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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Loadstone \Load"stone`\, Lodestone \Lode"stone\, n. [Load, lode + stone.] (Min.) A piece of magnetite, a magnetic iron ore, possessing polarity like a magnetic needle, having the power to attract as well as to be attracted magnetically. See Magnetite.


Lodestone \Lode"stone`\, n. (Min.) Same as Loadstone.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"magnetically polarized oxide of iron," 1510s, literally "way-stone," from lode + stone (n.). So called because it was used to make compass magnets to guide mariners. Figurative use from 1570s.


n. 1 A naturally occurring magnet. 2 (context obsolete English) The mineral magnetite.


n. a permanent magnet consisting of magnetite that possess polarity and has the power to attract as well as to be attracted magnetically [syn: loadstone]


A lodestone is a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite. They are naturally-occurring magnets, which can attract iron. The property of magnetism was first discovered in antiquity through lodestones. Pieces of lodestone, suspended so they could turn, were the first magnetic compasses, and their importance to early navigation is indicated by the name lodestone, which in Middle English means 'course stone' or 'leading stone', from the now-obsolete meaning of lode as ‘journey, way’.

Lodestone is one of the few minerals that is found naturally magnetized. Magnetite is black or brownish-black, with a metallic luster, a Mohs hardness of 5.5–6.5 and a black streak.

Lodestone (comics)

Lodestone is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

Lodestone (disambiguation)

A lodestone is a naturally magnetized piece of the mineral magnetite.

Lodestone may also refer to:

Usage examples of "lodestone".

There was no unifying principle to align them in space as the magnetic domains align in a piece of lodestone.

It was the lodestone for both of them, and unless Asterion had also somehow managed to keep Genvissa-reborn away from the city, William knew she would be there, somewhere.

She focused on the one goblin, on its helmet, as she held before her a black, rough-edged stone, magnetite, or lodestone, by name.

Her gaze focused on the lodestone, the magnetite, the stone she had used against Markwart, the damning piece of evidence that would surely seal her doom should she ever go to trial.

Ecclesiastical or seigniorial, its charge is ubiquitous, as though gold held the power of lodestones.

Still, his loyalties to his Archmage meant a different lodestone from mine governed his course, I reminded myself.

Once that one was established, others could follow, as if the path between the two worlds acted to other rifts like a lodestone to metal.

Like a lodestone attracting iron filings, these two had drawn the more amorally ambitious middies toward them.

His pale lodestone eyes compelled her, like the moon silently controlling the tides.

She did instinctively bring her sword across, and with hardly a conscious effort, sent her fears into Defender, a sword so named because of the line of small magnetites, lodestones, set into its guard.

In that undertime, drawn by the crimson line like an iron filing to a lodestone, the thin black curtain seemed to fade into dark translucence.

A foolish reason, yet those gates drew him as a lodestone drew iron filings.

He still suspected threads, soundless air-puffings, surreptitious joggings of the board from below, powerful beetles under the counters, and hidden magnets—for Gwaay's pieces at least could by their color be some sort of lodestone.

Dark lodestones were set in a circular pattern about a gray hematite that was placed directly over Aydrian’s heart.

But the prince did not understand the enchantment of the lodestones set in Aydrian’s shining breastplate.