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Kobar is a Palestinian village in the Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate in the northern West Bank, located northwest of Ramallah. Kobar is bordered by Burham village to the east, Jibiya and Umm Safa lands to the north, al-Ittihad to the west, and al-Zaitounah and Bir Zeit lands to the south. Kobar is located at an altitude of above sea level with a mean annual rainfall of 669.8 mm. The average annual temperature is 16 c and the average annual humidity is approximately 61% .

Since 1996, Kobar has been governed by a village council which is currently administrated by 11 members appointed by the Palestinian National Authority. There are two further employees working in the Council; the village council owns a permanent headquarters and is included within a Joint Services Council for neighboring localities.