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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
file a complaint/lawsuit/petition etc (against sb)
▪ Mr Genoa filed a formal complaint against the department.
settle a lawsuit/case
▪ The city will pay $875,000 to settle the lawsuit.
▪ Every wrongful imprisonment could lead to a civil lawsuit against the city.
▪ The Archdiocese of San Francisco filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Greenlaw misappropriated up to $ 250, 000 from the church.
▪ Reimer agreed to pay $ 46 million in the civil lawsuit.
▪ Nearly 90 percent of business leaders in the state rank civil lawsuits as their most serious problem, they say.
▪ In Milwaukee, numerous civil rights lawsuits led to monetary damage awards to victims of police actions.
▪ Harris said the family is considering filing a civil lawsuit against the hospital.
▪ Instead, the question before the justices is whether a sitting president is immune from a civil lawsuit until he leaves office.
▪ To the tobacco industry he has granted an end to the federal lawsuits on behalf of the victims of smoking.
▪ The protesters have also filed a federal lawsuit seeking damages and an injunction against certain uses of pepper spray.
▪ The City already is facing two federal lawsuits filed by business interests that want the law overturned.
▪ For a while, there was a federal lawsuit being filed even day... no kidding, one a day.
▪ The federal lawsuit asks a judge to step in and halt the project until the environmental issues are sorted out.
▪ And if that was not outrageous enough, Carter filed a frivolous lawsuit against his own victim, which was promptly dismissed.
▪ Meanwhile, sources said Friday that Simpson will begin his deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit Monday.
▪ Meanwhile, sources said Friday that Simpson will begin his deposition in the wrongful death lawsuit Monday.
▪ Then, in 1994, he was approached by a colleague to work on a race discrimination lawsuit against Texaco Inc.
▪ The settlement is the largest ever in a U.S. race discrimination lawsuit, according to the U.S.
▪ He was a key figure in a discrimination lawsuit aimed at integrating the department.
▪ The 4-4 tie upholds a federal appeals court decision in Lotus's copyright infringement lawsuit.
▪ It would make California a mecca for shareholder lawsuits.
▪ Voters rejected measures to ban most lawsuits resulting from car accidents, limit shareholder lawsuits and slash lawyers' contingency fees.
▪ Voters also defeated Proposition 201, a complicated measure aimed at restricting shareholder lawsuits, which have plagued Silicon Valley high-tech companies.
▪ Opponents say the shareholders lawsuits are merely nuisance suits aimed at securing out-of-court settlements.
▪ But Spectrum soon became mired in losses, and when the stock plummeted, it was hit by numerous shareholder lawsuits.
▪ Two Disney shareholder lawsuits were filed against the current and former directors of the company, charging them with wasting corporate assets.
▪ Stevens International Inc. said it agreed in principle to settle a class-action shareholder lawsuit against it.
▪ Since his resignation, Smith has suffered chronic headaches, depression and insomnia, according to the lawsuit.
▪ She was held in jail overnight, and she alleges in her lawsuit that guards taunted her with ethnic slurs.
▪ The original name, Barley Juice, was shortened to Juice to avoid a lawsuit with another beer mag.
▪ Department heads should be better trained to evaluate employees more fairly and accurately to avoid costly lawsuits, he added.
▪ Such awards are made to discourage plaintiffs from bringing groundless lawsuits which burden the courts.
▪ Cameron the right to bring her own lawsuit and thus requiring her to find an attorney to represent her.
▪ Are students or teachers who bring successful civil rights lawsuits entitled to recover their attorneys' fees?
▪ The lawsuit claims that Sagan ignored the request and went forward with the production of the movie.
▪ Nevertheless, several individuals who have come in contact with Staff Pro have filed lawsuits claiming mistreatment.
▪ A group of prominent black lawyers is preparing lawsuits for next year claiming reparations for slavery from government and private companies.
▪ It was also last month that a federal judge refused to dismiss the state lawsuit against Desert Diamond Casino.
▪ Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond to challenge a federal judge's decision last month dismissing her defamation lawsuit against Liddy.
▪ The quality of the additional research was such that the tobacco manufacturers informed Stivoro that they wanted to drop the lawsuit.
▪ The foundation still faces several lawsuits over its management of the collection.
▪ But now, Rohr faces a new lawsuit involving some of the same issues.
▪ The company faces a class-action lawsuit filed by two debtors in Massachusetts over the credit-card issues.
▪ The City already is facing two federal lawsuits filed by business interests that want the law overturned.
▪ Philadelphia-based Reading Energy Co. also said Illinois will face bondholder lawsuits if the repeal stands.
▪ Car-parts maker Federal-Mogul recently secured Dollars 550m in extra credit to avoid bankruptcy and fight its asbestos lawsuits.
▪ The state spent more than $ 80, 000 to fight their lawsuit.
▪ It has filed a lawsuit against Microsoft stating that it has infringed two Stac patents.
▪ He filed a lawsuit in federal court in Florida in 1978.
▪ It is a far cry from his response when the woman filed the lawsuit.
▪ Those in the anti- barrier camp filed a lawsuit in March 1996 to reopen Shade Road.
▪ They all filed lawsuits, complaining that their civil rights had been violated.
▪ Hennigan filed a lawsuit on behalf of the survivors' families accusing the gun maker, Navegar Inc. of Miami.
▪ BJohnson-Meszoras said that if the federal government finalizes its approval, settling her clients' lawsuit will become more difficult.
▪ Wright State has settled a lawsuit filed by Ralph Underhill agreeing to pay the former basketball coach about $ 125, 000.
▪ Meanwhile Microsoft settled one anti-trust lawsuit with an estimated payment to the software company Caldera of $ 275m.
▪ Stevens International Inc. said it agreed in principle to settle a class-action shareholder lawsuit against it.
▪ Meanwhile, attorneys general from across the United States threatened lawsuits for failure to deliver promised services.
▪ Barnett is not threatening lawsuits at this point.
▪ Isetan would not comment on how much the bankruptcy filing might cost it, or on Barneys' threatened lawsuit.
▪ W sports shop in nearby Catonsville, Tim Watson, to threaten a lawsuit.
bring charges/a lawsuit/a court case/a prosecution/a claim (against sb)
▪ A Pennsylvania state appeals court also has said a state airbag lawsuit can proceed despite federal safety rules.
▪ And a group of Redford residents is trying to mount a class-action lawsuit against the government.
▪ B South Pasadena has 30 days to file a lawsuit to block the freeway.
▪ But the lawsuits have not gone away.
▪ However, the Blumenfeld lawsuit and supporting documents show possible inconsistencies in some of the reports Mr Goldinger sent to clients.
▪ Surprise: The cops' evidence is turned against them in the lawsuit.
▪ The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in state court in Houston, seeks unspecified damages.
▪ Will employers be tempted to screen potential employees to protect themselves from lawsuits afterwards from workers who contract such diseases?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lawsuit \Law"suit`\, n. An action at law; a suit in equity or admiralty; any legal proceeding before a court for the enforcement of a claim.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1620s, from law + suit (n.).


n. (context legal English) In civil law, a case where two or more people disagree and one or more of the parties take the case to a court for resolution.


n. a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy; "the family brought suit against the landlord" [syn: suit, case, cause, causa]


A lawsuit (or suit in law) is "a vernacular term for a suit, action, or cause instituted or depending between two private persons in the courts of law." The term refers to any proceeding by a party or parties against another in a court of law.

Sometimes, the term "lawsuit" is in reference to a civil action brought in a court of law in which a plaintiff, a party who claims to have incurred loss as a result of a defendant's actions, demands a legal or equitable remedy. The defendant is required to respond to the plaintiff's complaint. If the plaintiff is successful, judgment is in the plaintiff's favor, and a variety of court orders may be issued to enforce a right, award damages, or impose a temporary or permanent injunction to prevent an act or compel an act. A declaratory judgment may be issued to prevent future legal disputes.

A lawsuit may involve dispute resolution of private law issues between individuals, business entities or non-profit organizations. A lawsuit may also enable the state to be treated as if it were a private party in a civil case, as plaintiff, or defendant regarding an injury, or may provide the state with a civil cause of action to enforce certain laws.

The conduct of a lawsuit is called litigation. The plaintiffs and defendants are called litigants and the attorneys representing them are called litigators. The term litigation may also refer to criminal trial.

Lawsuit (disambiguation)

A lawsuit is a legal case.

Lawsuit may also refer to:

  • The Lawsuit (opera), a 2009 comic opera by Svetlana Nesterova, based Nikolai Gogol's work
  • The Lawsuit, a fragmentary scene by Nicolai Gogol from the unfinished play The Order of Vladimir, Third Class

Usage examples of "lawsuit".

Several lawsuits sought to ensure that these overseas absentee ballots were included in the final count.

Chloe had left him, and he related how, summoned home to England and compelled to settle a dispute threatening a lawsuit, he had regretfully to abstain from visiting the Wells for a season, not because of any fear of the attractions of play-- he had subdued the frailty of the desire to play--but because he deemed it due to his Chloe to bring her an untroubled face, and he wished first to be the better of the serious annoyances besetting him.

The chelas formed a circle around Grim and the old guru, excluding us three and the woman, who took me by the arm and fairly drove Chullunder Ghose along in front of her, he arguing like a pot-bellied bunnia who has lost a lawsuit.

Even the two dour ones, Popillia and Arruntia, now had good cause to know that with Gaius Caesar in the other half of the Domus Publica, there would be no lawsuits alleging unchastity.

Labor Day drafting a lawsuit to stop Starr from sending a referral to Congress.

But in central Texas, the slightly more communistic area of the state, environmentalists have successfully filed a bunch of lawsuits, leaving the courts pondering how much property has to be set aside to maintain a habitat for two endangered species: the black-capped vireo, a pretty songbird, and the Barton Creek salamander, a critter only a herpetologist could love.

Though attendance at public ceremonies on such holidays was not obligatory, feriae traditionally demanded that business, labor and lawsuits not be pursued, and that quarrels, even private ones, should be avoided.

If it had not been for Major Tom Yancey, Jedge Kerfoot and myself, there would have been a lawsuit.

The professed object of the agitation was to secure compensation to the occupying tenant all over the country for his improvements, and such certainty of tenure, according to the nature of his lease or taking, as would secure him from vexatious lawsuits and inequitable ejectments, against which, notwithstanding that they were inequitable in the eyes of all men, there was no redress.

Robert Delancey, and explained the relations existing between Rodman and Mutimer, ignoring the fact that a lawsuit had of late turned their friendship to mutual animosity.

Cheryl was going to call next Monday morning and Tania would still be in the same position, miserable over this failure and worried over how to stave off a lawsuit when she had nothing of value to pawn.

Seeing that Fora wanted nothing to do with the money, Twa and Threa then changed their lawsuit from a quarter to a third.

But any suspicion that Ballenger was contemplating a lawsuit evaporated, and Watson saw that he was dealing, instead, with a maniac.

We, you and I, can control the litigation if we move your lawsuit from D.

Under the current litigious climate, Jeffrey had not been surprised by the lawsuit, except perhaps by the speed.