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n. (context computing English) A flat surface which is sensitive to touch, used mostly in laptop computers to control an on-screen cursor.


A touchpad is a pointing device featuring a tactile sensor, a specialized surface that can translate the motion and position of a user's fingers to a relative position on the operating system that is outputted to the screen. Touchpads are a common feature of laptop computers, and are also used as a substitute for a mouse where desk space is scarce. Because they vary in size, they can also be found on personal digital assistants (PDAs) and some portable media players. Wireless touchpads are also available as detached accessories.

Usage examples of "touchpad".

He brushed a touchpad with his foot, stopped, drank a sip and watched Bird sip from his own packet.

Alacrity studied the touchpad and entered an inquiry that meant everything to him.

Colonel Huark sat in his bunker, staring at the small touchpad linked to the switchboard, and his fingers twitched as he thought of the mass death awaiting his touch.

He took a hand from the pocket of his jeans, stroked the touchpad on his belt and his exolegs walked him stiffly across the room.

I had settled in, he tapped the touchpad and stumped over to the picture window.

He showed no understanding of anything more advanced, such as the touchpad controls of a COM panel unit, and made no attempt at operating them in the ways they were designed to function.

He used his body to shield the touchpad from the view of the two security officers as he expertly keyed in the entire sequence from memory.

Williams curtly, as she walked across the floor and keyed a top-secret security code into the touchpad of an inset videophone.

Then she became adult again and watched as he took out his touchpad and turned it on.

Perdimia had her touchpad strapped to her right wrist, which confirmed his notion that she was left-handed.

The next cubicle held a black telephone, its sleek skin unblemished by touchpads, screen, or dial.

He drove his Storm Arrow with his left ring finger on an MKIV touchpad but all the other commands, from phone calls to email to slapping the image from his compound microscope onto computer monitors, could be accomplished by using his voice.

On the left, instead of function keys were twenty square touchpads, each labeled with a single word.

Whether because they had never become comfortable with the practice, or because the Hyadean translation programs couldn't capture the subtleties of natural language sufficiently for fluency, they prefered using conventional touchpad and wireless mouse rather than voice when operating equipment.