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loaded down
  1. adj. heavily burdened with work or cares; "bowed down with troubles"; "found himself loaded down with responsibilities"; "overburdened social workers"; "weighed down with cares" [syn: bowed down(p), loaded down(p), overburdened, weighed down(p)]

  2. bearing a physically heavy weight or load; "tree limbs burdened with ice"; "a heavy-laden cart"; "loaded down with packages" [syn: burdened, heavy-laden]

Usage examples of "loaded down".

A donkey followed, loaded down with cases of 5-0 Chinese armor-piercing bullets.

The room where I stood boasted rosewood wainscotting, mahogany ceiling beams, a wall of bookshelves loaded down, and furniture for entertaining a platoon.

The Keldara were loaded down with ammo vests, body armor and helmets, ready for a solid fight.

She was as loaded down as a camel, but once she joined up with the other women the stuff would get distributed.

So Hunter had loaded down his F-16XL with a gaggle of munitions and weapons and joined the fray.

Dwight and Shaw approached, loaded down with luggage and looking uncomfortable at the naked emotional display of the women.

The working party returned shortly loaded down with a couple of dozen bulky packages.

The orderly reappeared loaded down with bundles which he dumped on the deck.

Ten minutes later Pitt returned from the house loaded down with a small box of food and ten blankets.