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The Collaborative International Dictionary

heavy-laden \heavy-laden\ adj.

  1. burdened by cares.

    Syn: care-laden.

  2. bearing a heavy load; as, the heavy-laden trucks wore deep ruts in the unpaved road.

    Syn: burdened, laden, weighed down.

  1. adj. burdened by cares; "all ye that labor and are heavy-laden"-Matt.11:28 [syn: care-laden]

  2. bearing a physically heavy weight or load; "tree limbs burdened with ice"; "a heavy-laden cart"; "loaded down with packages" [syn: burdened, loaded down]

Usage examples of "heavy-laden".

One of the Barkers was pushing a wheelbarrow that, because it was heavy-laden with libels, kept getting stuck in the muck.

It was then that the scream smote his ears, bouncing from wall to wall of the tiny vale, startling the drinking pony, who threw up his outsize head, snorting through wide-flared nostrils, though he was too tired and heavy-laden to bolt.

While each day Taran rallied followers in greater numbers, Coll, Gurgi, and Eilonwy helped load carts with gear and provisions, a task by no means to the liking of the Princess, who was more eager to gallop from one Commot to the next than she was to plod beside the heavy-laden wagons.