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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ His main means of communicating with the rest of the world is a laptop computer with a speech synthesiser.
▪ Her boss's laptop got stolen from her car.
▪ Apparently it's OEMing somebody's Mbus machine and are talking about a portable that's not a laptop.
▪ GRiD also holds the Patent on the idea of a fold-up screen which is part of every laptop, or notebook computer.
▪ Her computer breaks down on deadline; amiably, he offers the loan of his laptop.
▪ His main means of communicating with the rest of the world is a laptop computer with a speech synthesiser.
▪ Talk to anyone who lifts briefcases and laptops from cars in parking lots.
▪ Think laptops, stereo equipment and climbing gear.
▪ This would include a new laptop due out before Christmas and priced around $ 2, 500.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also lap-top, as a type of portable computer, 1984, from lap (n.) + top (1), on model of desktop.


n. (context computing English) A laptop computer.


n. a portable computer small enough to use in your lap [syn: laptop computer]


A laptop, often called a notebook or "notebook computer", is a small, portable :personal computer with a " clamshell" form factor, an alphanumeric keyboard on the lower part of the "clamshell" and a thin LCD or LED computer screen on the upper portion, which is opened up to use the computer. Laptops are folded shut for transportation, and thus are suitable for mobile use. Although originally there was a distinction between laptops and notebooks, the former being bigger and heavier than the latter, as of 2014, there is often no longer any difference. Laptops are commonly used in a variety of settings, such as at work, in education, and for personal multimedia and home computer use.

A laptop combines the components, inputs, outputs, and capabilities of a desktop computer, including the display screen, small speakers, a keyboard, pointing devices (such as a touchpad or trackpad), a processor, and memory into a single unit. Most 2016-era laptops also have integrated webcams and built-in microphones. Some 2016-era laptops have touchscreens. Laptops can be powered either from an internal battery or by an external power supply from an AC adapter. Hardware specifications, such as the processor speed and memory capacity, significantly vary between different types, makes, models and price points. Design elements, form factor, and construction can also vary significantly between models depending on intended use. Examples of specialized models of laptops include rugged notebooks for use in construction or military applications, as well as low production cost laptops such as those from the One Laptop per Child organization, which incorporate features like solar charging and semi-flexible components not found on most laptop computers.

Portable computers, which later developed into modern laptops, were originally considered to be a small niche market, mostly for specialized field applications, such as in the military, for accountants, or for traveling sales representatives. As portable computers evolved into the modern laptop, they became widely used for a variety of purposes.

Laptop (2008 film)

Laptop (Malayalam:ലാപ്‌ടോപ്‌), also known as My Mother's Laptop, is a 2008 Malayalam film by Rupesh Paul starring Suresh Gopi and Padmapriya. This movie is based on a popular short story 'Parudheesa Nashtam' by Subhash Chandran.

Laptop (2012 film)

Laptop is a Bengali drama film written and directed by Kaushik Ganguly. This film tells some stories related to some different people connected by one single laptop. according to the director, the laptop is the antagonist of the film, but not just a common thread between the main characters.

Laptop (disambiguation)

A laptop is a personal computer for mobile use. Laptop may also refer to:

  • Laptop (2008 film), a 2008 film
  • Laptop (2012 film), a 2012 film

Usage examples of "laptop".

When Moussaoui refused to let agents search his laptop, they made the FISA request.

Ruffled feathers were smoothed when it turned out that the offending laptop belonged to a reporter who was researching Angolan landmines for a completely unconnected programme.

A Mac laptop with a separate Bernoulli drive was plugged in on the desk.

Nor did reminding himself that Lou Calabrese was a bit weird, with her obsession for movie lore and that stupid laptop, that even now was banging against her hip as she ran.

David Hassid sat in the front passenger seat of the rented van with his solar-powered laptop.

David Hassid sat high above Petra, with the solar panel of his laptop facing the sun and the screen shadowed.

Ray made sure everyone with a minicam, laptop, pen, or pencil knew about the story.

I gawk at the wiretaps, laptop, printer, code busters, phone phreaking equipment, and lots of other jury-rigged contraptions and punch-pads made from parts that must have once belonged to Pacific Bell.

I left Sarah sitting in the back of our Previa sorting out her laptop, and moved to the front of the Chinook.

There was a single black laptop bag over her shoulder and a black ripstop nylon backpack between her feet.

I switched from fretting about Tom, to wondering if I could safely boot my laptop and read his e-mails, to worrying about Arch. Where was my son at that moment?

There was a family with three children, several businessmen carrying laptops and briefcases, an airport employee pushing a handcart, two grayhaired women and a group of black men and women in colorful robes and headdresses.

The transition between the desktop or laptop interfaces and the web is today effortlessly transparent.

There were quite a few laptops open, and there was a general hubbub as suits talked shop over a beer or into their cell phones.

They seemed to take an evil delight in looking back at us chained to the laptops until they were out of sight.