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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kneeler \Kneel"er\, n.

  1. One who kneels or who worships by or while kneeling.

  2. A cushion or stool to kneel on, such as one attached to a pew in a church.

  3. (Eccl. Hist.) A name given to certain catechumens and penitents who were permitted to join only in parts of church worship.


n. 1 A person who kneels. 2 A thing that is designed to be kneeled on. 3 An apparatus that permits the loading door of a bus to decrease in height in order to facilitate boarding of passengers that are seniors and physically disadvantaged

  1. n. a person in a kneeling position

  2. a board (sometimes cushioned) for someone to kneel on

Kneeler (disambiguation)

A kneeler is a piece of furniture used for resting in a kneeling position.

Kneeler may also refer to:

  • Kneeling chair, recommended for certain diseases or injuries of the backbone.
  • Garden kneeler, a kneeler for use during gardening
  • Kneeling bus, a type of commuter bus that lowers to admit passengers
  • A motorcycle with a low center of gravity

Kneeler is a cushion (also called a hassock), or a piece of furniture used for resting in a kneeling position.

Usage examples of "kneeler".

Seeing that the kneeler was down, she knelt and bowed her head for prayer.

And here, on the single wooden kneeler, she knelt and with her hands tightly clasped and her head down she prayed, prayed earnestly.

Kinderman, Paterno got up quickly from the kneeler, and then sat down again with the others.

In addition to the standard kneeler, a little straight-backed chair had been crowded into the tiny space.

Mitch asked as he bent and ran a hand over the well-worn velvet padded kneeler before the altar.

He lowered himself to the wooden kneeler and touched his head to the carved oak upright, calling upon First Pilgrim Jair for guidance.

On Communion Sundays, you could almost count on one of the fasters to faint, slumping like an unstrung marionette onto a kneeler during the General Thanksgiving as if an awful recollection crushed her.

Bowing to the king, the archbishop and his assistant took him by both his hands and led him across the sanctuary almost to the steps of the altar, where a kneeler had been set a short pace out and the king now knelt, hands clasped and head bowed.

When he came to Mahlke, who always, seen from the altar, knelt at the outer left, this particular kneeler was one who had forgotten all caution, allowing his muffler and gigantic safety pin to shift for themselves, whose eyes had congealed, whose head and parted hair were tilted backward, who allowed his tongue to hang out, and who, in this attitude, left an agitated mouse so exposed and defenseless that I might have caught it in my hand.

Each group visits with Charlie just briefly, then moves to the coffin, where most of them make the sign of the cross and drop to the velvet-covered kneeler to pray for Jake Junior.

Rows of thin pews with bare wood kneelers formed uneven lines down both sides of the sanctuary.

A row of twenty kneelers crossed in front of the altar, and I had noticed about the same number of rows extending behind me.

A carved ivory rail served equally well as a place for the kneelers to rest their hands and as a means to separate the sanctuary from the main chapel.

The prayer books were on the bench seats, the woven kneelers set square in front of the pews.

The other two compartments, one on each side of the confessor, were equipped with kneelers and, again, a door.