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Lambo may refer to:

  • Lambo (boat), an Indonesian traditional merchant
  • Lambo (Reborn!), a fictional character from the manga series Reborn!
  • Lambo (album), the 14th studio album by Anna Vissi
  • Lambo (Papua), a village in Puncak Jaya Regency, Papua, Indonesia
  • Lamborghini, an Italian manufacturer of sports cars
  • Modena (racing team), a former Formula One racing team also known as Lambo
  • A 1987 controversy surrounding the broadcaster Gerry Ryan and a hoax lamb
Lambo (album)

Lambo is an album by Greek singer Anna Vissi, released in Greece and Cyprus in 1992. The single "Lambo" prompted the mambo dance trend in Greece. Due to its December 24 release date, the album was played extensively during the 1992 Christmas holiday period.

Lambo (Reborn!)

is a fictional character in the anime and manga series Reborn! created by Akira Amano. In the series, Lambo is an infant assassin who goes to Japan to kill the hitman Reborn. Upon his failure, he starts to live with Reborn's pupil, the future boss from the Vongola Mafia family Tsuna Sawada. As the series progresses, Lambo becomes one of Tsuna's six Vongola guardians, The Guardian of Lightning, and has to confront various enemies from the Vongola despite his young age. When Lambo shoots himself with the from Bovino family, he transforms into his future self from 10 years later nicknamed . His character has also been featured in CDs soundtracks and video games based on the Reborn! series.

Lambo's character has been well received by readers from the Reborn!, having been featured several times in the popularity poll from the series. Publications for manga, anime, and other media have commented on Lambo adding praise to and criticism to his appearances in the series. Various reviewers have liked Lambo's design, while others found his actions in the series to be entertaining.

Lambo (boat)

The lambo or lamba is a type of Pinisi, Indonesian traditional merchant boat, akin to a cutter.

During the 1970s the Indonesian local vessels were progressively equipped with engines. Since machine installation did not fit well in traditional pinisi designs, lambos became a common alternative. In later years, their load capacities were increased until the current average of 300 tons, with the so-called PLM (perahu layar motor - motor sailing boat). Nearly every cargo boat seen nowadays in the local ports of Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar are such modified lambos, still retaining some features from the original designs.