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Kiva \Ki"va\, n. [Hopi name, sacred chamber.] A large chamber built under, or in, the houses of a Pueblo village, used as an assembly room in religious rites or as a men's dormitory. It is commonly lighted and entered from an opening in the roof.


n. A ceremonial underground chamber in a Pueblo village.


A kiva is a room used by Puebloans for religious rituals, many of them associated with the kachina belief system. Among the modern Hopi and most other Pueblo peoples, kivas are square walled and underground, and are used for spiritual ceremonies.

Similar subterranean rooms are found among ruins in the American southwest, indicating uses by the ancient peoples of the region including the Ancestral Puebloans, the Mogollon and the Hohokam. Those used by the ancient Pueblos of the Pueblo I Era and following, designated by the Pecos Classification system developed by archaeologists, were usually round and evolved from simpler pithouses. For the Ancestral Puebloans, these rooms are believed to have had a variety of functions, including domestic residence along with social and ceremonial purposes.

Kiva (album)

Kiva (1995) is a collaborative album by the American ambient musicians Steve Roach, Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger. A kiva is an underground ceremonial chamber used by Native American cultures of the Southwest.

The album is a mixture of traditional Native American ceremonies and highly experimental ambient music.

“East Kiva, ‘Calling in the Midnight Water” is a Peyote ceremony. “South Kiva, ‘Mother Ayahuasca” is an Ayahuasca ceremony from the South American rainforest. “West Kiva, ‘Sacrifice, Prayer and Visions” is a Sundance. The Sundance is an elaborate ceremony used by the tribes of the central plains to seek visions and initiate holy men. “North Kiva, ‘Trust and Remember” is a non-traditional improvisation created by the three artists in a cave in Northern New Mexico.

Kiva (organization)

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KIVA (1600 AM) is an American radio station licensed to Albuquerque, New Mexico serving the Albuquerque metropolitan area. KIVA broadcasts on 1600 AM and on FM translator K240BL 95.9. Its studios are located in Northeast Albuquerque (a mile north of Central Avenue) and the transmitter tower is in North Valley, New Mexico.

Kiva (disambiguation)

A kiva is a room used by modern Puebloan people for religious rituals.

Kiva may also refer to:

  • Kiva (album), 1995 ambient music album by Steve Roach, Michael Stearns and Ron Sunsinger
  • Kiva (musician), Canadian overtone singer/ keyboardist
  • Kiva (organization), a non-profit organization that promotes development through microcredit
  • Kiva Systems, an automated warehousing systems and robotics company
  • Kiva Dunes, public golf course in Alabama
  • Kiva, Michigan, an unincorporated community in Alger County
  • Kamen Rider Kiva, a 2008 Japanese tokusatsu series
  • Khanate of Khiva, a former Central Asian kingdom
  • Kiva, a character in the animated television series Megas XLR
  • Kiva, a human Lucian Alliance commander in the television series Stargate Universe
  • Kiva, Estonia, a village in Vihula Parish, Lääne-Viru County, Estonia
  • Kiva, an anglicised variant of the Irish given name Caoimhe

KIVA may refer to:

  • KIVA (software), a family of Computational Fluid Dynamics software developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory
  • KIVA (AM), a radio station (1600 AM) licensed to Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States
  • KIVA (TV), a defunct television station in Yuma, Arizona, United States
  • KSSR-FM, a radio station (95.9 FM) licensed to Santa Rosa, New Mexico, known as KIVA from 2002 to 2009
  • KQNM, a radio station (1550 AM) licensed to Albuquerque, New Mexico, which held the call sign KIVA from 2009 to 2012

KIVA was a full-service television station in Yuma, Arizona, broadcasting locally on VHF channel 11. It was a primary NBC affiliate for its entire existence, though it also carried other networks' programming for much of its history. It was the first local television station in Yuma, and for more than half of its existence, the only local station. It signed on October 8, 1953 and signed off January 31, 1970. For most of its existence, KIVA was licensed to Valley Telecasting under control of several owners until 1967, and was licensed to Merrill Telecasting from 1967 until sign-off.

Kiva (musician)

Kiva Simova is a Canadian harmonic overtone singer keyboard player and songwriter, based in Saltspring Island, BC, Canada. She is internationally recognized as a western pioneer in world beat/jazz music, particularly the art of harmonic overtone singing (singing two pitches simultaneously) which she both performs and teaches. She composes for overtone choir and has directed her own such choir, AURALIA in Prague.

KIVA (software)

KIVA is a family of Fortran-based Computational Fluid Dynamics software developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The software predicts complex fuel and air flows as well as ignition, combustion, and pollutant-formation processes in engines. The KIVA models have been used to understand combustion chemistry processes, such as auto-ignition of fuels, and to optimize diesel engines for high efficiency and low emissions. General Motors has used KIVA in the development of direct-injection, stratified charge gasoline engines as well as the fast burn, homogeneous-charge gasoline engine. Cummins reduced development time and cost by 10%–15% using KIVA to develop its high-efficiency 2007 ISB 6.7-L diesel engine that was able to meet 2010 emission standards in 2007. At the same time, the company realized a more robust design and improved fuel economy while meeting all environmental and customer constraints.

Usage examples of "kiva".

East of the central kiva, and between it and a large bowlder, there was another, of which only a part now remains.

Petroglyphs are quite numerous, and one small bowlder to the left of and next to the kiva is covered with cups, dots, and carvings.

The plan of the kiva, which occurs in the center, was somewhat marred by a large bowlder, which must have projected into it, but apparently no attempt was made to dress off the projecting point.

This name would have been taken from him through Inquisition but for the intervention of the Inquisitrix Kiva.

Though the word of an inquisitrix was accepted as law, Kiva was not invulnerable.

Some of the kivas have low ledges built along one or both sides for use as seats, and some have none, but all except two or three have the ledge at the end containing the katchina house.

The portion of the bench at the katchina end of the kiva is on a level with the west bench and continuous for a couple of feet beyond the northeast corner along the east wall.

The entrance to the tower was reachable only by ladder that led to a narrow path around yet another roofless kiva.

The interior plastering of kivas was always much more carefully done than that of any other walls.

Owing to blackening by smoke and recoating, the thickness of the plastering in kivas can be easily made out.

The interior plastering of the kiva is not smoke-blackened, but the coat next the surface is stained, as is also the third coat underneath.

Casually, Charley sauntered down to the end of the street of square two-story adobe buildings on which he lived, looked in every direction, ducked into the old kiva to pick up the tortillas and the canteen, and ran off into the scrubby underbrush that bordered the pueblo.

With the Anasazi, you never know when the ground is a ceiling covering a sunken kiva.

There were also courtyards, kivas, and well-preserved ladders that had once allowed the Anasazi to climb easily from one level of the city to another.

So Longarm was counting flies on some horse apples by what might have been a kiva, filled in and almost totally erased by the rare floodwaters of many a year, when the famous badman Poison Welles came over to join him, holding a fresh but empty tin can.