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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Kava \Ka"va\, n. [Polynesian.] (Bot.) A species of Macropiper ( Macropiper methysticum), the long pepper, from the root of which an intoxicating beverage is made by the Polynesians, by a process of mastication; also, the beverage itself. [Written also kawa, kava, and ava.]


n. (alternative form of kava English)


KAWA is a Contemporary Christian music (CCM) formatted radio station located in Dallas, Texas. It is a WAY-FM Network owned and operated station through Way Media, Inc. (a non-profit entity) and broadcasts on 89.7 FM. As a non-profit under previous ownership of Research Educational Foundation, Inc., it annually hosted two fund-raising drives to remain on the air. It broadcasts at 14,000 Watts from a tower in Sanger, Texas.

Kawa (Scheme implementation)

Kawa is a language framework written in Java that implements the programming language Scheme, and can be used to implement other languages. It is a part of the GNU Project.

The name "Kawa" comes from the Polish word for coffee – a play on words, since Java is another familiar name for coffee.

Kawa (Sudan)

Kawa is a site in Sudan, located between the Third and Fourth Cataracts of the Nile on the east bank of the river, across from Dongola. In ancient times it was the site of several temples to the Egyptian god Amun, built by the Egyptian rulers Amenhotep III and Tutankhamun, and by Taharqa and other Kushite kings.

Kawa (film)

Kawa is a 2010 New Zealand film directed by Katie Wolfe originally titled Nights in the Gardens of Spain. The film stars Calvin Tuteao as Kawariki. A coming out film drama, it is based on the novel Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Witi Ihimaera.

Usage examples of "kawa".

Kawa, and as they thundered off, he saw Kawa turn around to stare at him.

Maya, a Japanese girl with dyed-blond hair and fever-bright eyes, but Kawa was right, whatever she might have seen lay light-years away behind those stoned eyes.

Nicholas could see that none of the bags were resting against this back wall, and as he watched, Kawa depressed a hidden stud.

Now that Kawa had taken him off the drip, he was feeling better, he was hypermetabolizing the Banh Tom venom as quickly as he could, but he was far from being himself again.

To cross the Sanzu no Kawa, to climb the Shide no Yama, with the demon as company: terrific!

The ninja archers were protected by special leather shields erected on frames, neru kawa, so that the musketballs did very little damage.