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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ The average cheetah will change over the centuries, just like the mean annual rainfall changes.
▪ The annual rainfall is about 25 inches around Stanley, but decreases in the south and west of the islands.
▪ Did he know the average rainfall of the James River Valley?
▪ For the last two years, the city has received only half its average rainfall of four inches.
▪ The country has had 41 months of below average rainfall.
▪ Farming policy in Cumbria was greatly influenced by the heavy rainfall and the restrictions imposed by the National Park Regulations.
▪ This has not prevented overflow after heavy rainfall, however.
▪ And other triggers, such as very heavy rainfall, can create a sudden flow weeks or even months after an eruption.
▪ However, the heavy rainfall could make this an uncertain crop so dairying and sheep formed the main enterprises on most units.
▪ A long growing season is unlikely to occur in a high rainfall area or on ground above 600 feet.
▪ The red spruces and balsam firs that dominated the vegetation near the mountaintop thrived under high rainfall and cool temperatures.
▪ The disease is prevalent in temperate areas with high rainfall.
▪ Rates of weathering are potentially highest where temperatures are high and rainfall is abundant.
▪ A difficulty in answering the question is that previous studies have generally looked at conifers in upland areas with high rainfall.
▪ Three years later Martinstown, Dorset, had the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in 24 hours, 11 inches.
▪ Bee-keeping can be a profit-making project, although in areas of high rainfall, results can be disappointing.
▪ This is done by finding areas of high rainfall and parishes with high sheep populations.
▪ Except in regions of very low rainfall April should be regarded as the safest month for sowing herbage seeds.
▪ Here, low winter rainfall and dry summers for two successive years have caused record low water levels in wells.
▪ This land is mainly low-lying, of strong soil, low rainfall, and has a long, warm growing season.
▪ The desert environment is characterised by very low and unpredictable rainfall.
▪ The area between the Tay and Forth experienced less than 10 percent of normal rainfall.
▪ Below-normal rainfall has led to a major water shortage.
▪ Although the increase in rainfall would aid irrigation, it would add to the problems of soil erosion and nutrient leaching.
▪ Except in regions of very low rainfall April should be regarded as the safest month for sowing herbage seeds.
▪ For a number of years after 1865, a long humid cycle brought uninterrupted above-average rainfall to the plains.
▪ From remote rural areas came evidence of continuing decline because of increased acidity of rainfall.
▪ In fact, many of the occasional desert rainfalls are very light and incapable of any serious erosion.
▪ Most other areas in the county reported rainfall of a quarter-inch to a half-inch.
▪ The teens and 1920s, in particular, were years of extraordinary and consistent rainfall.
▪ We drove through pastures big enough to have their own rainfall pattern.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Rainfall \Rain"fall`\ (r[=a]n"f[add]l`), n. A fall or descent of rain; the water, or amount of water, that falls in rain; as, the average annual rainfall of a region.

Supplied by the rainfall of the outer ranges of Sinchul and Singaleleh.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also rain-fall, "amount of precipitation that falls as rain," 1839, from rain (n.) + fall (n.).


n. (context meteorology English) the amount of rain that falls on a single occasion


n. water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere [syn: rain]

Usage examples of "rainfall".

This dynamic state is a vacation paradise, boasting a population, an average annual rainfall, and historical significance.

Rainfall at Centennial is only thirteen inches a year, when any farmer knows that to produce even miserly corn or wheat requires twenty-one.

At certain seasons the wind from the north that was called the Chafer scoured the stuff free and hurled it high overhead, where it stained the clouds for days, and tinted the rainfall a fine lavender hue.

Certain fish and toads that live in desert regions hibernate for long years, until the erratic rainfall returns and summons them back to life.

Anything over four inches of rainfall in the Karoo was considered a good year, and in such a season the springbok ewes lambed twice.

With rainfall, Nelding achieved elemental harmony, skies as dark as tree shadow, waters feeding slippery mud and glossy vine with drenching generosity.

The deeper the land is plowed, therefore, the longer should be the interval before it is sowed, but ample rainfall will shorten this period.

Towards the end of June the rainfall, which had been way above average for eight weeks, eased off and a series of anticyclones began to establish themselves across the northern hemisphere.

The late caravaner had said it possessed capacious cisterns, fed by both springlets in the mountains around it and the infrequent rainfall.

It was those clouds which kept the Range fertile, their precious rainfall seeping through the volcanic rock to emerge as springs on the sunward side, but they could be death for a bird and its rider.

The rainfall is supposed to average 100 inches a year, and since thermometrical observations have been taken the mercury has varied from 68 degrees to 92 degrees.

However, when sandy or gravelly soils low in fertility are underlaid with the same and the rainfall is sufficient, good crops of clover may be grown if these soils are first sufficiently supplied with vegetable matter and then sufficiently fertilized.

As time went on, the Rainfall cryptologists discovered enough toeholds in the Soviet scrambler phone so that they were able to break the system even when it was properly scrambled.

Wherever the rainfall is considerable these loess deposits have proved to have a high agricultural value.

Against every reasonable inclination, Lord Diegan presided over commands shouted through a misery of rainfall as the crack Etarran divisions he had personally selected to protect his prince were split off and turned back to Rathain.