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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pharos \Pha"ros\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ?, fr. ? an island in the Bay of Alexandria, where king Ptolemy Philadelphus built a famous lighthouse.] A lighthouse or beacon for the guidance of seamen.

He . . . built a pharos, or lighthouse.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

as a word for a lighthouse, 1550s, in reference to the island of Pharos off the coast of Alexandria, on which Ptolemy Philadelphius built a mighty lighthouse.


n. An ancient lighthouse or beacon to guide sailors.


n. a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships [syn: beacon, lighthouse, beacon light]


Pharos may refer to:

Pharos (album)

Pharos is an album by the experimental ambient group Seti, which was released in 1995.

Pharos (horse)

Pharos (April 4, 1920 – April 30, 1937) was a British bred Thoroughbred racehorse and a Leading sire in Great Britain & Ireland.

Usage examples of "pharos".

Then the emperor Constantine acquired the cloth and brought it here, where it was first in the church of the Blachernae, then in Saint Sophia, then in the chapel of the Pharos.

And therewithall he brought forth a certaine young man cloathed in linnen rayment, having on his feet a paire of pantofiles, and his crowne shaven, who kissed his hands and knees, saying, O priest have mercy, have mercy I pray thee by the Celestiall Planets, by the Powers infernall, by the vertue of the naturall elements, by the silences of the night, by the building of Swallows nigh unto the towne Copton, by the increase of the floud Nilus, by the secret mysteries of Memphis, and by the instruments and trumpets of the Isle Pharos, have mercy I say, and call to life this dead body, and make that his eyes which he closed and shut, may be open and see.

Let them be deceived into thinking the city something more than what their Baedekers said it was: a Pharos long gone to earthquake and the sea: picturesque but faceless Arabs.

It will trigger an epidemic so virulent it will take out Pharos, Pella, Leynart, most of their household, and a sizable portion of the population of Kymil in the most innocent possible fashion, coincidentally leaving our cleanhanded and horrified Cerdic with Regency over his imbecile uncle.

Fafhrd and the Mouser thought of Karnak and its obelisks, of the Pharos lighthouse, of the Acropolis, of the Ishtar Gate in Babylon, of the ruins of Khatti, of the Lost City of Ahriman, of those doomful mirage-towers that seamen see where are Scylla and Charybdis.

I told him the idea about the electrical nature of the Pharos mutational filter, and gave him a neat chain of hences and therefores leading him through the possible electrosensitivity of the triggers to the possibility of throwing the triggers out of kilter using magnets.

They helped the High Mage Pharos fuse the genies into the Great Red Crystal that still hovers in the air.

The elderly majordomo ushered in the Prince Regent Pharos Destramor, Heir to the Empire and its de facto ruler, small and dainty as ever in his goldlaced black velvet and leaning on the arm of the prettiest teenaged boy Joanna had ever seen.

I let him have his head for a while, because I knew full well that whatever I weaselled out of him as regarded the actual situation on Pharos would come accompanied by a torrent of cant and commentary.