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Kame \Kame\, n. A low ridge. [Scot.] See Eschar.


n. (context geology English) A round hill or short ridge of sand or gravel deposited by a melting glacier.


A kame is a geomorphological feature, an irregularly shaped hill or mound composed of sand, gravel and till that accumulates in a depression on a retreating glacier, and is then deposited on the land surface with further melting of the glacier. Kames are often associated with kettles, and this is referred to as kame and kettle topography.

With the melting of the glacier, streams carry sediment to glacial lakes, building kame deltas on top of the ice. However, with the continuous melting of the glacier, the kame delta eventually collapses on to the land surface, furthering the "kame and kettle" topography.

Kame terraces are frequently found along the side of a glacial valley and are the deposits of meltwater streams flowing between the ice and the adjacent valley side. These kame terraces tend to look like long flat benches, with a lot of pits on the surface made by kettles. They tend to slope downvalley with gradients similar to the glacier surface along which they formed, and can sometimes be found paired on opposite sides of a valley. Kames are sometimes compared to drumlins, but their formation is distinctively different. A drumlin is not originally shaped by meltwater, but by the ice itself and has a quite regular shape. It occurs in fine-grained material, such as clay or shale, not in sands and gravels. And drumlins usually have concentric layers of material, as the ice successively plasters new layers in its movement.

Kames are not normally located in proximity to one another, however in Edmonton, Alberta, numerous kames are found nearby, forming the Prosser Archaeological Site. The Fonthill Kame in southern Ontario is in a densely populated area. Examples can also be found in Wisconsin and at the Sims Corner Eskers and Kames National Natural Landscape in Washington. They are also located in Mendon Ponds Park, SE of Rochester, NY. This park is on the National Registry of Natural Landmarks due to geological history & presence of significant kames, eskers & kettles.

In Ontario, there are two provincial parks, both designated as IUCN category the nature reserves, which were created to protect important and undisturbed kame features. They are Minnitaki Kames Provincial Park and Bonheur River Kame Provincial Park.

Kame (disambiguation)

A kame is a geomorphological feature.

Kame may also refer to:

  • The KAME project, a cooperative UNIX IPv6 coding effort of six Japanese companies
  • KAME-TV, a television station (channel 20) licensed to Reno, Nevada, United States
  • Kame Sen'nin (Japanese for Turtle Hermit) or Master Roshi, a character in Dragon Ball media
  • , also known as Kame, a Japanese singer, member of the group KAT-TUN

  • Kame Oriental Foods

Usage examples of "kame".

Atlantic we almost everywhere find the glacial waste here and there accumulated near the margin of the sea in the complicated sculptured outlines which are assumed by kame sands and gravels.

Wrinkled skin sagging from his bony frame, Kame belched and stretched on the cool, shaded sand with his third cup of tea.

I suspected Lieutenant Commander Kames was probably a damned fine RIO.

These kames and sand plains, because of the silicious nature of their materials and the very porous nature of the soil which they afford, are commonly sterile, or at most render a profit to the tiller by dint of exceeding care.

This Epitaph is so exquisitely beautiful, that I remember even Lord Kames, strangely prejudiced as he was against Dr.

Kames - Sir David Kames - very big business - buying his way up to the House of Lords.

David Kames ought to have been here, but the wretch cried off at the last moment.

Reggie mumbled, well aware that he did not and that Kames was the exuberant, wealthy animal with whom she had been talking at the garden party, before she lectured on Mrs.

She also asked Kames, who was matey with her just before she came and lectured us on the Poyntz case.

All these drumlins and kames contain a certain amount of gold, scraped off the outcrop in the ice age.

The Dunoon phyllites form a narrow belt about a mile and a half broad crossing the island between Kames Bay and Etterick Bay, while the area to the north is occupied by grits and schists which may be the western prolongations of the Beinn Bheula group.

This Epitaph is so exquisitely beautiful, that I remember even Lord Kames, strangely prejudiced as he was against Dr. Johnson, was compelled to allow it very high praise.

This Epitaph is so exquisitely beautiful, that I remember even Lord Kames, strangely prejudiced as he was against Dr.

The nas kame brought him to the moving ramp and preceded him up, looking back once casually at the scene below, ignoring Aiela.