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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Apples crop up everywhere from the dinner table to our most ancient myths and legends.
▪ Sometimes nature is just as strange as ancient legends.
▪ It is said that the Wizard of Arthurian legend was born here.
▪ Pentecost is also the high feast of the Arthurian Grail legends.
▪ Could Castle Dore even challenge Tintagel as being at the root of the Arthurian legends?
▪ Many of parking's living legends were there.
▪ A living legend passed away when Ferdinando Keast died in 1891, aged 87.
▪ She found that local legends and place names corresponded accurately with the particular sector of the zodiac where they were found.
▪ She wants to discover more about the history and local legends of Melsonby.
▪ A horror descends upon the project; an old legend comes back to do the work of the innovators.
▪ We've all put the Worm down to a dusty old legend.
▪ That city had, according to legend, been destroyed in ancient times by fire from heaven.
▪ The sign bore the chilling legend Temporary Mortuary.
▪ Jean Cocteau said that history is facts which become lies and that legends are lies which become history.
▪ His stories about that night became legend.
▪ His laziness became a legend in the corridors of power.
▪ He had become a figure of legend.
▪ What Gutfreund said has become a legend at Salomon Brothers and a visceral part of its corporate identity.
▪ In time, Chagnon became a legend of ferocity in the Amazon.
▪ He had become a legend and he ensured he got the kind of treatment only a legend deserved.
▪ B, the petiole of the cotyledon was chilled as described in Fig. 1 legend, but no further treatment was applied.
▪ Sugar conformations and glycosidic rotation angles have been estimated as described in the legend to Table 1.
▪ Corral gunfight in Tombstone, Arizona, lasted a minute, and has lived in legend since 1881.
▪ Blue Mooney, a living legend in his own time.
▪ He was really living the rock star legend to the ninth degree.
▪ Their names will live in legend.
living legend
▪ one of the living legends of rhythm and blues
▪ A living legend passed away when Ferdinando Keast died in 1891, aged 87.
▪ Blue Mooney, a living legend in his own time.
▪ Many of parking's living legends were there.
rumour/legend/word has it
▪ After all, stranger things have happened: legend has it that the hooked burrs of plants inspired the invention of Velcro.
▪ And rumour has it that the big-name band will be outrageous rockers Guns N' Roses.
▪ But word has it that the Tucson Symphony is taking over the building sometime in mid-December.
▪ His name is cited in the four gospels. Legend has it that he obtained the holy grail from the last supper.
▪ It started with a cross placed along the railroad tracks, where legend has it that he was lynched.
▪ Pass the spliff, mon. Word has it the band is compelling as hell in person.
▪ This was initiated, so legend has it, when the lavatories were out of order.
▪ Turn right to the Cerne Giant viewing point. Legend has it that a real giant terrorised the locals.
Legend has it that Sarah Heln, who died in 1913, was shut alive inside a lead coffin.
▪ According to legend, the whole castle was washed into the sea.
▪ Among Mexican music fans, Fernandez is a legend.
▪ Michael Jordan is a living legend of basketball.
▪ The Legend of Prince Valiant
▪ the legend of Robin Hood
▪ the rock and roll legend Elvis Presley
▪ According to the legend, Bodhidharma fell asleep in the course of an extremely long meditation.
▪ Details of wounding are given in the legend to Table 1.
▪ His stories about that night became legend.
▪ Joey, a legend among motor-cycling fans in Ulster, has always been a man of the people.
▪ Khan had topped the field for ten years and was a legend in his sport.
▪ The guy is a legend around the plant.
▪ The media could not resist the combination of pop meeting sporting legend.
▪ To kick off the event, he invited fitness legend Jack LaLanne to cavort with the models.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Legend \Leg"end\, v. t. To tell or narrate, as a legend.
--Bp. Hall.


Legend \Leg"end\ (l[e^]j"[e^]nd or l[=e]"j[e^]nd; 277), n. [OE. legende, OF. legende, F. l['e]gende, LL. legenda, fr. L. legendus to be read, fr. legere to read, gather; akin to Gr. le`gein to gather, speak. Cf. Collect, Dialogue, Lesson, Logic.]

  1. That which is appointed to be read; especially, a chronicle or register of the lives of saints, formerly read at matins, and in the refectories of religious houses.

  2. A story respecting saints; especially, one of a marvelous nature.

  3. Any wonderful story coming down from the past, but not verifiable by historical record; a myth; a fable.

    And in this legend all that glorious deed Read, whilst you arm you.

  4. An inscription, motto, or title, esp. one surrounding the field in a medal or coin, or placed upon an heraldic shield or beneath an engraving or illustration.

    Golden legend. See under Golden.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "narrative dealing with a happening or an event," from Old French legende (12c., Modern French légende) and directly from Medieval Latin legenda "legend, story," literally "(things) to be read," on certain days in church, etc., from Latin legendus, neuter plural gerundive of legere "to read, gather, select" (see lecture (n.)).\n

\nUsed originally of saints' lives; extended sense of "nonhistorical or mythical story" first recorded late 14c. Meaning "writing or inscription" (especially on a coin or medal) is from 1610s; on a map, illustration, etc., from 1903.


n. 1 A story of unknown origin describing plausible but extraordinary past events. 2 A story in which a kernel of truth is embellished to an unlikely degree. 3 A leading protagonist in a historical legend. 4 A person of extraordinary accomplishment. 5 A key to the symbols and color codes on a map, chart, etc. 6 An inscription, motto, or title, especially one surrounding the field in a medal or coin, or placed upon a heraldic shield or beneath an engraving or illustration. 7 A fabricated backstory for a spy, with associated documents and records; a cover story. 8 (context UK Irish Australia New Zealand colloquial slang English) A cool, nice or helpful person, ''especially'' one who is male. vb. (context archaic transitive English) To tell or narrate; to recount.

  1. n. a story about mythical or supernatural beings or events [syn: fable]

  2. brief description accompanying an illustration [syn: caption]


Legénd is a village in Nógrád County, Hungary with 552 inhabitants (2001).

Legend (disambiguation)

A legend is a historical narrative, a symbolic representation of folk belief.

Legend, Legends, The Legend or The Legends may also refer to:

Legend (1985 film)

Legend is a 1985 American dark fantasy adventure film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry, David Bennent, Alice Playten, Billy Barty, Cork Hubbert, and Annabelle Lanyon. It is a dark fairy tale and has been described as a return to more original, sometimes disturbing, fables, from the oral tradition of ancient times before reading and writing were widespread.

Although not a commercial success when first released, it won the British Society of Cinematographers Award for Best Cinematography in 1985 for cinematographer Alex Thomson, as well as being nominated for multiple awards: Academy Award for Best Makeup; Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films Saturn Award for Best Makeup; BAFTA Awards for Best Costume Design, Best Makeup Artist, Best Special Visual Effects; DVD Exclusive Awards; and Young Artist Awards. Since its premiere and the subsequent release of the Director's Cut edition, the film has become a cult classic.

Legend (TV series)

Legend is a science fiction Western television show that ran on UPN from April 18, 1995 until August 22, 1995, with one final re-airing of the pilot on July 3, 1996. It starred Richard Dean Anderson and John de Lancie.

Legend (Robin of Sherwood soundtrack)

Legend is a 1984 soundtrack album for the ITV television series Robin of Sherwood, by the Irish folk group Clannad. It is their eighth album. In 1985, this album won the BAFTA award for Best Original Television Music, making Clannad the first Irish band to win the award.

"Robin (The Hooded Man)", the title theme from the series, was also released on a 7" single in 1984, featuring actor Michael Praed as Robin of Sherwood on the sleeve. The single was then re-released in 1986 with a newly recorded version and featuring actor Jason Connery on the sleeve. For this re-release, the B-sides include "Caisleán Óir" (as it appears on the album Macalla), which originally appeared slightly different as incidental music in the series. In addition, "Now Is Here" and "Scarlet Inside" were released as singles in their own right.

In addition to the tracks on Legend, which were used extensively in the series, there is also additional music composed for the show that do not appear on this album, but selected tracks have surfaced on other albums as different versions. These include a new version of "Caislean Oir" on Clannad's Macalla album (released 1986), and two live performances entitled "Robin of Sherwood Medley" and (portions of) "Dance & Teidhir Abhaile Riu" from Clannad: Live in Concert (released 2005). Another theme from the series was reworked as the song " Almost Seems (Too Late to Turn)".

In a statement posted in November 2003 on their official web site, Clannad revealed that,

"there were several other pieces of music recorded for the 3rd series of Robin of Sherwood that were not included on the Legend album. Unfortunately no-one has been able to locate the master tapes of this music. The search is continuing and hopefully one day these recordings will be able to be released."1

Both sets 1 and 2 of the Blu-ray release and the European DVD release of Robin of Sherwood have a "music only" track for many of the episodes. This allows listeners to hear music not included on "Legend" from the first and second series, as well as the additional music recorded after the release of Legend, to be heard on their own.

Legend (Henry Cow album)

The Henry Cow Legend (often referred to as Legend or Leg End ) is the debut album of British avant-rock group Henry Cow. It was recorded at Virgin Records' Manor studios over three weeks in May and June 1973, mixed in July 1973, and released in August 1973.

Legend (Gemmell novel)

Legend, published in 1984, is the first and most famous novel of British fantasy writer David Gemmell. It established him as a major fantasy novelist and created the character of Druss, who would appear in several subsequent books. It was also the first novel to be published in what later became known as The Drenai saga.

Gemmell first got the idea for the book in 1976. He was being tested for cancer, and to take his mind off it he tried writing a book, which he called "Against the Hordes". The fortress and its attackers, the Nadir, were metaphors for him and the cancer. In the end, he was found not to have cancer after all and he forgot about the book, which he claims wasn't very good anyway. However, in 1980, a friend of Gemmell's read the manuscript and told him that the story had potential. Encouraged, Gemmell set to work rewriting the book that would become known as "Legend". It was accepted by Century Hutchinson late in 1982.

In 1984 Century Communications produced a game for the ZX Spectrum computer based on the novel also called Legend. The novel was included as part of the pack and acted as a form of copy protection for the game.

Legend (Bob Marley and the Wailers album)

Legend is a compilation album by Bob Marley and the Wailers, released in 1984 by Island Records, catalogue BMW 1 in the United Kingdom and 90169-1 in the United States. It is essentially a greatest hits collection of singles in its original vinyl format, and the best-selling reggae album of all-time, with over 15 million copies sold in the United States and an estimated 25 million copies sold globally. In 2003, the album was ranked number 46 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

, it had spent a total of 413 nonconsecutive weeks on the Billboard 200 album chart—the fourth longest run in history. According to the 20 September 2014 edition of the Billboard 200, nearly 56,000 albums had been sold since some earlier edition, bringing the new peak of the album to #5 on the chart (primarily due to a Google Play discount price of 99 cents). Currently, the album sells approximately 3,000 to 5,000 US copies per week.

Legend (1994 video game)

Legend is a video game developed by Arcade Zone and released in the United States for the Super NES in April 1994. A European release followed on December 21, 1994. It is a Final Fight-style beat-em-up with a Medieval European setting. The game was created solely by the duo of Carlo Perconti and Lyes Belaidouni, who both went on to found Toka. Toka later created a remake of the game for the Sony PlayStation which was also called Legend.

Legend (play)

Legend is a play by Samuel A. Taylor. The Broadway production was directed by Robert Drivas and starred Elizabeth Ashley, F. Murray Abraham, and George Dzundza. After 18 previews it opened on May 13, 1976 at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre, where it ran for only 5 performances.

The comedy is set in the Old West and tells the story of a mysterious, romantic girl who appears in a remote mining town in search of its legendary heroes. She finds what she is seeking in an Outlaw, a Sheriff, a Banker, and the rough but lovable men of the town.

Legend was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lighting Design ( Thomas Skelton) and Outstanding Set Design ( Santo Loquasto).

Category:1976 plays Category:Broadway plays Category:Plays by Samuel A. Taylor

Legend (Tangerine Dream soundtrack)

Legend is the eighth soundtrack album by the German band Tangerine Dream and their twenty-eighth overall. It was released in 1986 for the North American theatrical version of the film Legend. It was issued a year earlier in Europe. The film was written by William Hjortsberg, produced by Arnon Milchan, directed by Ridley Scott and released domestically by Universal Studios. The album was released on compact disc on 15 August 1995 through Varese Sarabande.

Legend (1992 video game)

Legend, also known as The Four Crystals of Trazere in the United States, is an isometric fantasy role-playing game released in 1992 for the PC, Amiga, and Atari ST. It was developed by Pete James and Anthony Taglione for the then UK-based Mindscape, and published by The Software Toolworks. In the game, the player controls four adventurers on a quest to save the land of Trazere from an ancient, re-awakening evil. In 1993, Mindscape released a sequel, Worlds of Legend: Son of the Empire.

Legend (Lynyrd Skynyrd album)

Legend was a posthumous compilation album of unreleased material by American Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, which contained previously unreleased demos from the albums before the 1977 plane crash. However, the vast majority of tracks on Legend are now available on other albums. The album was certified Gold on 7/27/2001 by the RIAA.

Legend (Legend Seven album)

Legend is the debut album of the Christian rock band of the same name. After this recording, the band changed the name to Legend Seven when they became aware of another band with the same name. It was released in 1992 under the Word Records label.

Legend (House of Pain EP)

Legend is an EP by American hip hop group House of Pain. It was released in 1994, shortly before the release of the full-length album Same As It Ever Was. Two songs that appeared on this EP, "Word is Bond" and "It Ain't A Crime," would appear on Same as it Ever Was. However, the song "Legend" remains exclusive to the EP.

Legend (Mika Nakashima song)

"Legend" is the fourth single from Mika Nakashima's third album, Music. It was released a month after her mini album Oborozukiyo: Inori. It was a minor success, peaking at #5 in the Oricon charts and charting for 11 weeks. Overall, it sold 67,527 units in Japan, of which more than half in its first week. Legend was used as the Sony MD Walkman CM song. The B-sides were "FAKE"; used as the Kanebo Kate CM song, and "Carrot & Whip"; the Meiji CM song.

There are three versions of the song. The first one is the version set to the music video. This track is on the Legend single, the Music album and the Best compilation album. Another one is an island-tinged pop ballad version and it exists on the single as track two. The remaining version is the instrumental, featured on the single as track five.

Legend (Poco album)

Legend is the thirteenth album by the American country rock band Poco, released in 1978.

After ABC Records cancelled the release of Poco's planned 13th album The Last Roundup. the three remaining members of the band agreed to take a break. Rusty Young and Paul Cotton formed a new group called the Cotton-Young Band and prepared this album as a duo. However, ABC acquired the album and then decided to continue to use the name "Poco" for the band. When the album became successful, Poco drummer George Grantham found himself forced out of Poco without ever having quit the group.

"Crazy Love" and "Heart of the Night", written and sung by Young and Cotton respectively, become the group's two biggest hits to date. After "Crazy Love" was released as a single, ABC Records was acquired by MCA Records, and the record's stunning commercial success was attributed by some to the efforts of ABC's promotional staff to prove their value to MCA. Meanwhile, the band started to stray from its distinct country rock sound, heading towards a more mainstream, commercially applauded soft rock and pop sound. Other noteworthy album cuts were "Spellbound," "Little Darlin'," "Legend," and "Barbados," the latter being the inspiration for the (at the time) yet to be released Beach Boys comeback hit " Kokomo".

The cover art for Legend was done by Phil Hartman, the brother of Poco manager John Hartmann; Phil Hartman worked as a graphic designer creating album covers for his brother's clients including America and Steely Dan while attempting to break out as a comic.

Legend (Magic: The Gathering)

In the Magic: The Gathering trading card game, a Legendary card or Legend is a card that represents a unique individual or thing with a specific name, rather than the generic, unnamed things that most cards represent. For example, while the card could be any goblin, the card is a specific goblin with a personality and a history.

Printed legendary cards are indicated by the word "Legendary" before their card type (e.g. "Legendary Artifact") to replace the original "Creature — Legend" or "Summon Legend", a change made in Champions of Kamigawa.

The associated Magic: The Gathering novels often deal with the characters represented by legendary cards in the game.

Legend (Abigail Williams EP)

Legend is the debut EP by black metal band Abigail Williams. It was originally released as a live EP of concert songs on October 3, 2006 and was later released through Candlelight Records as studio-quality release on January 23, 2007. The EP is noted for its metalcore influences that are abandoned after this release.

Musical critic website Allmusic stated "Legend is best described as death metal/black metal with metalcore influences."

Legend (game publisher)

Legend was a video game publishing house also known as Microl/Legend, and earlier as simply Microl. Legend's chairman and founder was John Peel.

Legend (Lu novel)

Legend is a 2011 dystopian young adult novel by Marie Lu. It is the first book of a trilogy, followed by Prodigy and Champion.

Legend (film score)

Legend: The Music of Jerry Goldsmith is a musical film score by American composer Jerry Goldsmith, released in 1986 for the worldwide release of the film of the same name, (excluding the US). The album was released on compact disc in 1992 through Silva Screen records and featured alternate cover art and additional songs.

Legend (Two Steps from Hell album)

Legend is a music production album by the group Two Steps from Hell, released in 2008. However, this was made available only to clients promoting motion picture advertising. It consists of three discs: two CDs and a DVD. The first CD contains 20 tracks, the second one 17, which makes including the alternate versions on the DVD a total of 72 tracks. The album was recorded in Czech Republic and Los Angeles at Capitol Studios. The tracks are composed by Thomas J. Bergersen, Nick Phoenix and Troels Folmann, featuring performances by Capellen Orchestra and Aya Peard. The DVD contains alternate and no choir mixes of the tracks from the CDs, as well as a selection of trailer sounds. The cover artwork and the sleeve are designed by Steven R. Gilmore.

Many of the fans' favourites and most successful and known Two Steps From Hell tracks came from this release, such as Heart of Courage, Protectors of the Earth etc. Much of Legend ended up on Two Steps From Hell's first public album, Invincible.

Legend (Witchcraft album)

Legend is the fourth album from the Swedish doom metal band Witchcraft. The album was released September 25, 2012 through Nuclear Blast Records. The album marked the debut of three new members: Simon Solomon (guitar), Tom Jondelius (guitar), and Oscar Johansson (drums). Singer Magnus Pelander opted to focus on vocals and, as a result, Legend is the first Witchcraft album on which he does not play guitar as well as sing. Bassist Ola Henriksson noted that "Magnus has been wanting to drop the guitar for a couple of years now, and just focus on the vocals. When we found two new guitar players, it was an easy decision for him to do that. Critics observed that the album departed from the band's vintage production values and opted for a more modern-sounding production.

Legend (2014 film)

Legend is a 2014 Telugu action drama film produced by Ram Achanta,Gopichand Achanta and Anil Sunkara under 14 Reels Entertainment and Sai Korrapati was presented the film on Varahi Chalana Chitram directed by Boyapati Srinu. Starred Nandamuri Balakrishna, worked for the second time with Boyapati Srinu after Simha, Jagapathi Babu first time in negative shade. alongside Radhika Apte, Sonal Chauhan, in lead roles and music composed by Devi Sri Prasad. Ram Prasad handled the cinematography. The film released on 28 March 2014 worldwide. Upon release, the film received positive reviews from critics. The film recorded as Blockbuster at box office.

Legend (2015 film)

Legend is a 2015 French-British crime thriller written and directed by Brian Helgeland. The film is adapted from John Pearson's book The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins, which deals with the rise and fall of the Kray twins; the relationship that bound them together, and charts their gruesome career to their downfall and imprisonment for life in 1969.

This is Helgeland's fifth feature film. Tom Hardy, Emily Browning, David Thewlis, and Christopher Eccleston star with Chazz Palminteri, Paul Bettany, Colin Morgan, Tara Fitzgerald, and Taron Egerton as well as singer Duffy featured in supporting roles.

Usage examples of "legend".

The greatest copywriter in the world Jerry Della Femina, an advertising legend renowned for many noted campaigns, told a story that I will never forget.

The explorers had made their voyages, planted their colonists in the West, left their sons, their axes, and their carved runes in Alata and retreated from it, leaving only legends in the land that was not for them.

Seregil proved as fine a wayfaring companion as Alec could have hoped for, happy to fill the long hours of riding with tales, songs, and legends.

This ring was eventually broken up, only to be replaced with an even more successfulJuarezoperation, headed up by an enigmatic Mexican who was shortly to become a legend: Amado Carillo Fuentes.

Perhaps it felt that Meir Amit was a general more likely to obey orders than the choleric Harel, who had become a legend in his own lifetime among the Israeli people and relished it.

He thought of the ancient legends of Ultimate Chaos, at whose centre sprawls the blind idiot god Azathoth, Lord of All Things, encircled by his flopping horde of mindless and amorphous dancers, and lulled by the thin monotonous piping of a demoniac flute held in nameless paws.

The Port Dutch was a midtown hotel for millionaires of all kindsoil sheiks, arbitrageurs, rock legends, British royalsand its suites, two per floor facing Central Park across Fifth Avenue, almost always repaid a drop-in visit during the dinner hour.

Notwithstanding the legend, therefore, Draupadi might be regarded as wedded to Yudhishthir, though won by the skill of Arjun, and this assumption would be in keeping with Hindu customs and laws, ancient and modern.

Hanadu during ancient times when, legend said, Lord Asper had lived in Syrapis.

Another legend relates that Charlemagne, hearing that the robber knight of the Ardennes had a priceless jewel set in his shield, called all his bravest noblemen together, and bade them sally forth separately, with only a page as escort, in quest of the knight.

According to legend, the Baptistery was built on the site of a Roman temple to Mars, the god of war, and remnants of a Roman floor can still be seen through a grating, though whether this floor belonged to a temple is questionable.

In a few short centuries, the old legend of its Roman origins had become so intertwined with the various phases of building that they believed the Baptistery actually was a Roman temple to Mars that had been turned into a Christian church.

The young man had become a legend to the beleaguered refugees, their leader of sorts, though he was rarely among them, and even more rarely ever spoke to any of them.

Etched into the glass was the legend Hank Bindle And Bruce Marmelstein: Magic Makers.

Legend had it there was a great treasure to be found in Bodach, but few adventurers who went in search of it ever managed to return.