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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

monetary unit of Romania, introduced 1867, literally "lion." Monetary names in the Balkans often translate as "lion" because Dutch gold coins stamped with lions circulated widely in the region in the 17c. and the word for "lion" came to be a word for "money" in some languages in the region.


n. 1 The unit of currency of Romania, equal to one hundred bani. 2 The unit of currency of Moldova, equal to one hundred bani.

  1. n. the basic unit of money in Moldova

  2. the basic unit of money in Romania

  3. [also: lei (pl)]


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Usage examples of "leu".

Il prete, col volto di bragia, stringeva col braccio destro la fanciulla e con tutta la sua forza cercava di trascinarla avanti, ad onta degli sforzi di lei per non avanzare.

Lei non crede come me, ma in questi tempi non possiamo avere tutti i medesimi principii.

Since most of the abbreviations consist of the first three letters of the name, they are not difficult to memorize: glycine gly alanine ala valine val leucine leu asparagine asp'Ntb aspartic acid asp glutamine ghrNH2 glutamic acid glu THE HUMAN BRAIN isoleucine proline phenylalanine tyrosine tryptophan serine threonine ileu pro phe tyr try ser thr lysine histidine lys his arginine methionine arg met cystine cysteine cy-S-cy-SH Of the abbreviations that are more than the first three letters of the names, ileu, asp-NH2, and ghrNH2 should be clear.

Perdy me leuer were to weeten that,(Said he) then ransome of the richest knight,Or all the good that euer yet I gat:But froward fortune, and too forward NightSuch happinesse did, maulgre, to me spight,And fro me reft both life and light attone.

Bot hit ar ladyes inno3e that leuer wer nowthe Haf the, hende, in hor holde, as I the habbe here, To daly with derely your daynte worde3, Keuer hem comfort and colen her care3, Then much of the garysoun other golde that thay hauen.

Quoth that burde to the burne, "Blame 3e disserue, Yghif 3e luf not that lyf that yghe lye nexte, Bifore alle the wy3e3 in the worlde wounded in hert, Bot if 3e haf a lemman, a leuer, that yow lyke3 better, And folden fayth to that fre, festned so harde That yow lausen ne lyst--and that I leue nouthe.