Co-written by American singer Terri Bjerre, the song is an English version of "Ensom", which was released as the third single from Medina's second Danish studio album on 2 November 2009 in Denmark.

Lonely (Sharon Sheeley song)

"Lonely" is a song written by Sharon Sheeley and recorded by Eddie Cochran. It was recorded in May 1958 and released posthumously as a single on Liberty F-55278 in August 1960. In the UK the single rose to number 41 on the charts. The U.S. release did not chart. The flip side, "Sweetie Pie", reached number 38 on the UK Singles chart.

Lonely (2NE1 song)

"Lonely" is the second single by South Korean girl group 2NE1 from their 2011 extended play, 2NE1. Later that year, a Japanese version of the song was released and was included on their first Japanese EP Nolza. A short version of the music video was uploaded through 2NE1's official YouTube account.

Lonely (Tracy Lawrence song)

"Lonely" is a song written by Robin Lee Bruce and Roxie Dean, and recorded by American country music artist Tracy Lawrence. It was released in May 2000 as the second single from the album Lessons Learned. The song reached #18 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart.

Lonely (Shannon Noll song)

"Lonely" was the fourth single from Shannon Noll's second album Lift. Co-written by Noll, the single was released on 26 August 2006

With the release of the single, Noll created Australian ARIA chart history, becoming the first artist to have his first eight single releases reach the Top 10 since the charts induction in 1988 (a record which Noll broke himself following the release of his single with Natalie Bassingthwaighte, " Don't Give Up").

"Lonely" proved to be extremely popular on radio, where it followed the long list of Noll's singles to reach number one on the Australian Airplay Chart. On the high-rating 2DayFM "Hot 30" countdown, it spent a record-breaking total of 73 nights in the countdown.

The single's video was directed by Anthony Rose. The clip was shot in Sydney at the Star City Showroom as a live clip during his "Now I Run" tour in July 2006. The video follows Noll in his hotel room and travelling in the streets in a cab on his way to the gig.

The single features an acoustic version of Noll's previous single "Now I Run".

Lonely (Merril Bainbridge song)

"Lonely" is a pop song written by Merril Bainbridge and Owen Bolwell, produced by Siew for Bainbridge's second album Between the Days (1998). It was released as the album's first single in Australia in April 1998 and the United States and Japan in August 1998 (see 1998 in music) as a CD single. The bridge of the song samples the lyrics from the nursery rhyme " Georgie Porgie".

The song made its debut to the Australian ARIA Singles Chart at number seventy-four, making the song Bainbridge's fifth song to reach the top one hundred. On its second week it fell three places to seventy-seven but by the next week the song jumped nine places to sixty-eight and after six weeks of being in the chart it broke the top fifty at number forty-eight. After two weeks of being in the top fifty the song peaked at its peak position in Australia at number forty, then dropping out of the top fifty the next week. The song spent a total of three weeks in the top fifty and seventeen weeks in the top one hundred.

It was not Bainbridges biggest hit in the U.S. or Japan, only peaking on the U.S. Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart at number eighteen and spending four weeks in the chart and it debuted and peaked at number twenty-five in Japan.

Lonely (Nana song)

"Lonely" is a song recorded by the German artist Nana. It was released in April 1997 as the second single from his debut album Nana. The song reached number-one in Germany and Switzerland. It also reached the top 5 in Austria, Denmark, and Norway.

Lonely (Spica EP)

Lonely is the second mini album by South Korean girl group Spica. It was released on November 21, 2012 by B2M Entertainment. The song of the same name was used as the title track for the album.

Lonely (EP)

Lonely is the fourth extended play by Australian alternative rock group Frente!. It was released in Australia in May 1994. It peaked at number 7 on the ARIA Charts and was certified gold.

Usage examples of "lonely".

They all shuffle, all these strange lonely children of God, these mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives whose noisy aberrations are safely muffled now by drugs.

It may be a world captured from afara lonely wanderer cast off from some other star, captured by the Sun after millions of years of drifting lightless through space.

Prime, the first ever to be born on Altair, an exceptionally unique Prime, more talented, more powerful, more agoraphobic, more lonely, than any other Prime yet known in the Nine Star League.

Lonely Hearts Club Band, they went for the ultimate reduction: The Beatles, an album title that, oddly enough, they had not used before.

Nevertheless it is a good piece of travel, and anyone who will undertake it will see Louviers and will pass Anet, where the greatest work of the Renaissance once stood, and will go through lonely but rich pastures until at last he gets to Chartres by the right gate.

Bonaparte As he with other figures foots his reel, Until he twitch him into his lonely grave: Also regard the frail ones that his flings Have made gyrate like animalcula In tepid pools.

He wanted to destroy them all, so that he would feel less lonely, and, in order to penetrate this absence with his annihilating presence, he left the jeep behind at a forgotten township where a green track ended and an ancient whisky priest sat all day in the ruins of a forsaken church brewing fire-water from wild bananas and keening the stations of the cross.

Zarth Arn chose this lonely spot on the planet, simply so that his secret experiments would not be disturbed.

It must be lonely indeed without the music and practicing noises, very unwise to have an Offshoot who fills the aural environment too.

First, in huge type right across the page, was the brief statement that The Avenger had now committed his ninth crime, and that he had chosen quite a new locality, namely, the lonely stretch of rising ground known to Londoners as Primrose Hill.

All I do know is sometimes I get lonely, Lady Azar, so lonely I crave the life I had with Primus.

Now for a naked man, with a knife, and bedabbled with blood, to address a young woman on a lonely moor is a delicate business.

I, the daughter of the man who had done so much to put these poor lonely spirits into the Beyond, should be made their sole channel of reunion with their bereaved and sorrowing adorers?

Christian duty to visit with those who are lonely and bereft in their time of need.

You told me that you wanted a wife--well, a companion really, and I thought that you were lonely and--and just wanted--well, a companion, like I said, but of course you wanted to forget Beyke, and then she turned up and you could have married her after all.