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LDM, Ldm or LdM may stand for:

In computing and technology:

  • Logical data model, a representation of an organization's data, organized in terms of entities and relationships
  • Logical Disk Manager
  • Local Data Manager
  • LTSP Display Manager, an X display manager for Linux Terminal Server Project

In education:

  • Scuola Lorenzo de' Medici, Italy

In medicine:

  • Low Dose Metronomic chemotherapy (chemotherapy administered at regular intervals at low doses over a prolonged period — regular like a metronome)
  • Licensed Direct-Entry Midwife, a state-licensed midwife who attends births at homes and/or at birth centers. LDMs are trained in the Midwifery Model of Care and are the primary care provider for clients (including the fetus/newborn) from as early as preconception until about 8 weeks postpartum.

See Midwifery and Home birth

In sports:

In Sci-Fi:

  • Leeloo Dallas Multipass The Fifth Element