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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

monetary unit of Bulgaria, introduced 1881, literally "lion" (see leu).


n. The currency of Bulgaria, divided into 100 stotinki

  1. n. the basic unit of money in Bulgaria

  2. [also: leva (pl)]


Lev or LEV may refer to:

LEV (cable system)

LEV is a submarine telecommunications cable system in the Mediterranean Sea linking Italy, Cyprus and Israel.

It has landing points in:

  1. Mazara del Vallo, Province of Trapani, Sicily, Italy
  2. Yeroskipou near Paphos, Cyprus
  3. Tel Aviv, Israel

Terrestrial section (Shown in blue) to:

4. Catania, Sicily, Italy

It has a design transmission capacity of 20 Gbit/s, starting operation at 5 Gbit/s and a total cable length of 2,600 km. It started operation in March 1999.

The cable consists of a cable with 2 fiber pairs. Each fiber pair has the initial design capacity of 8 wavelengths of around 1550 nm wavelength, which capable to carrying traffic at a data rate of 2.5 Gbit/s each.

The landing points are arranged in a ring, where each 2 landing points have exactly one fiber pair connecting them.

The system today serves mainly as a backup system to the newer and higher-capacity MedNautilus cable system.

Lev (political party)
For the contemporary party headed by Ovadia Fatkhov, see Lev LaOlim

Lev (, lit Heart) was a short-lived political faction in Israel, existing for only several minutes during the 15th Knesset on 6 November 2002.

Usage examples of "lev".

Jhana Meniskos announced that it was a performance by Onoma Verite, the latest discovery by Lev Korchnoi and the Mobius Caduceus music collective.

Madame Houssu se leva et ayant pris une fiole en verre blanc, elle sortit pendant que Raphaelle defaisant son chapeau et sa robe--une robe de Worth,--les accrochait a un clou, entre deux casseroles.

Old Law, once a year, entered into the Holy of Holies with the blood of a he-goat and a calf, as laid down, Lev.

As to the unity of this sacrifice, it was foreshadowed in the Law in that, once a year, the high-priest of the Law entered into the Holies, with a solemn oblation of blood, as set down, Lev.

For Tatya, Irina and Nadya, she bought a pretty fan, a silver-mounted enamelled necessaire, and an embroidered silk shawl respectively, and sets of silver waistcoat buttons in three different designs for Lev, Andrei, and Sasha.

Survival Class one day, five of us were sitting in the snackery of the Common Room of Lev Quad on the Fifth Level.

After Survival Class one day, five of us were sitting in the snackery of the Common Room of Lev Quad on the Fifth Level.

On the printing press, uncounted sums of Bulgarian leva and Rumanian bani and Turkish paras, all of it apparently worth something somewhere.

Elle se leva, tandis que Roger restait assis, aneanti, ecrase par ces terribles revelations.

The furniture was a scattering of shapely satinwood chairs and tables and a sofa, upholstered in pale green velvet, and a matching, elegant daybed, which Lev had ordered specially for her.

He took the forms that Leva handed him and grinned and winked down at the cadaverous Italian.

Joining me were Grigory Shcherbakov, chief of our scientific directorate, Lev Sandakchiev from Vector, and General Nikolai Urakov from Obolensk.

A small cluster of people had gathered around Doug and the chief controller: Anson, Lev Brudnoy, Professor Cardenas, even Zimmerman had come out of his lair and found his way to the control center.

She had replaced Tanya, who had been henpecking Lev before the Hadji set off.

E per concludere mi fece osservare che un esempio utile mi veniva da mio fratello maggiore, col quale lui aveva fatto leva sugli stessi argomenti di persuasione per dissuaderlo dal partecipare alla guerra nei Paesi Bassi, ma non ci era riuscito proprio perché il suo impeto giovanile era prevalso e lo aveva indotto ad arruolarsi nell'esercito, ed era stato ucciso.