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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1843, from Hawaiian, "ornament worn about the neck or head."


Etymology 1 n. A garland of flowers in Hawaii. Etymology 2

n. (leu English)


n. flower arrangement consisting of a circular band of foliage or flowers for ornamental purposes [syn: wreath, garland, coronal, chaplet]

  1. n. the basic unit of money in Moldova

  2. the basic unit of money in Romania

  3. [also: lei (pl)]


See leu


Lei or Leis may refer to:

  • Lei, the plural form of Leu, the name of two currencies. See Romanian leu and Moldovan leu
  • Lei (garland), a Hawaiian flower necklace
  • Lei (surname), a Chinese name
  • Lei Wulong, a fictional character from the Tekken franchise
  • Lei, Italy, a town in Sardinia
  • l.e.i. (clothing company) a clothing company targeted at teenage girls

LEI may refer to:

  • Legal Entity Identification for Financial Contracts, LEI - an identification system to track all parties involved in a financial security transaction including: buyer, seller and issuing (or underlying) companies
  • LEI, the IATA Airport Code for Almería International Airport
  • Leicestershire, county in central England
  • Leicester railway station, England; National Rail station code LEI
  • Index of Leading Economic Indicators
  • LEI Wageningen UR a Dutch research institute
  • Lessico etimologico italiano, an etymological dictionary of the Italian language
  • Lotus Enterprise Integrator, a Lotus Domino software application

LEIS may refer to:

  • Low-energy ion scattering, a technique used to characterize the chemical and structural makeup of materials
Lei (garland)

Lei is a garland or wreath. More loosely defined, a lei is any series of objects strung together with the intent to be worn. The most popular concept of a lei in Hawaiian culture is a wreath of flowers presented upon arriving or leaving as a symbol of affection. This concept was popularized through tourism between the Hawaiian Islands and the continental United States in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Children and sweethearts are poetically referred to as "lei" and many ancient and modern songs and chants refer to this imagery.

Lei (surname)

Lei is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname (Léi).

Additionally, the very common Chinese surname Li is sometimes romanized as "Lei", particularly among the Macanese.

Lei (TV channel)

Lei is an Italian entertainment television channel devoted to a female audiences, owned by Digicast and carried on SKY Italia.
Launched at 9:00 PM on January 25, 2009 with the film The Women, Lei's programming includes films, TV series, debates and documentaries.

Usage examples of "lei".

Most of them risked so much by leaving good jobs with much larger variety chains to join up with a one-horse outfit run by an overactive dreamer down in Bentonvillepeople like Clarence Leis, Willard Walker, Charlie Baum, Ron Loveless, Bob Bogle, Claude Harris, Ferold Arend, Charlie Cate, Al Miles, Thomas Jefferson, Gary Reinboth.

Robin stood up, a red beanie in one hand and two leis, one pink, one yellow, in the other.

Becca watched him take off his beanie and his leis and sidle up to the bar beside a svelte young woman with titan hair halfway down her back.

She smiled and pointed at a table, the same table from Friday night, where Becca Savard sat by herself, with two paper leis around her neck and a red beanie with a yellow propeller on her head.

Il prete, col volto di bragia, stringeva col braccio destro la fanciulla e con tutta la sua forza cercava di trascinarla avanti, ad onta degli sforzi di lei per non avanzare.

Lei non crede come me, ma in questi tempi non possiamo avere tutti i medesimi principii.

Household tikis for good luck, puka shell necklaces, plastic leis, beach sand in a bottle.

The seven leis made a collar of flowers that came clear up above her ears, as she stood on at the rail.

She took the six flower leis off her head and dropped them over the side.

The six leis fell together and the wind blew them back against the side of the ship and out of sight and she did not see them light on the water.

THERE WERE NO pretty girls with leis to meet me at the Honolulu International Airport, but a greeter-type lady handed me a glass of pineapple juice when I got inside the terminal.

Why, the boys will line the rails and whistle and hoot and throw down the leis the girls gave them in town, as we come alongside.

With pastel Hawaiian leis around their necks and red felt beanies with yellow propellers on their heads.

Green retreats to behind one of the trees as beefy flannel forms with leis shedding petals, their speech grunty-foreign and unmistakably Canadian, a couple with ukuleles, spill out like ants over the sagging porch and into the yard, mill and jabber, a couple kneel by the form of the former dog.

If the otters liked the leis, the self-proclaimed deep sea otters would have liked them.